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PAGE 1      By Geoff and Verna Hindmarch

Ghosts, Angels, Channelings, near-death experiences, Aliens, God, Mohammed, Buddha and who we really are, are all easily explained – once you know where to look. In the 1980’s when we first learned how to ‘Talk to people on the other side’ we were told that we would write this book. Over the years we have recorded hundreds of hours of ‘Channelings’ directly from them, which explains what life is really about, where we came from, why we are here and where we are going. For the last few years we have published this information on our website www.SpiritualDictionary.com where over 100 000 people have accessed the information so far. …and without a doubt, you are reading this for a reason.   Geoff and Verna Hindmarch

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