Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


In this meditation I am being shown part of the life of Mamut (One of my teachers living in Egypt that I have only spoken with in meditation). A guide called Iffy is channeling through Miriam. Geoff – Okay.  I’m now going inland.  Up towards Hereford.  Hereford is where I assume we are going as we are heading in that direction.  But I’ve stopped at a building, 3 or 4 stories, quite an old building and it’s out in the country.  It seems to be a building on a huge estate.  A really big estate.  And this building is empty at the moment.  All the windows are intact.  It’s getting very overgrown around the base, around the doors and so on.  There’s nothing inside, it hasn’t been used for many years.  Now it wasn’t used because there was a tragedy there.  The people who own this huge estate decided that as a form of respect, in a way, they wouldn’t use that building again.  It was one of their daughters that this tragedy involves.  I’m still on the outside and I’m picking this up from the outside. Iffy (Miriam): You’re picking the vibrations up very quickly now. Geoff – The daughter, or the vibrations of the daughter, are inside on the floor.   I will go in and feel for more.  The daughter had a child, a baby.  She’s showing me this baby on a rug in front of her.  It was illegitimate. Iffy (Miriam): Yes, quite a disgrace. Geoff – Yes, in those days, it was.  The daughter insisted on having the child, so she was put out to this old building on the estate and she was virtually imprisoned there so as not to cause a scandal.  This is in the late 19th century.  1890, somewhere around there, they still had horse and carriages and so on. I’ll get closer to the daughter and try to figure out more.  She was very lonely.  She didn’t want for anything such as food and clothing for the child but obviously she was shunned by society so she couldn’t go out, couldn’t make friends, she became very, very lonely and became totally absorbed in her child.  That was all she had.  She built up a very strong communication with the child.  A very strong link or bond.  Far above the normal.  She created something so strong with that child, made such an extraordinary link with it, so much so that she couldn’t bear to be apart from it.  And as the child grew, they became telepathic. They lived so much together that they started to absorb each other’s thoughts and thought patterns. Iffy (Miriam): You’re quite right there. Geoff – When it was time to take the child out of the house, so the child could learn and grow up as a nephew of the owners of the estate, she would not permit it.  The difference between the level that these two had reached and the rest of the family was now vast.  She had a tremendous understanding but lacked the harmonious side of the family.  The daughter and the child developed such strong ties and lines of communications that they weren’t able to adapt to outside society.  What they started to do was to communicate with spirit and it was unknown to them at that time, they’d never heard of it.  They ended up astral traveling. Iffy (Miriam): Yes of course they did.  How well you picked that up. Geoff – And they created this life for themselves.  Now again, this is part of belief, it’s part of a lesson on belief.  They astral traveled, they lived their own life and they died young, not old.  The two of them still together.  They died as a suicide……… Iffy (Miriam): Yes Geoff – … so they could be free and continue their lives in astral or spirit.  They saw nothing wrong with doing this as they’d never been taught otherwise.  When that happened of course, that’s when the place was closed up and left.  Now the woman was Mamut. Iffy (Miriam): Yes. Geoff – I can still see the child.  I think the child is still in spirit and is a helper to Mamut. Iffy (Miriam): Yes, the child is her helper.  A good helper. Geoff – She used to take him astral traveling.  He didn’t know what he was doing but because of the closeness they had, she could take him with her when they astral traveled. Iffy (Miriam): Yes.  How one can develop, if only one concentrates enough and has the faith of what you are doing. Geoff – Yes, that’s right.  You certainly can.  Now their faith was developed through being left together.  They had more time to spend on it.  Of course it will develop quicker.  So it is possible to achieve virtually anything. Iffy (Miriam): That is what you are being shown tonight.  It is possible, but of course the longer you have to concentrate, it is like all learning, the longer you put to it the quicker it comes. Geoff –  Yes, that’s right. Interesting lesson. Iffy (Miriam): Very interesting Geoff – And Mamut is on my right and she bows and says “Thank You” with her hands together. Iffy (Miriam): One of her lives.  You will touch on so many lives of people that you know. Geoff – Yes, interesting to see.  I presume she reincarnated quite fast and I presume that the more you develop, the more you want to reincarnate to finish the next lesson so you can progress Iffy (Miriam): That is it.  Remember, not only for a lesson, but to help others.

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