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PAST LIFE. HELPING IN A LANDSLIDE By SpiritualDictionary.com

Geoff – I am in some sort of street market in the Far East (Burma). It’s absolutely teeming down with rain, it’s like monsoon season. It started off as a street market, this is part of a disaster, its monsoon season, there are floods coming down from the hills, the ground is already turned to mud, crumbling in places, people are trying to escape, water is just streaming down from the hills. What is at the top is I can see, it is all going to come down on us, it’s going to be like a mud slide- an avalanche, the water is building up at the base of this huge chunk of hillside, and its cutting big paths through the earth, so eventually a whole chunk will come down in the form of mud. It’s like loose packed earth at the moment. I can see it’s about to come down and when it does its going to wipe out an awful lot of lives. It is inevitable that this will happen Miriam (Ishmael) But you are there for a reason. Geoff – It’s not a current event, it’s not just about to happen, it did happen a long time ago. I am presuming its one of my past lives. What I am doing is literally keeping the avalanche up there until I can figure out a little more, so that I can watch it happen. ………………Verna is in this life Miriam (Ishmael) Yes Geoff – This is quite incredible, Verna is living a physical life, and I am not, in this lifetime Miriam (Ishmael) True Geoff – As this avalanche happens I will lift Verna off the ground physically, so that the avalanche passes beneath her. I am letting it happen now and people are just getting buried, and they all die, there are many many deaths. The reason that I did this, is because I need Verna to work on an earth vibration, to help all these people pass over. Miriam (Ishmael) Yes, so many times you see those in spirit will help those on earth and they choose that particular time, to continue the work. Geoff – One obviously knows what happens to people when they die, moving over to spirit and so on, there are an awful lot of us channeling energy into Verna, and this is very interesting, Verna is the only one working- she is getting the spirits out of the people, so they can move upwards so that they can be taken over by spirit, but only Verna. There must be 1500 of us all channeling energy into Verna so that she has got enough, and she is working on a group, not just an individual spirit at a time, she is working on helping the whole group that is buried ,as a group and not as individuals. Which is part of the work we were discussing a few meditations ago. So Verna is basically the spirit in charge of that area. She moves everybody upwards, she does the necessary, but all at once, she doesn’t take hours to do it, the whole thing is done in 5 or 10 minutes. As those spirits move upwards they are taken and accepted by your spirits, and taken over to the other side. Miriam (Ishmael) Much less traumatic, as they didn’t have to suffer the trauma. Geoff – I can see Verna still there. I thought at first of all she was the only survivor, but there are others. They are not spiritual they are ordinary people, so Verna knows the work she has done, and she will now start to help those who are still alive, on top of the avalanche, and also those that are semi buried, which is all part of their karma and their experience. Miriam (Ishmael) Not all will want to be rescued Geoff – Now there are groups of spirit, groups of three, four or five spirits to help each individual- that whole exercise was like one lesson specifically for Verna Miriam (Ishmael) Yes it was- And I am sure she will enjoy listening to it. Geoff – Now I am experiencing again an emotion I have never had before, which is what Verna is feeling for all the people that are physically dead. She is experiencing, not a state of shock, it is, well it really does not have a name, because what she is seeing is 300 or so people suddenly wiped out viciously, but at the same time they are still alive spiritually, so she is feeling the shock of the earthly vibration of these bodies getting wiped out, and then the happiness when they reappear on the spiritual side. So she is feeling- using two types of senses together- earthly and spiritual, and feeling a positive and a negative, all at once. I think she is now laughing. It’s funny how you can laugh at a time like this, where there is a complete disaster with 300 or so people wiped out, and somebody is laughing. Because you can understand it from a spiritual side. Miriam (Ishmael) The work has been done Geoff – The ending to this, Verna has now done the work, and she can pass over and now she dies. Miriam (Ishmael) Yes, (laughing), did I not say this would be a special evening, So many different feelings that one cannot imagine Geoff – So now she has come up to join me, and we are together again, and she has just finished that lifetime or that experience. An interesting thing here is, as Verna has come over, she has come straight over straight to me and I am taking her back to convalesce or whatever, but there is no feeling of us being apart for several years or a lifetime. Miriam (Ishmael) No because once you are in spirit, feelings are different completely. Geoff – There is this solid bond, closeness or connection that just automatically happens again, we are sort of part of each other Miriam (Ishmael) Yes all with one.

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