Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

Gandhi protecting past spirits in Tibet  
Prince Charles and King James
Developing in 2 different dimensions at the same time
Created in Memory of Verna Hindmarch
Spirituality is for all Religions
Past life of Geoff – Nature
Helping in a landslide
Astral hall of teaching
Astral Hall and dark-lands
Altering lonely memories
Valley in the future
Geoff dies of Syphilis
Geoff at Boarding school
Geoff with Verna as son in the Solomon islands
Geoff shot by Pygmies
Short life in another dimension in WW2
Geoff as a Mongol child in Mongolia
Geoff’s main guide
Verna’s lonely life on a ranch
Verna’s balance and harmony
Verna on a sinking ship
Verna’s first blue stone for higher teaching
Miriam’s life in Mongolia 10th Century
Luke’s life as a family Doctor
Luke as drunken ships captain
Luke’s past life as a Monk in India
Luke’s life as a Harbor Master in Grimsby
Helping my Soulmate cross over   
Understanding Spiritualism
Astral Hall of teaching
Teaching a future civilization