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In this meditation I am learning about energy created by Spirit. A guide called White Feather is channeling through Miriam. (January 1998) Geoff –     This looks like the plains of Africa, some very wild sort of open land with bits of bush and scattered rocks ……..but no life. ……But there are stone pillars, all more or less uniform as far as I can see, each one is maybe a 100 meters apart  – intermingled with this bush. And there is one bigger one in the centre, which makes it seem a bit like it’s a satellite dish if you viewed it from afar. I’ll go to the central one………. and the stone is very coarse, a bit like pumice stone, the central one is darker than all the rest and I can actually feel it, and I’ve gone to the top of the central one, looking outwards it is a form of satellite dish or communication. Miriam (White Feather)     Yes it is Geoff –     When I look there are like circles, the whole thing looks like a giant bull’s eye. And on each circle are these stone pillars each a 100 meters or so apart, and I can see energy flowing between them, in a circle and there’s another circle outside of that and another circle outside of that. And the energy is going round in a circle but just between the pillars. Between one circle of pillars and the next circle there is a different type of energy, which is red and yellow going backward and forwards. Now this is actually – this is to create man made or spirit made energy……but “mechanical” energy. Miriam (White Feather)     It is Geoff –     Right, now as we did yesterday where we got the satellite, which was mechanical, this is mechanical because there are things that need energy, and it doesn’t need to be a spiritual energy, it is set up and it carries on working and creates the energy which is used for mechanical things. Now being on top of this point, this is obviously where the energy would come out from, so if I travel along the beam, sort of going upwards and backwards, I should eventually find where the energy is going and what it is used for. Now above me is like a ceiling with a hole in ……all the energy is going through this hole, and as I go through I am into an area where the energy suddenly expands outward. It’s white, yellow and red. Mainly white, very bright colours, a bit like a furnace and it forms like a huge pile of energy, it just keeps on building up and building up. And I assume spirit can take from this when they needed it to create something. Miriam (White Feather)     Yes they do Geoff –     It’s like the spiritual version of electricity in a way, they can tap into it and use it whenever they want to. Miriam (White Feather)     That’s right and they don’t have to pay for it…… (laughter) Geoff –     Right, Ah I see, okay, let’s take making this satellite that we looked at yesterday, they would simply draw the energy, they would think of the shape they wanted, draw the energy, and create that shape. They would just think of what they needed to do, and the thought process going in there is simply multiplied, it’s kept there running on a continuous basis and multiplied …….that’s what makes it work. Miriam (White Feather)     That’s it……now you have it Geoff –     ……..right, brilliant. Okay, so it doesn’t matter where this thing is – it’s not on earth as such. Miriam (White Feather)     No it is not

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