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PLIA FROM PLUTO 2   By SpiritualDictionary.com

Plia visits once again. It is interesting to note that although Plia is very advanced, she communicates in a very basic language for easy understanding by all. 1998. Miriam (Plia) – Thank you for coming a little bit early, but I have traveled a long way. Luke – Welcome Miriam (Plia)– I am the one from Pluto – Plia, I said I would be back again, it is a long way to travel but no difficulty for me, but I know you do not mind me doing the talking first. I said I would come back again and tell you a little bit more about life, not only the work we are doing for nature in the forthcoming years, but also what we are doing for other planets, for yours will not the only planet that will be affected with all the global changes that are to come. We have similar things to do as regarding finding what will grow with what, and will be available in the future, and of course we are fortunate enough to know exactly what that will be. But whereas you can understand that it is the soil and the sea and everything on the land, then on other planets there are those who live underground, and those who are on very hard, stony, ground due to volcanoes of years ago. Therefore we have to be sure that there will be the right material dispatched to them if we cannot find anything suitable underground, so our task is to find out what will be suitable for a particular planet and then also we have to go through the records to find out which planet we can take whatever we want. Of course it is possible to materialise things as you do when you first pass into spirit but unless the people are using whatever it is understands that it has to be constantly in use then it wouldn’t be much good, for we use only thought. So for safety sake we, this is just for certain planets, for there are some advanced enough to use thought, but for those that are a little bit doubtful then we have to search the records, for we can not only go back in time but also forward. Now we are not allowed to go too far forward at any one time for if we were in the position, then we would be amongst the very highly evolved and not in communication with people, can you understand that? Luke – Yes Miriam (Plia) – So we have quite a lot of work to do in this respect, now not only have we to think for all of earth and other planets of what will feed and what animals if any will be needed, we also have to think of clothing for those that will need clothes or heating for those that do not, and also if they will be in a position to sustain themselves for any length of time with what we will provide, or will we have to make sure that they are those who will survive on any one particular planet who is able to communicate not only with spirit, but with others in order to see that perhaps something that is short, maybe in the medicinal lines, maybe it can be transported to them, so we really are a very busy community at the moment. But we are based in this particular part of Pluto, it is much more convenient for us for what is available there, and what we can make available for what can be used. Now you may think, it isn’t all work after all no life should be all work for then one would become so fed up with it that one would not want to go on living. There has to be pleasure or some kind or recreation, so there again we have to think in terms of recreation and education for there will be of course new ones growing into the present environment. So we have to think of what education will be needed for the particular inhabitant for any one particular planet. And these are not just the planets that you can see but the planets that are in other dimensions. Not all these in other dimensions will be affected, the very fact that they are in another dimension means that they will escape the biggest effects of any catastrophe. Being in another dimension means that they are protected to a certain extent, but the ones that are nearest to yourselves will of course be affected in a certain way. So we have food, clothing, education, leisure, animals, all this has to be sorted out in the next few years. It is an enormous task, gradually we are bringing in to our area, those who are happy to start the inhabitants of other planets, so when the time comes each will know what it is like getting an army together. You have to be prepared for battle, but in this case it is not battle, but survival. And although we are not the ones who will be choosing who will stay and who will go into spirit to help, and who will pass into spirit for preparation for another life, that is someone else’s task or other’s task. But we are preparing ourselves for what is only the third biggest catastrophe since creation. But then I could be wrong, for it is quite possible for, although I said I could go back in the records, sometimes it is essential for something to be blocked from us, just sometimes you are not allowed to see what you would like to see for the future, and we also are not allowed to see too far, if we are in contact with people, then it is possible, I do not know. I do know that this will be the third biggest catastrophe. Already your earth is suffering from greed really because it is greed and power that has put nature on the defensive now when she is fighting back with so many illnesses and diseases that cannot be controlled as one would like. To make mankind realise that he is destroying the world himself, nature after all is a creation of the creator; it is why so many insects, animals and people were put onto the earth and the other planets. One will never find out until the very final stages of progress just why this is done, but if you are to look around at the marvels of the world then you will know that it is not done for satisfaction of one deity, bundle of energy, whatever, God, whatever you would like to say. There is a much greater purpose and this of course one cannot know, until progress is far beyond what even I am at the end. I think I have told you practically all that is essential for you to know about our work on Pluto, and this knowledge shall be forthcoming at certain times in the future before you pass into spirit.  I shall be coming to give this information myself and possibly with one or two others to give proof of what we say to those who are so disbelieving. I will leave you now and not be back for some time, but I thank you for listening to me first, now you can get on with your usual meditation, and bless you. Luke – Thank you, and bless you  

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