Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation Verna and Geoff are doing the astral healing and a guide called Dr. Paul is channeling through Miriam to make sure we get the right information. Verna sees a brother who has brought his sister to the circle. Geoff:  I have a young girl here, and can see that her head is leaning to one side. It is twisted. This has been caused by polio. Guide: Yes, it has. And do you think you can help her? Geoff:  If I put my left arm under her neck and hold her towards me and my right arm around the top of her head. Lifting slowly. I can straighten the spine. The bones seem to have been damaged, crumbling. It is a calcium deficiency. Now what I’ve got to do is strengthen the muscles and the bone on that side. If I hold her to me I can run my left hand up and down from her neck to the top of her head. This will start to mend the bone and also will strengthen the muscle on that side so that her head no longer hangs. Guide: Well now you can visualise these things more easily. While this is going on what are you doing to the little boy Verna? Verna: Well I just thought that he brought his sister. I can’t see too much now because I’m too full of flu. Guide: But he has come to his “Mom” for reassurance that his sister is going to be well, and he said that you will do this, because you once kissed somebody’s finger and it was better, it was quickly better. Verna: Yes, that is what I have been doing because I couldn’t find anything the matter with him. Guide: And you have given him that assurance. (To Geoff) Oh, I wish you could see the girl’s eyes. They are so beautiful. They are blue with specks of green. You can feel her looking at you with adoration and wonder and awe that she is feeling so much better already – so much better. Verna: And when she goes her brother must look after her and help her for the first short time so she can adjust. Guide: And she is one of the children that you will see many times in the future – many times – and you will know her then.

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