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In this meditation a regular guide called Gladys is channeling through Miriam.
Miriam (Gladys) – Greetings my friends. Luke – Greetings, welcome. Miriam (Gladys) – This is Gladys. Luke – Welcome Gladys. Miriam (Gladys) – We all enjoyed the singing Luke – Thank you. Miriam (Gladys) – The word had been put out, of course there were so few of the ladies to sing, so we helped, so many were unable to get here, and we did put some power that we were allowed, no not that we were allowed, we could have put more but then we thought it wouldn’t do because then it would be expected every time, but we did give some power out. And I am sure that many people out there in the audience enjoyed it as much as we did. When one gets old it can take you in so many different ways as you yourself who have said, there are old people who appear young, and there are young people who appear old. A lot of it is in the mind how you accept things, there is quite a lot said about will power will cure a lot of ails, and true will power will help your body to do justice to anything that is wrong with you, but it does not mean that everything can be cured by will power. For there are some things that have to be, you have chosen the life, and although you may not choose a particular ailment, you have chosen, or you choose the life to be able to withstand certain pressures, and those pressures can be in different ways. We, and you, before you take on this life decide what you think would be the best and there is a choice, so when we see what is happening, then that is what happens to you, the illness that you have that cannot be cured just by will power alone, but having said that, positive thinking is always to be recommended, and that does not just mean health wise. It means positive thinking in all that you do, all through your life you will have problems, unless of course you are on one of the holiday lives when everything goes well for you. But I am talking now about the ordinary life, there are problems, and positive thinking helps it to become so much easier, and if you have ease of mind, then your body will function so much better. For tension, as has been proved over and over again, can cause such a lot of damage. The biggest tension of course is to the brain, but tension can also aggravate and cause so many minor ailments that need not necessarily happen, so it is wise to be positive about what you are doing. Now that is not always easy for anyone who lacks confidence in themselves, very difficult, but only they can achieve that confidence, no one else, because only they know exactly how they feel. And a lot of it is because they are thinking only of themselves, they are afraid of making a mistake, they are afraid of people laughing at them, we see it all over from the schools to the elders, and it is when they forget themselves, and consider only what they are doing that they become more confident. Of course this sometimes happens when they are in an environment where there is a dominant parent or dominant partner, and they become more and more withdrawn, but then again it is only they who can come to terms with it and say what they will do. It is a bit like anyone who is addicted, now you can be addicted to so many things, it need not necessarily be drugs or alcohol, it can be gambling, it can be shopping, it can be an excess of tidiness, it can be so many things that can cause addiction and cause such a lot of trouble, but only that person themselves can stop, they can be counseled, they can read and they can be told what they should do, but they themselves are the ones who must take that first step. And it is the first step which is always the hardest, once that first step has been taken then the rest becomes so much easier, it is like an apprenticeship when you do your first task on your own, you may make mistakes, but gradually it becomes easier and easier the more you practice. And that is as it is in all walks of life and everything that you do. Practice, practice, practice. Of course there are some who have chosen a life where they do not wish to be in the limelight at all and that is their wish, and it could be that they have to learn that particular lesson. It could be that they are helping someone else to learn a lesson, so many different cases. But then they will not even attempt to become more positive in their life, for they know instinctively that it has not got to be, just the same as there are some who realise that they must be positive about not doing a certain thing, they must not drink, they must not gamble. They must not do so many things in excess because they know they remember from what they have gone through in another life, and it is not for them. But this is a far cry from singing. It is just to talk about the different attitudes that people have in their lives, it is not a question of age, for you may have someone in their nineties who is far more active in their mind, if nothing else, than someone in their fifties or sixties. Once you have passed over, you may find that there are people who cling to the life that they had, and do not wish to change, they have been quite happy in what they were doing and the way they were living, and they will continue like that for some time until they realise there is much, much more going on around them, than they had thought possible. But of course you have been told this before. We have our choirs, we have the choirs of the children, we have the choirs of men, and women and mixed. And it graduates until we really do have the choirs of the angels. I say the angels as a better word of saying the higher spirits, because they sing as you would say like angels, their voices are so pure the tunes are nothing that you have had on earth. The words are alive as nothing else you have heard, and there is not a mistake anywhere. They do not come by this easy, they do have to practice, but the more they advance spiritually then the easier it becomes, for they really are singing not from the heart but from the very soul. We love to hear these choirs and the vast majority of these choirs do not stray from the vibration where they are, occasionally they will come down to a lower vibration when there is a celebration or a service to be given for souls who are leaving the present vibration either to advance or to return to the physical, when there was no need, and when they will be doing a very, very particular task, then there is a celebration and these beautiful choirs will come and sing. And it is not good asking if they are men or women for by that time they are just a spirit, they have no definite gender, it is not necessary, the sweetness and clarity of the voices, well you will hear in some future date, but not for a long time. But is really does put in the shade some of your finest things. There are many good singers, who, when they pass over, they continue singing, conducting, and some never do anything else, for the music has been within them for many lives and they continue and continue for they know that that is ultimately all they wish to do. It is not a selfish thing they are doing, for they know that it gives much joy and upliftment to all who hear, and that is the task that they have undertaken to do. But it does take a long, long time. When the children sing, children’s voices all the world over, have a lovely quality about them, and that quality continues through the veil as long as they remain as children and as long as they wish to continue singing in choirs or solo, or to entertain. It is when they wish to grow older whether it is in spirit or incarnate again, then their voices change, but they do have a lot of fun. Now we also have choirs who come from all over the universe, from so many different planets, but the voices that you hear are nothing like the voices that you know. For you must realise that the way they are created mean that their vocal chords are completely different. But never the less the music is enchanting, completely different, and for some it takes a bit of getting used to. But still it is beautiful, harmonious, and they also practice to progress to a higher vibration, but in a different part to the first lot that I am speaking about. There are so many different areas of each vibration, so many. You cannot imagine the vastness of what is beyond your sight, and what is through the veil, even when you first come to us, you still cannot imagine all, it is so enormous, and yet as one progresses and one is in touch easier than the size seems of little importance, for one can contact so far so quickly. If you can cast your mind back to when you were small, and you thought that the town where you lived was everything, and then you heard of other places, and you thought that was miles away, but the more you travel, the closer they become. The smaller the world seems, and that is just as we are when we first come through the veil. But it is very, very gigantic. I think I will leave that with you for tonight, I just had to say that we had been with you, and I also had to say, and should have said it at first that many of the choir who have passed over were also there, they did not all join in the singing but they did send power. And with that I shall say goodnight and God bless you. Luke – Bless you.

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