Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


Geoff – All right I have an old building, an old stone church, and in the front were three priests with very wide black hats, and as I approached, the three of them put their hands out to stop me going in, and as I walked a bit closer they just completely disappeared, and I think they were negative images left behind from when they were last here. But when they passed over they would be approached by spirit, and they tried to keep away, because this religion did not believe in life after death and so on. So they thought I was some form of nasty, but I have gone straight through them and they have disappeared, this building is stone, and I am going through the entrance, and inside it looks like a very roughly hewn out cave. Outside it looks like a church. Verna – But there are people buried all over inside. Geoff – That is what I thought I was seeing, skulls everywhere, should be some memories somewhere, and I sit down literally on a pile of bones, and go back to the wall and see if I can feel what went on here. It was a long time ago, they were trying to train the local natives to accept their religion through force, and it was their belief that they could force the natives to give up their “pagan” beliefs, and turn to their God, they used extreme violence and torture and if those people did not convert and they were killed, and the thinking of the priests was – it is better to rid the earth of something evil, than to let it fester and grow – and these three set themselves up as executioners and judges. They honestly believed that what they were doing at the time was right, and now that they have passed over the three are still in the grey lands trying to atone for the damage that they did, and it was a very severe lesson. It is something we are being shown just as a matter of course, there is nobody to be rescued here or whatever. The people that were inside, the way they were tortured was pretty horrific, they were made to wear, the pieces of wood were maybe four or five feet long, like poles, and they would attach them by a spike it looks like, or some form of metal clamp to each wrist and each ankle. And there were smaller sticks coming out from the wrist so they could not bring the hands close to themselves, and the same with the feet, and they had to do everything very slowly to make sure they didn’t damage themselves or other people, because there were many put in a room. And they learnt to help each other a lot, because simply being able to eat was a problem, and even your basic bodily functions were a problem because there was nothing they could do, and they were left in this state, and they learnt to assist each other. A lot of the people that were in there were finishing off karma, it was a particular type of karma that had to be finalised. The people were being tortured and helpless and being made to stay in these caves wearing these poles, in a lot of pain, and it made the people very strong, very close together. That is all I am getting.

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