Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Geoff – I have a woman in a church, who believes that she is possessed. She is not possessed, it is in her imagination, she is a type of hypochondriac, and she is doing herself a great damage, mentally with all these beliefs. Those that are treating her to try and rid her of her supposed possession, are only doing what they believe is right to do, and it is all a waste of time. Miriam (channeling) – I am glad you said that, this is Dr Paul. We have a few doctors here tonight, but I am not going to say any more, you are quite right though with your diagnosis. Geoff – Welcome. Each of these people, priests and so on, do transmit love and energy from God, but unknowingly to this person, but as I said they are going about it the wrong way. What we must do is put the energy from this circle into the mind of this young woman, and make her break away completely from these thoughts of being possessed. We do this by showing her, by exaggerating in her mind this feeling of possession to such a degree that it eventually looks stupid, and she will see and realise that it is her mind and nothing else. And when pushed over the limit, she will suddenly have this realisation and go straight back to normal, feeling slightly foolish. I think that simplifies it a little bit but you get the idea. Miriam (Dr Paul) – Can you perhaps be a bit more explicit how you are going to go about this, about the ideas you have put into her mind? Geoff – Possibly she knows that the exorcising of demons from the body according to some religions calls for speaking in tongues, which most people do not understand, except the main priests who are supposed to understand. If we made her speak in tongues and she realised that what she was saying was obvious foolishness and not another language, then she would come to her senses rapidly. So the thoughts that we must put into her mind is the language of foolishness, which contains English words so that she can make a fool of herself. She is at the moment with 3 people, who are trying to exorcise her in the church, so we will make her do this right now, so we can see the outcome, and assist further. So imagine this speaking as being the most ridiculous form of speaking that you can think of…lets do this now and bring her to the point of foolishness. She is absolutely screaming now in this language, screaming like a form of hysteria, which any second now will stop completely, and now it has stopped, and she sat down with her eyes wide open and realised, the 3 people who are helping her are convincing her that they have exorcised the demons, and they are mistaken, she knows different but she will not admit it of course for fear of feeling more foolish, and the work is done. She will leave, thanking them profusely, for this exorcism and she will return to a normal life, but she knows full well that it was in her mind. Miriam (Dr Paul) – And do you think she will not be such a hypochondriac in the future? Geoff – Yes, it is a good lesson for her.  

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