Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



How many lives have you experienced so far? They say you have around 700 on planets like our Earth. We live in an insular World where our scientists are trying to prove everything scientifically and put everything into little boxes. The problem is that they are only working in this dimension, because according to them if they cannot prove anything scientifically then it does not exist… or at best becomes unexplained. To start with, can they prove any emotion? No. Yet we know that love, anger, jealousy and so on do exist. 60 years ago they believed that flying faster than the speed of sound would cause the air in your lungs to explode. They could not visualise a computer, black holes, laser surgery, CD’s or cell-phones. So how far will our technology advance in the next 50 years? What has been discovered so far is just a fraction of what there is. Take sound as an example. We hear only a certain range; dogs hear a bigger range…is there more? YES, far more. Did you know that dogs can ‘see’ odors? That fish can sense direction? Or those plants can ‘recognise’ people? Take colours too, we only know of a certain range, but there are more…far far more. Take technology as a ladder with 100 rungs. We are only part way up the ladder. So what has all this got to do with progressing through Heaven? When you first pass over, you complete your lessons and judge yourself how you handled them. Then depending on how many lives, and how much experience you have had, you progress to the next step. The lower levels of Heaven (I am simplifying it here) are where you chose your lives on Earth and other planets. You also act as Guides; help in other dimensions, and learn many more aspects at this level. When you have completed these levels you move on to the ‘Mental’ levels, where you no longer need to incarnate as we know it. Your body is purely an energy that takes up no space at all. With your mind you can ‘create’ whatever scenario you wish. So if you want to talk to your friends on a beach with palm trees then it is all created through thought. Just daydream here for a minute that you are on that beach. You can imagine things fairly clearly already, so with a bit of practice over there, you will be able to create clearly. Before we move on let me give you a few examples of senses that you have on this earth plain. Have you ever felt someone staring at you? You are picking up the energy that they are projecting to you. Have you walked into a room where 2 people have been arguing, and are now smiling at one another? You can cut the atmosphere with a knife…you are picking up the energy in the room. When you think of taking your dog for a walk, have you noticed how the dog knows before you do? Or as a mother will tell you, you can look in on a sleeping child and ‘know’ when that child is ill. These are natural senses that we all have. And lastly, have you met someone that you take an instant dis-liking to? You are sensing their energy, which does not gel with yours. These are senses that most people have forgotten. We all have them, but have forgotten to be aware of them. So, back to the mental levels where you increase these senses and learn new ones too. Van Gogh created the most beautiful paintings, and Mozart wrote the most beautiful music, so what can they create in the mental levels? With their additional senses, and the fact that they would create by thought (Much faster than a paintbrush or pencil) plus their minds being so much more advanced than just 70 years on Earth. They would create masterpieces beyond anybody’s imagination. Lastly, we will look at thought. For you to verbalise to me your schooldays would take you months, and I could only visualise what you experienced based on my experience. So I will get a very slow and inaccurate picture…. yet all that information is in a tiny part of your brain – if you could transfer that part to me in an instant I would fully understand your experiences. This is how you communicate on the mental levels. It is called instant understanding. And not only with one person (mind) at a time. You can hold a conversation with many minds, and in just 1 second. Now imagine the vast amount of knowledge that you can experience and share. And do you think it stops there? NO! But that is more than enough to start with.

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