Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Geoff – I have got someone coming through, I can’t see who it is but it is a lovely character, he is a short, fat monk, he seems to be from Thailand, but he can’t come through without laughing, every time he gets going he starts laughing. Verna – Nothing wrong with that. Geoff – Can you see him? Verna – No, actually my headache has accentuated, so I am trying to rest, but I can sense him. I can see him – come friend, we don’t mind the laughter. Geoff – He can’t talk, he is laughing so much, I think he is going to give up. Verna – I wouldn’t mind that from laughter. Geoff – Maybe I can see what he says (Laughs) He used to work with children, he had a very happy life in Thailand, he traveled quite a bit, but mainly he used to work with the children, and sorting out children’s vibrations. Many children when they go through the stage from child to adult (through puberty) their systems get unbalanced, it is quite a step, and it is a step where less spirit is involved and more free will is involved, up to fourteen years they are mainly looked after by spirit and strongly directed by spirit. When this changeover occurs quite often there is an imbalance and he would assist to get them in harmony again. His whole life was just involved, and he chose that specially, he said it was sort of like a holiday. Because he was a monk he was accepted by anybody, almost anybody, and he could go anywhere he liked, he didn’t need material things of course because the monks there are looked after, and he spent his whole life just looking after the children. He had no particular family or friends over there, because the friends he made were all temporary, so on his travels he would meet a group and sort them out and on he would go with his travels, so he never had a family or soul mate or place that   he would return to, he used to just wander around, and this is what he did. It was like he wasn’t listed, I mean he probably wasn’t insured or paid tax or anything like that – now he is hosing himself laughing, he never did anything like that, he just wandered around and it was like a holiday, and he loves kids and he helped them and he went through his whole life on earth having a great time and doing his own thing. Towards the end of his life, he just said right that is enough holiday now, time to go back into spirit and take up some serious work, and that is what happened, he just passed over. Verna – What control. Geoff – Yeah, no serious ill health through his life, but no stress, he is looking at our auras and seeing our previous stress and our histories and so on, and is laughing away. He understands the material side of life is very stressful and whatever, but he didn’t need any of this, he was very lucky. And he chose his life, and he says you have chosen your life as well, and you have chosen this stress and you have got to go through it, you knew you would have to go through it, he says I chose a holiday or a vacation, and I just had a great time. And now that he is back on the other side he is going to come down and re- incarnate again, where he will go through a serious life, he said every life is learning and there is plenty of time there is no hurry, and he enjoyed it a lot and helped a lot of people and learnt a lot. And it was great. Verna – And now he is looking down at us and seeing what he is going to have to go through. Geoff – And now he says that’s all for now, thank you for listening and it has been great, and he has put a pile of laughter over there, he said you wanted laughter, so he has left you some, and he says for the next few days you are going to keep tripping over that, and every time you do you are going to laugh. Verna – Oh I love it (Laughs) Oh bless him. Geoff – He is a super character, so much happiness in him.

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