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In this next meditation I’m experiencing different types of energy and there’s a guide called White Feather who channels through Miriam. Geoff:     There is a dirt road with palm trees either side and an ocean on the right and it is a very nice area.  It comes to a dead end at the end of an island and I can see it is a nice day, light wind, clear water.  It seems to be somewhere in the Caribbean.  I know the island – I’m just trying to remember the name of it.  Well, it doesn’t matter – I’ll remember that in a minute anyway. Let’s see why I’m here. There is a lot of energy coming on to this island.  The island does have its problems and the energy that is coming on to the island is created by spirit, and this is an example of when you send your energy to the “The basket in the sky” and they can use it. Miriam (White Feather)      Yes. Geoff:     It is assembled out at sea, and then it is “watered down” and made to the right mixture.  Then it comes as a huge wind and then it comes towards me, through the island to the place where it is needed, which in this case is as a group to get rid of a feeling.  That is how it is moved around.  Now, as it comes towards me it passes through me or around me – the feeling that is remaining is having more pride in yourself, in your race, in your culture. Miriam (White Feather)      Yes, instead of relying upon others. Geoff:     Yes.  The island Puerto Rico…..the Puerto Ricans used to live a very comfortable life, a nice island life, and then they started to move over to America – there was a lot of drugs, a lot of poverty and as so many went to American they could see the vast difference between their island, which at that time was “happy poverty” and America where there was so much wealth and opportunity.  The islanders began to feel envious in a way of the American way of life, but the Puerto Ricans were sort of looked down upon by the Americans because of their way of life and so on – it seemed very low class to the Americans, and the poor Puerto Ricans began to get a complex – not just individually but as a group that they were like a third class nation, and not worthy of being in the presence of somebody like America and so on. And this is creating a lot of animosity and bad vibrations which is building up and building up till eventually, unless it was sorted out, the relationship between the two countries will get very bad – between the two races you would end up with a typical sort of ethnic war as you have in Yugoslavia.  It is very similar to what has happened there.  The guides know this and it is not anybody’s karma that this should happen.  It is a group energy that has built up and the two groups being America and Puerto Rico. So the guides who are overseeing the karma on the planet have decided to import this energy to calm down Puerto Ricans and keep the balance more harmonious. Miriam (White Feather)      You are quite correct in that. Geoff:     That is not something really an individual would see or do, but is left entirely to the spirit guides who look after each area. Miriam (White Feather)      It is just beginning to take effect (1991) – they are beginning to realise that they are just as good, but many went without permission to go. Geoff:     You mean, to America? Miriam (White Feather)      Yes. Geoff:     Okay, so now we know how energy is used that way, by managers of countries which would – a nicer term would probably be gardeners of the earth, which you’ve heard of before as….. Miriam (White Feather)     Yes. Geoff:     As they look after Countries and groups.

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