Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


In this meditation Miriam is channeling. Geoff – Yes, I can see that what I have learnt just in the last few months is going to take me a lot longer to learn and then use, and I know there is an awful lot more, and it is going to take me many, many years just to absorb all of this an put it into practice, or I suppose it is what I believe it will take, so we will discuss that one later. Miriam (Channeling) – When you think how long a doctor studies, you can also expect to take a while before you will be fully accomplished. I am not saying it is going to be the six or seven years, but you will take a while. Geoff – Now I am in an alley way, with old fashioned brick walls on either side, the ground is very rough and it is sloping downwards, the bottom of this alley way is an arch and it seems to be in an old Jerusalem type city, clay walls, a lot of sand, lot of heat, and this big fellow who is with me brought me here to show me something. Below the ground in the particular place is a lot of dark energy, and it has just opened up to let some out and as these different bits of energy came out he changed the colours of them, and the energy is moved off, and the colours will be put to use. And I think what he is showing me is that although this is dark energy he is at such an advanced stage that he can utilise the power of black energy for good. Miriam (Channeling) – He can. Geoff – Now the colours aren’t the higher colours, not the whites, pinks, golds, silvers and so on, but they are a dark green, a dark brown, black. And I can see these bits of energy floating off as he has changed the colours, and there is one piece in particular which I will follow. Now it has gone to an area like a thatched pergola, a round one    And it went around underneath the thatch and got absorbed into the thatch, and it is now an energy or vibration which will be put to use there, and what it does is, it stops arguments, its energy will just be used to make people sit and discuss what they have to instead of arguing. Miriam (Channeling) – It will calm them down. Geoff – Hmm, yes, the lighter colours are much higher, finer and stronger energy, but the darker colours are coarser and lower, still used for a variety of different things. Now I have a snake, a big python type of snake, and two or three times it has slipped out of my hands and gone down to the ground. I will go down to the ground and underneath it is quite honeycombed, a strange experience, I think water ran through here in the olden days, underneath all the buildings, water, used to be water, there isn’t now, every few feet in each direction there is a little archway or pillar which supports the floor of the houses above, and this is how they got access to their water. And sanitation, lots of canals down here, I don’t know why I am here, so I will move on, I come to a dead end, where there is a sandy type wall, I push a hole in the wall and go through, and there is a huge cavern. I can hear my voice echoing in the cavern, I can hear drops of water, and it is very still, this is where the water stopped flowing. It was tapped from here to go into these under water canals. The water itself contains a lot of phosphorous, as I run my hands through it, it sparkles, and lights up. If I move my hands through it very fast it creates a glow in this cavern and you can actually light it up, I have got some spirits doing this and this cavern is becoming lighter, and I am going around the walls to see why I am here and up to the roof. It is quite a natural dome shape, I don’t think it was manmade – but it is possible. Now the source of this water is an underground lake, this is just where it ends up. This is one of the ways in which the spirits used to control this particular village, as far as emotions, learning and so on goes.  Colours were put into the water by spirit much farther upstream, and it used to come to this outlet here and down through the tunnels beneath all the houses. By controlling this water, the spirits could control the harmony of this village. Now this they didn’t always want to do because everyone in the village had to learn, I am back out in the village now, I can see the village as it used to be. A bit like a market town, I think it was Persian. Miriam (Channeling) – A hamlet. Geoff – A hamlet, yes, but was it in the Persian era? I can see these massive turbans which are round. Almost ball shaped. Everybody in the village is very happy, there is a ruler, and it is very peaceful. Now I have got a cave and the cave is another entrance down into the cavern where we were just now. Miriam (Channeling) – You were taking the long way around weren’t you? Geoff – Yes, this sort of big pit I am looking at inside the cave, it goes down into the roof of the cavern I was in just now, there were bodies thrown into this cave who all died in terror, it was a form of execution, some people came from outside of this village, a tribe of bad people, they went through the harmonious village, and they took several people and killed them by throwing them in this huge pit. They went through the bottom of this pit into the cavern below, which contained the water that ran through under the houses. Because when these people died they were surrounded by such dark and negative energy, these vibrations got into the water and created negative energy beneath the houses. The people therefore got more depressed, the vibrations got worse, and then in turn as a group they created worse energy. That village then went from being very harmonious and happy, to a very depressed and unhappy village, and eventually next to nothing was left. Miriam (Channeling) – That was very good indeed, you picked that up well. Geoff – It was certainly complicated. Miriam (Channeling) – It was complicated but you got there. Geoff – Now the reason why the water stopped flowing was because some of the villagers sealed the entrance to the cavern to the ducts because of all the bodies in there, and made it a form of burial chamber, so therefore the water was sacrificed. Now that did help the vibrations going through the village, but without water it was not such a desirable place to be anymore, and eventually most people left and went elsewhere. Miriam (Channeling) – Do you think there was a special reason why the people in that village had to live in harmony? Geoff – To create group energy. Miriam (Channeling) – Yes. Geoff – Now the spirits that were putting the different colours in the water up in the mountains, were actually giving the right sort of energy to the group village, so that the group village would create the right sort of energy that they could use for what they wanted in the future. Miriam (Channeling) – That is it, you are progressing very nicely. Geoff – Thank you. Now this force created through this energy of harmony, is a gold colored energy, I can see several types of energy and you can’t say one is higher than another, there are three colored lights, three energies which are special, white spirit light, which is pure energy, gold which is harmony, and pink which is love. They are the base colours, there are more to them, and those three at this stage, seem to be the three most important colours. And what this village is creating is harmony. Miriam (Channeling) – Wouldn’t it be nice if there were more villages like that in the world? Geoff – Yes it certainly would.

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