Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


PYRAMIDS IN EGYPT MADE BY ALIENS   By In this meditation I am being shown a different dimension by a Guide called Abdul, who is channeling through Miriam. Geoff: The very first impression I got was somebody with their arms crossed… up to the shoulders, like a mummy when they were put in their crypts or tombs and I’m pretty certain that it is Egyptian, which is what we are going to do this evening. Then I went down like a spiral – going into the Earth.  Going right down to the bottom and there a lot of caves.  A lot of caverns. What is strange is the spiral going down through the Earth looks very modern.  It looks like it’s made of metal and very smooth.  And it probably goes down 20 or 30 stories. I’m at the bottom now and I can see all these caverns going in different direction and they seem to have like railway lines going into each cavern. Where I am is a central point.  I’m in the cavern – all these tunnels are going outwards – these railway lines come to the center of the cavern and then in the ground there’s like a big circle of concrete. (like a concrete manhole cover) and all the lines stop there. In this central point there is a memory rod somewhere.  I’m getting the memories now… it “is” Egyptian, and I can see Egyptian workers cutting this out of the ground.  I can see them on a slope pushing and pulling huge barrows of material out of the ground at a very steep angle, probably 45 – 50 degrees.  And there’s 10 of the presumably “slaves” at the top. Miriam: This is Abdul. Geoff:   Welcome Abdul. Abdul (Miriam):  And they are slaves. Geoff:   There’s about 200 or 300 slaves on each rope and they pull up these huge buckets of earth out of the ground. The rails seem to be steel, I don’t know if they had steel in those days but I think that’s irrelevant.  All these chambers were dug into the ground, with long tunnels and everything of course brought to this central point where it was then taken up and disposed of above. I’m going to have a look down one of these tunnels to start with… The first one I go down, I get to the end and there is a huge chamber.  The chamber is full of idols, depicting the Egyptian history of that time.  They were all stood up, all standing idols and the chamber was then filled with very fine sand. Abdul (Miriam): Why do you think that would be? Geoff:   Firstly to preserve it but secondly so that modern technology wouldn’t be able to detect a chamber. Abdul (Miriam): Yes Geoff:   Okay, that is the idols.  That is a lot of history and the history is all written in the language of that day with hieroglyphics and so on. But scholars today would be able to translate it and understand it. Abdul (Miriam): Do you think it has yet to be found? Geoff:   Yes, it hasn’t been found yet. Abdul (Miriam): Yes, that is quite right, it hasn’t been found yet, but it will be soon. Geoff:   We’ll leave that one at the moment; I won’t to look into the history of the Egyptians at the moment.  I’ve just looked into another cave.  I look into the one on the left. And what is in here is a black ball of energy.  Now this is very strange because this is very advanced technology.  It’s a huge sphere, maybe the size of 15 / 20 feet high, completely circular.  It seems to be made of a plastic or glass material and inside is energy, inside is memories of what happened in that particular era.  When this is discovered people won’t be able to understand what it is, but a good psychic would.  They’d be able to tap into that energy and read… it’s like an advanced memory rod, it’s a history, but it’s a history which does a little more – it takes the person back in time and it shows him in his mind exactly what happened. Now I’ll just step inside for a minute… Abdul (Miriam): You must be aware that not all will be as you see the first impression. Deliberately so. Geoff:   Right.   When I got in it looked like a lot of leaves everywhere, black leaves.  And now I’m getting a picture of ships in those days, ships that use to go up and down the Nile.  And they’re all docked in a harbor.  There’s about a dozen of them. It’s very busy.  And these are much bigger ships than people thought existed. Abdul (Miriam): It has to be the right person to unravel the mystery of what is there. Geoff:   Yes, there are several things, they seem to be overlapping.  I’m seeing manmade ships, they look like giant ships, and they could even be spacecrafts.  I’m seeing cabins, and different things, lots of different things.  And what it is, it’s like a layer of video tapes and as I’m quickly going over them I’m seeing different pictures, and I don’t have the time to stop and look at all of them – but that is the history and I won’t be told now what that history is, because it’s something for the future. But when in the future the right sort of people come along, they can study the history, which will answer a lot more questions.  And it will help to answer more questions scientifically. Abdul (Miriam): Definitely. Geoff:   And tie a lot of different things together.  I’m going to come back out of this cavern because it’s very complex and would be very time consuming to go through all those past records.  But we know that’s what that is. The next cave along is types of crystal but huge crystal and they are manmade crystals.  They were made in those days by a very advanced race, so the memories could be stored.  They changed the thought into a physical energy which is now stored in the cave on the right in this ball, so it could be interpreted by somebody who uses the same equipment. So they’ve made it, it’s almost like computerised it, so they’ve used their minds, sending the energy from their minds to the crystal and the crystal made a uniformed language which was stored in this ball of energy. Abdul (Miriam): The crystals are nothing like you have seen before though, are they? Geoff:   No they are shaped; there are a lot of dark crystals. And they are manmade, some have huge facets, some are rounded, they all seem to be standing about 2 or 3 meters tall and maybe a meter or so in circumference. Okay so that’s three caves.  I’ll just have a look into the next cave…… I’ve got a different type of energy.  It looks like coal with tiny little crystals flecked all over it.  And there are longer pieces, like round pieces of wood, smooth sticks about a foot long.  It’s not made of wood, it’s all crystal but that’s what it’s made up of. I’ve gone and I’ve touched this and this is the balancing energy, it’s a, again it’s… …. this material is from a different planet.  It’s been mixed or molded by the people and brought to this planet and what it does is it looks after the atmosphere being a circumference around the city or whatever, let’s say a 50-mile circumference around this particular area.  It keeps the balance of everybody’s mind? Abdul (Miriam): Yes!  Now that is something quite different. Geoff:   The alien race landed here, put up this shield, everybody who worked within it – their minds were independent – yet, linked and controlled.  But also anybody outside of that shield that would come along would not see it. Very very powerful. There’s something else to do with this black coal like energy. Abdul (Miriam): Yes, there is. Geoff:   Although mechanical it is capable of basic though, it could see specific things happening and change them.  For instance if there was an accident…and somebody was physically injured this energy could simply replace the damaged area on the body. Abdul (Miriam): You are quite right there. Geoff:   The controller of this energy is an alien group.  They didn’t come down here themselves, they put their thoughts and intensions into this – sent it down – and I think they sent it down and it impacted on the Earth.  It came down as a meteorite, in other words.  It impacted.  They then sent the people who literally materialised.  They went along the energy path of this meteorite and materialised. Abdul (Miriam): They did. Geoff:   Okay.  What caused them to materialise were the thoughts of the higher race that sent this object.  It’s quite amazing stuff. Abdul (Miriam): Very amazing. Geoff:   So, their thoughts are so far advanced that they can think something.  The thoughts are now taken over by some manmade crystal or machinery, rock, whatever you want to call it.  They then dispatch that to a distant planet and they get a team to materialise around that planet, to research it and to bring back the information they want.  Now the team that were there, had to blend in, if you like, with the local people, this was done by allowing the local people to see aliens as if they were local. Abdul (Miriam): Yes Geoff:   So the local people didn’t know the difference. Abdul (Miriam): That’s right Geoff:   So much work was done and info gathered and in the end all of this knowledge was automatically sent back to the originators (aliens).  But the physical evidence that was created there, and it was created over many centuries, instead of destroying all the energy – it was buried and left. The people that were left there, the original local people ended up with no knowledge of what was there, it was all buried.  Because the alien race literally controlled their minds.   Let them see what they wanted to see.  They were such an advanced civilisation. Abdul (Miriam): Can you perhaps pick up why they chose the Earth?  Difficult but I think perhaps you may! Geoff:   On different planets there are different groups advancing different ways.  As a young spirit grows it learns different things and they also learn in a group.  And some go off in extreme directions. The one’s on Earth were probably the most calm or most balanced at the time and that’s why they tried to find out why they were so balanced. Because their nation, the aliens, are so precise in everything that they do. Okay, that sort of tells a story… Maybe I could go upward to see this Alien nation. Abdul (Miriam): I think you could. Geoff:   Okay, they.  Wow, that is something else!  I’m in an area that is surrounded by this alien nation and the thoughts and so on.  But it’s not on a planet. Abdul (Miriam): You’re right there. Geoff:   So what we see on Earth, all these stars out there.  We’re looking to see if there’s life out on these stars, but we don’t look to see if there’s life in between them, in another dimension. Abdul (Miriam): We don’t! Geoff:   And these aren’t all that far away!  Good grief, so instead of trying to go through space faster than the speed of light, we should look at different dimensions.  We would see a lot more. Abdul (Miriam): Yes, (laughs) Geoff:   So these people, this race, is all around us.  Okay, just get back to where we are and everything is advanced to the stage of thought.  Now we need physical bodies to be able to move around in and experience things etc.  They don’t need them, because they’ve advanced beyond that stage. If we carried on developing and thinking and understanding – we would be able to use our minds to create any bodies that we need and therefore we wouldn’t need physical bodies.  If you can move your mind which is basically your spirit into different directions.  Okay let’s differentiate; a spirit is different from moving a mind.  You can be reborn not as a person but be reborn as a mind in a different dimension.  So the spiritual body is still separate and your higher self will also still be separate so you’ll be reborn as a mind which could exist and create a surrounding of anything it wanted so the mind could visualise sitting on the beach, lying in the sunshine, doing whatever, when in fact it’s nothing physical that exists. It only exists in the memories of the mind. Now, the connection between these minds – there would have to be connection  – there would have to be continued development, but the way they’ve developed to such a degree ~ there’s lots of them, lots of different alien groups developing different ways…. Abdul (Miriam): Yes – And not so far away! Geoff:   No, and they are all learning different ways, they are all developing at different speeds in different directions. Abdul (Miriam): Yes Geoff:   So, it was only the one group that sent down this “meteorite” we’ll call it, which was like a probe onto Earth to find out how we were progressing down there.  One of the things it did, was it found out, it read if you like, all the minds of the people in that particular area and the black material that we are talking about sent back all of that information, sort of assessed it, and sent it all back to the alien race who could then all feed on this information and make decisions firstly amongst themselves and then as a group, as to how they could benefit from any information that came from there. They probably sent it to many other planets as well to see how they were developing.   It’s the same sort of thing.  We look at different nations to see how they’ve developed and we’d end up looking at other planets and see how they’ve developed – it’s the same thing, just coming from a different dimension. Okay. Abdul (Miriam): Very Good Geoff:   Now all around Earth we’ve got all these different developing Alien Nations, we’ll call them.  And in a lot of cases because they are different dimensions they overlap….. and you can have 2 alien nations next door to each other and they don’t know each other exists.  Quite mind-boggling. Abdul (Miriam): It is isn’t it? Geoff:   Excellent!  That’s very good.  Okay, I’ll just see I can get closer to this particular group.  I presume that this was the group that was involved in building the Pyramids and so on.  I’ll just see if I can get a bit closer to this group to see if I can see any more. Okay, I’ve got an entrance it looks like a doorway and a cross at the same time.  A square cross.  Like two 6 foot doors, one turned on its side, so they overlap to make a cross.  This is what it looks like and its set in an area where it’s all black, even the door is black and there are various speckles of energy and a few lines of energy.  But this I know is an entrance into somewhere.  So I’m going to go through this and as I go through, on the other side is… it looks like a long metal shaft and it branches off… oh, it’s a duplication of the tunnels that were built on Earth. Abdul (Miriam): It is. Geoff:   Go down a tunnel and everything branches off.  So if I go down a tunnel first of all, go down one of the branches, and I go to the branch, the first one, which had the statues in… and here there is images of those statues.  Now they don’t need them physically there, but I’m seeing it as if… as if I am in meditation.  Wow, so in meditation in meditation (laugh).  So, I’m seeing the image, that’s all they need.  And if I go to the next one, which is the ball of energy, the energy seems to be more solid and it’s very much alive. It’s like a clearish liquid, a very thick liquid, and there’s one red section, which is a bit like a heartbeat to show that it is alive.  It’s definitely living, I can feel that. And I go to the next one, and it isn’t there.  That’s the black ball of energy.  So let me go back a second to that circle of energy that’s living and I can feel there is Alien life forms around it. They’re in a form of almost mechanical, 6 ft tall, very sharp points on top of the head, two red eyes and they seem to be made of a material, not human tissue and organs and so on. Abdul (Miriam): That’s something you haven’t experienced on Earth. Geoff:   Yes, it’s the material of… it’s like living rock, but very smooth, like marble, and has energy running throughout it all the time.  They’ve created that really, just to show me that it’s a fairly close form to man, and that’s what they’ve created to show that they are Alien and it is sort of close to man.  They’d show it differently to somebody else. I’m looking now into the eyes of one of them and all the rest know exactly what’s going on. I’m talking to the main character and he has many followers who come to look and they understand what’s going on.  They can understand me and what I’m saying to them.  I’m talking to all of them in a group mind and they replying through this one.  They developed dramatically but one thing they haven’t really got the hang of is… I was going to say emotion, but there is emotion in them… they are very sad at the moment because they are lacking something which we have. Abdul (Miriam): I think you can help them there. Geoff:   Mmm.  This is something I’ve done before! Abdul (Miriam): Yes you have. Yes. Geoff:   What they are lacking is what we would term humanity.  Well, yes and no.  They want to help as much as possible but they developed in such a way that there’s been very strict codes and very strong advancements of the mind and they’re very analytical and scientific and they’ve had no time for weakness and they’ve developed into a race which lacks the normal love and understanding and emotions which is the level that we are at on Earth Abdul (Miriam): Yes, they need the human touch. Geoff:   Yes, that’s what it is and they need to have accidents and arguments and broken arms and so on so they can experience helping each other and being more human instead of mechanical. Abdul (Miriam): I’m sure you can show them that. Geoff:   I can show them that through my mind and the way I think, but somebody’s interrupting here.  They have a watering can and they are pouring water into a circle.  It’s “them” – they are pouring water into a big stone bowl. Okay, part of this black rock that we were talking about earlier that can accept all their thoughts and understanding… there’s a piece of that here, a huge piece… and part of it has been hollowed out to make a stone base… and they’ve poured water into this stone base.  What I have to do… this is their way of taking my vibrations, they can go through the water and into the rock.  So they are going to take what I have to give and put it into this black rock of energy and this is the way that I can help them understand.  I can give them a lot more than just what “I” have.  I can put everything that I’ve got into it, all my emotions and experiences and whatever from my past lives. Abdul (Miriam): Yes, Geoff:   But there’s more.  I can connect up to a lot of people, simply through the experience that I’ve had.  I know I can connect with a lot of circles on Earth and other people who think the same way and by putting all of this energy into this water, I’m connecting them to a lot more people on Earth.  So they will get a lot more experience and understanding and will be able to change their ways of thinking. Abdul (Miriam): Yes, Geoff:   Now I’ve put all of this into practice.  That’s happening right now, they are drawing information. As they are drawing in this information, things are changing already.  The black rock is changing to a grey and it’s becoming softer and more pliable.  Their bodies are also becoming more pliable and they are becoming more human because the have this instant understanding.  They don’t need to go through several lives to experience all of this because they are drawing on the lifetimes of many other people already. They are simply analyzing the information instantly and transforming instantly.  Because they are such an advanced mind, they can do that. Abdul (Miriam): A bit like your computer doing things quickly. Geoff: Yes, it is indeed.  It’s changing so rapidly.  I can now see them with faces and features and…… what they’ve changed to is.…it looks like they are dressed like the disciples were in Christ’s days, you know with a staff and cloak and so on.  Humility, simplicity and wisdom at the same time.  I can see them going through these changes very rapidly.  For instance one changes to look like a Roman Emperor and then the understanding comes through that you don’t need to be an Emperor, you simply need an understanding of life and therefore humility comes in and they change again to…they end up looking like disciples, disciples who are still humble and still want to learn.  But have a lot of love to give out and tremendous emotion and understanding and so on and they are thinking how many people they can help, what things they can change. How they can go out and teach this new philosophy.  But they cannot instantly change, they are at a stage now where they cannot go to another Alien Nation and instantly change them, they can only share the knowledge.  Now these people have been waiting for this to happen and this is the change that they’ve been looking for a long time and this little group has changed.  But other groups develop different ways and some of them are not yet ready for that sort of change and for that sort of learning.  What this group will do is simply send out information on the new understanding that they have, to different groups that they can reach.   And in some it will take route – in others it will be rejected it but they understand that what they send out will be accepted or rejected and they are happy, they are content with that.  They know you cannot force teaching on others, it has to be learnt. Abdul (Miriam): Yes, it has to be. Geoff:   I can withdraw from that now because the link has been made and they’ve been linked up to so many other people they will carry on drawing information from those and from others. Abdul (Miriam): They will now carry on progressing. Geoff:   Yes. Abdul (Miriam): That is a very good job that you have done for them. Geoff:   It’s very… “emotional”.  As I back away I get this tremendous feeling from them because it’s an understanding of everything that I know plus a lot of other things.   So, that’s pretty good. Okay, we’ll leave that.  And move elsewhere.

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