Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

Recue of old lady from the dark side. By The Spiritual Dictionary

In this rescue our regular guides bring us an old lady who has spent too much time on the dark side. 1991 Geoff – I can see you, I can feel your presence, but I can’t quite work out what’s worrying you Miriam(Old Lady)  – I feel so lost, I am not sure which way to go, there are people who tell me I must go this way but it feels wrong, and yet part of me wants to go, something is telling me I must not listen to those voices. Geoff – Yes Miriam (Old Lady)   – But please, I have struggled for so long Geoff – And yet the answer is so easy, when you have to make a decision, many people will tell you different things, and each can affect your mind, each can change your emotions, but there is only one true emotion, that you can rely on, and that is yourself, what is in your heart, whatever decision you make, it is simple to make that decision by using your heart, it may not be simple to carry out, but it is simple to make the decision. Then you need the strength to carry it out regardless, but only when you know that the decision you made was the right one. Now at the moment you are with us, and you can feel a little bit of our emotion and the love that we have in this circle. Feel why you are at peace now, why you are safe, look into your heart and try and make that decision now. Miriam (Old Lady)   – But the heart is such a tiny voice compared to all their voices, and yet it feels right Geoff – Yes, the heart is you, it is you and God and love, the heart is what counts, you must make that decision Miriam (Old Lady)   – But they say it is not me Geoff – You must not listen to them, many people can give you many different kinds of advice, but who knows you better than you do? Even we cannot decide for you, we can only help you to make a decision, but that decision must come from deep within your heart Miriam (Old Lady)   – Then will I feel the happiness that I feel you have? Geoff – It will take time to grow, but as soon as…. Miriam (Old Lady)   – But you have so much and I have never, never felt like that! Geoff – Yes that is true, but you can, that is because the decisions that we make here in this circle are to help others, decisions that we make from our hearts that we believe in. There are people that could influence us, there are people who have different faiths, beliefs, religions, but we know deep inside that we are right. Would you not like to help other people? Miriam (Old Lady)   – Oh I would, I would Geoff – And doesn’t it give you a beautiful feeling inside? Miriam (Old Lady)   – It feels so warm and cozy and protected Geoff – Yes, and that feeling comes from inside you………. from inside you Miriam (Old Lady)   – But how can that be when I did not deserve this sort of feeling? How can it be? Geoff – It depends, you say you did not deserve it? Why? Miriam(Old Lady)  – They tell me I did not deserve it, they tell me I must follow them, but I do not get this nice feeling, this is so much better, so much better Geoff – Here you can talk if you wish to, would you like to tell us who and what these people are that are telling you these things? Or maybe we can help you make other decisions, help to clear your mind? Miriam (Old Lady) – I would like if they would keep away long enough, I would like… Geoff – We can keep them away, here you are in God’s light and totally safe Miriam (Old Lady) – But they say there is no God, they say there is no God! Geoff – And can you see or feel a God? Miriam (Old Lady) – I can feel there is, oh I can feel such joy that I have not felt for many years, not that I have ever felt like this before! Not since I was a little baby, and I felt like this, oh it has been so bitter, so much torment within me that …… Geoff – It is easy to stray into that torment, to move away from what you believe is good Miriam(Old Lady)  – But they say the power came from them only, not God’s, nobody but ourselves, that we provided our own power, then why did not we provide a lovely feeling like you have within you that I can feel, it is so beautiful and protective, then surely there must be more than darkness. Geoff – Yes there is more, and as you have stepped into this circle, you have started to feel but what you are feeling is just the beginning, if you look behind you at a distance I can see your friends in darkness and they dare not step forward into this circle, they are scared of the power, of the love that is here. Miriam (Old Lady) – Their voices are fainter, but they say they are so powerful. Geoff – They say, only talk, they cannot feel as you are feeling now Miriam (Old Lady) – Oh I do, it feels lighter, how can it feel lighter when I cannot see lighter?  It just feels lighter! I do not feel tired, and yet I feel comforted, I cannot describe it, it does not make sense to me! It is just light and yet it is all around me and it is too good! Geoff – Now this is just the beginning, look upwards, there is more light, look up Miriam (Old Lady) – There is more? Brighter, I can see light that I have never ever seen before! Geoff – That light is God’s love Miriam (Old Lady) – Then there really is a God! There really is a God! Geoff – Yes there really is a God, every single one of us is a child of God, every one of us belongs to and is a part of that God. Miriam(Old Lady)  – Oh I feel so light within, like a feather, and yet my heart is so warm, radiant, I have never ever felt like this before, but will they send me back to the darkness, must I go back as they said I had to? Geoff – No, there is no need to go back, but now you are able to walk back into the darkness and take the light with you. As you walk back to your old friends in the darkness, they will move away because they will see the light within you, but not yet – maybe in a long time to come. You are now in the light and there are others coming to help you. Miriam (Old Lady) – I cannot hear the others so well now Geoff – Your lightness is driving them away Miriam (Old Lady) – And I will be able to always feel this beautiful? Geoff – Yes it will never leave, it is part of you, they have kept it from you for many years. Miriam (Old Lady) – Oh I don’t know how long Geoff – Yes, but because of you and what is inside you, that is what brought you to this circle, you felt the attraction of the love and you knew that there was something else besides darkness, and you looked for it and found it. We did not help you, we only showed you that there was light and there is a God, and you have seen it for yourself. Miriam (Old Lady) – Oh but you did help, how can you say that you did not help? Geoff – We only showed you what is here and now you can see. Now can you see others here besides us? Miriam (Old Lady) – I can see lot of eyes, so many eyes, they are not like the eyes that I have seen before, these eyes are so bright, and this is loving. Geoff – Yes and as you look, you will see the faces start to appear, and you will see that you know these people, they are loving and kind and they have been waiting for you. Miriam (Old Lady) – I see a little girl Geoff – And do you recognise her? Miriam (Old Lady) – She is my little girl! Geoff – She is Miriam (Old Lady) – But how can that be? How can that be? Geoff – You have lost all track of time being in the darkness, and now she is here Miriam (Old Lady) – It is so bright and yet it does not hurt the eyes, there are so many, like the sunlight which I have not felt for so long. Oh I have not felt such peace as this, it is like a cocoon, like the feathers in the nest of the birds, and I can truly, they say I must go with them, may I go? Geoff – Yes in your heart you have made the decision and you can take their hands Miriam (Old Lady) – You are speaking truly now, I can hear so clearly, I can come back another time, thank you Geoff – Go in peace my friend Miriam (Old Lady) – I thank you for everything that you have given me, and I hope I can be worthy and someday Miriam (Old Lady) – Someday maybe I can help those others Geoff – Yes, but now you must go and take a long deserved rest, let the hands of these friends take you Miriam (Old Lady) – There are so many, and my little girl, she is not ugly as they said, she is beautiful, so perfect Geoff – Yes

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