Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Geoff – Ok, let’s see if we can get something else. I am on the side of a sort of canyon, it is very sandy and barren, and below me under the sandy ground somebody has been buried, a long time ago, I cannot feel the presence of the person who was buried here, just the physical remains, I go closer and see if I can feel anything. Somebody died there and passed over but is having great difficulty in coming back to communicate or channel with earth people, because of being buried there, comes back and feels stifled, sand in his nostrils and mouth and so on. Now he knows that only his remains of his physical is still there but still gets this block that annoys him, he can pick us his earthly vibrations when he comes back, what he has asked me to do is basically take the remains and shake the sand out of them, put vibrations through them to sort of clear them. He has created a thought form that is very powerful in his mind that surrounds the head of this body and it is this that he wants me to release and let the thought form dissolve so that he can be free of it, and communicate to earth people with ease.

So by running my fingers through the remains of the head and surrounding area where this thought form is created, I break it up, the pieces drift off and dissipate and the skeleton is recovered without this thought form and he is relieved of it and now no longer has a problem.

Miriam (Dr Paul) – And that is something that you have not done before.

Geoff – Yes, too true.

Miriam (Dr Paul) – Something quite different

Geoff – But it is so nice to see again, to see these things.

Geoff – Thank you for all your help, bless you.

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