Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



 In this meditation we have a very humorous Indian channeling through Verna and I’m just going to ask him another question.  Verna (Indian Guide)     Yes, I’m very smart. (laughter) Geoff     Okay – can I ask you a smart question. All day long I’ve had so much energy coming out of my right foot and my right hand – they’ve been throbbing all day. Can you explain what this is? Verna (Indian Guide)     Little jokes – not offhand. (laughter) It could be a few things. Everything has to do with the mind. Everything has to do with the power of the mind. The energy in the body is controlled with the power of the mind. You might ask me what of mental people – their minds still work.    Maybe differently – maybe their minds cannot tell a limb to move, but their minds are still working in different directions and the energy comes to them. I have just been told your friend is standing next to you. You have tremendous energy. Geoff     So, is it my mind that has been sending out energy all this time? Verna (Indian Guide)     It has just been released. That is sometimes why your body will automatically go into a cold sweat or even a hot one. From fear – it is a release of energy. Simple fear, a fright – it is a release of energy from your body. But unfortunately that is not always positive energy, otherwise our work would be simple. We would simply frighten you off – fill the world with positive energy but it really does not work that way, my friend…(laughter) Verna (Indian Guide) It does not work that way – that is slightly negative. A sort of unpleasant energy. You would want to get rid of it. Geoff  Yes, I understand that. Verna (Indian Guide)     You know, I’m a very old, old Indian and I lived in the days when we sent messages by smoke. The last resort of communication but even then, did we not need a clear day? Geoff     True. Verna (Indian Guide)     Did we not need a clear day, and to get your message – to send your healing – to send your thoughts – you need a clear day. I hope this lesson will not be in vain and that you will practice clearing the mind. Practice to meditate with noise and learn to ignore it. That is not easy but if you never do it, you will never learn. Geoff     Thinking back as well – I think we sometimes go into meditation too quickly and casually instead of relaxing with breathing and thought forms and so on to get into a more relaxed state before you start to meditate. Verna (Indian Guide)     Well, next week or next time, I suggest you listen to the old Indian and you get rid of the thunder and the lightening, and the rain and the drizzle and the clouds, and slowly but surely make the sun shine and in the clear blue sky, you have your rainbow and you may use those rainbows and go from the top of your head, and put the colours through the energy stream of your body. All the colours of the rainbow – pull them from your head to fill your entire body. It can only benefit you. I will leave you now – they’re teasing me. White Feather says, will I come back with some more tips some other time. White Feather is a comic, and I will be pleased to do this and this is one tape I sincerely hope that you make notes of and use, and I will be back with more tips. Geoff     Thank you. Verna (Indian Guide)     I leave you now with flowers. I am sure you can smell them. Please try. Use your senses. Know you can smell them – want to smell them. Yes, I think I must return. I have so many exciting things to teach you. Geoff     That will be nice. Verna (Indian Guide)     There is so much you can train yourself to do as long as you do not lose faith. If you think it is your subconscious mind at any time – so what! As long as you are bettering yourself and learning to heighten your vibrations. I leave you with God’s blessings. Take care, my friend. Geoff     Thank you for coming. Verna (Indian Guide)     Thank you very much.  

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