Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


CHANGES: HOW RELIGIONS WILL CHANGE AND ALIENS INTRODUCED In this series of meditations, a Guide called Isaac talking through Geoff tells us more about the change of the Earth on its axis – and how the new way will be introduced. As always the tenses are sometimes wrong, which is a problem that you get, when seeing in a different dimension, and talking in this one. (Recorded in August 96) Geoff (Issac):   One of the events that will take place in the change around the world is the understanding of different religions. There are hundreds of different religions around the world, and each have their own ways….. some stem back only a few years, some stem back many hundreds and even thousands of years. Along the way these religions have been changed many times. They have been improved (according to their religion) by the various people who have been in charge of those religions…………..  When this change takes place, we use a method to get through to the people. There will be a method used whereby information on a particular religion will be passed down to all of those people in that religion.  As an example, we looked a moment ago at Japan where many idols, temples, places of worship, and sacred places are destroyed throughout the island all at once. The Japanese believing these to be connected to their religion, or knowing that they are connected to their religion, will think that maybe it is a message, a signal, or maybe it will make them aware of their religion.  When they see this happening to other religions around the world, each religion will look into itself, look into its teachings, and the people themselves will become far more aware of what the original teachings were and how they have changed over a long period.  They will essentially become more aware of their neighbors, and they will be shown that it is far more important to look after each other than to rely on religion. When this happens worldwide, a great message will be gotten across to all people all over the world, over several years, the majority rather will change their way of thinking and this new understanding will be put into place.  As the future develops there will be splinter groups who will start to develop their own religions, and of course some good and some bad, because there has always got to be a balance. Some of the better ones will concentrate far more deeply on the spiritual side of life, and try to teach their religion to others. Others will understand they cannot be taught and progress slowly and in other directions, and there will be those who will stick to the old religions 100%, and will never change from what they believe. As generations go on there will be a lot of religion change, but overall you get this picture of change – people will have this new understanding. Briefly, when these events take place we are looking at an overall picture of 10-15 years. Major changes will take place over 3 years, but over 10 or 15 years there will be a tremendous period of work – a very high-pressure period.  In the first 3 years there will be so many dramas and upsets and changes in all directions…..people will become very confused – they will be startled, and woken up from their slumbers, and they will look into all aspects and they will see a far different picture from what they have seen in their lifetimes. This will be an ideal time to introduce the aspect of aliens. Now there has been lots of information gathered on aliens, but it has never been really accepted by the public, no real proof has been put forward and accepted. Now in this period there will be lot of introductions of aliens. It will not be in as you imagine it as UFO’s coming to visit, and aliens stepping out of flying saucers as you see it in comic books etc – it will be a knowledge that aliens are amongst us on the earth, and you will look into the different types of people, their psychical differences and see that there are huge differences – especially in their DNA, which is a process used here to identify completely different species, and these will be discovered to be on this planet on earth, and then it will be as they are discovered, they will look into them more and more, and it will be accepted more and more quickly because there is very little change, and then they will look into the history and find that they have been here for many many years – and at the moment there are aliens in  many different countries. These aliens are not as startling as you can imagine. If I can just take you ahead to let’s say a few more lifetimes. If you could move as you do now (talking to Geoff and Verna) where you can astral project, or astral travel to different areas, you know materialisation is possible. If you moved from here to America you can materialise as an American – but from here, if you moved from here to a different planet you could materialise as the species there, as long as the intellectual minds were compatible then this would be very easy for you to do. So it is the same there for them to come here and materialise as humans and converse with your scientists who very simply know that they are aliens, or termed as aliens. The scientists will look at them and establish 100% that, yes they are aliens, and before it is announced to the public, the rumors will spread through your various Government Departments, and news media’s etc and they will be only rumors but one by one they will be brought forward and accepted, and as soon as the first one is fully accepted in a specific area, others can then come forward.  If for instance – if an alien is fully accepted in America then people in this country (South Africa) will still not accept it fully because they have not seen it, felt it, touched it etc – as their minds are geared to think that maybe it is a hoax.  After a few years it will be quite accepted that these aliens are amongst us and they are also here to help.  There are many different species of aliens on this particular planet at the moment working towards this change and helping with the change.  You have to develop to a certain level to be able to transport yourself in any way possible whether by machinery or by using the minds etc so there will be aliens here who will help in the future, and indeed you both will work with aliens, not in the immediate few months but very shortly, your mother in England has already made connections with aliens and has brought many messages which you have not yet received. There are others doing similar things making connections, as we make connections with various circles, they make connections with other circles too. It will not be so much as a surprise the way they are introduced, as one would expect – when you first sent a man to the moon, and he first put his foot on the moon, everybody watched the event. It will be similar here in a way as one person who becomes known or is thought to be an alien -many others will soon follow. Now you have known of many others since go to the moon and land on the moon, and visit other planets and send your spacecraft around other planets and to you now, it is just an accepted fact they are there – it is the same way that aliens will be introduced here. Also when this takes place people’s minds will be confused because of all the different events taking place at once, and there will be an awful lot of clarity when people will be able to interpret what they have seen the same way as you teach your meditation groups – that you can look at the psychic experiences that they have had in the past and teach them to understand them. So it will happen that the majority of people on earth will be able to do exactly the same thing, and this will give them a much different picture to what they were used to. This is like half seeing and half channeling. What I am seeing at the moment is huge amounts of energy surrounding the earth and this is just prior to these major events taking place. There is a whole variety of energy – the energies for instance that we are using for instance healing etc is one you cannot see…… what I am seeing at the moment is physical energy, for instance like clouds surrounding the earth but it is energy which can been seen physically – but which is created spiritually. Now when these events on the earth take place, all sorts of different energies will be used, and energies have to go through mediums to be changed from a spiritual energy into earth energy. Once there is a catastrophe or a major change a whole lot of energy needs to be used, and needs to be used very fast, and it is almost an impossible task to channel that through literally thousands of mediums and groups into one specific area at once. Let’s say that if there was an earthquake in Australia there may be 5 or 10 million lives being affected at once. Some of course are due to move over but there will always be odd mistakes if you like, because these do happen. The energy that will gather around the earth is a physical energy and can be used as a spiritual energy is, to correct mistakes. It is an earth energy created by spirit……. Do I make myself clear? Verna:  Yes Geoff (Issac):   Excellent Verna:  Show us how we create the energy – do we all do it together? By us joining all together throughout the world, like the golden circle just in thought and creating this energy and getting connected? It does not matter if you were here and I was in London and so and so was in another place – it forms a net and connects all spiritual people, the spirits need our earth energy and they connect with that, and use it to heal the earth and the ozone layer etc Geoff (Issac):  So the energy that you will be using with your minds will simply be the connection.  So it will connect to this energy, which has been created spiritually, but looks physical – but it is earth energy and you will be the connection to bring it down directly to where it is needed, instead of it being channeled through your bodies

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