Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


Many religions
1080 Khalif explains how many civilizations have been created on Earth
1079 Jesus explains why Religions are not all that bad
1078 Spiritualism is an Understanding of life
1077 A King from 10th Century
1072 Christianity in Schools and Government
1071 Taliban and Religion
1070 Updating religions (Africa)
1069 Muslims – the hardest Religion to change
1062 Khalif talks about Bushmen
1061 Khalif talks about the Maori people
1060 Khalif talks about Aboriginals
1059 Khalif explains Buddhism
1058 Our visitor Khalif explains Hinduism
1057  Khalif promises to talk on religion
1032 Correcting Religious energy
1006 A Guide explains how they teach Buddhist Women
1005 An in-depth explanation as to what God really is (Very good)
1004 Cowboys, Indians and pure thoughts
953 March 22 Religions changing & falling away
911 Why there are differing levels of spiritual understanding
904 Declining of Religions Islam
902 Declining of Religions – Hindu
901 Declining of Religions – Buddhist
856 Jul 22 How different religions cross over
818 How religions will change Part 2 (Wars)
817 How religions will change Part 1
772 Religions start to fade away
746 Thinking the right way to help change Religions and Government
728 2nd May 2022 Energy to create a new Church.
727. 2nd May 2022 Closing old religions making space for a new way
709 Memory rods in India will balance their thinking of religions and Gods
708 April 2022 New Muslim leader and how religions will change
How the Pope makes decisions
How religions die      by
20th March 2022 The different energies religions create.
17th April 2022 Religions, their followers and change
20th March 2022  Scary energies and bringing them to life. Creating Religions

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