Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation a regular guide by the name of Gladys channels through Miriam to explain what Verna and Geoff have just experienced. Verna –Geoff there is something you have got to do for someone who is with me, I am boiling up. I feel like I am in boiling water. This heat is bubbling all around me, and I can’t get out of it. Geoff – It is an embryo, what you feel. It is a child in the embryo stage. Verna – Luke must cool me down on that side. Geoff – The mother has already passed over, the child is still alive inside her, and I don’t yet know what we have to do. Verna – The air is getting short and the bubbling, like I am drowning in heat, so I think if mom and dad could bring the heat down, which is obviously the temperature, I don’t know, just calm…… Geoff – The mother has been taken from a building that was burning and they have realized that a child is inside her, they will at a later stage operate, when they realize that the child is alive, our job is to cool down the embryo quickly. We must imagine the inside of this woman, the whole womb filled with liquid and we cover the outside with a cold blue light, like putting a shell on an egg, bring down the temperature, seal off the embryo from the body. Just imagine there is enough energy in this room to do that immediately, and the embryo starts to cool, it is instant because the child is connected to the woman. The important step now is that the woman has died and this child is only existing on the fluid that it has around it, the oxygen and blood flow will shortly be cut off. We can extend this young ones life for a little longer and it is in India. Verna – We must tell the people in their minds, this is weird, I am getting something like “tell the people that I am here”. Geoff – The child can sense what is around it, I can see that very close by there is like an ambulance, they have disregarded this young lady as being dead. We now put it into their minds, the two of them, very strongly, they must see, we make them see the swelling in the stomach, and one comes across and checks and realizes that there is a possibility that the unborn child is okay. They examine her and other spirits are keeping other people away, so they are not distracted. Now they have realized that there is a chance of saving this child, and they have called a doctor who insists on an operation immediately. The doctor cuts immediately across the stomach to release this child, and then both are carried quickly to the ambulance, the mother is dead. The child is grey. Verna – The child has gone from me now, it is okay, it will be okay, it was lack of oxygen, it will be okay. Geoff – What I am seeing now, you know this ring of gold on a gold fish bowl, I am seeing the face of the spirit of this child, the higher self of this child surrounded by gold light, and that is just on top of the grey body, and it will be fine, it will be safely looked after, we can leave it now. Verna – Well now I certainly know that trauma and emotions start inside the womb, after feeling that. Phew. Miriam (Gladys) – I have been told how good you were getting, this is Gladys. Verna – Oh welcome. Miriam (Gladys) – But I had not expected to see you had progressed quite so far as you have. And the little soul that you have saved has a great future ahead in the spiritual world, and if you had not succeeded in seeing what you had there is another group standing by, but it was not necessary to call upon them. We are very, very pleased with the way you are progressing and you are getting such a large variety of different cases each week now. Some may seem far-fetched to you, but they are all things that happen all over the world and we have been helping like this for many years, but not always with a success rate. Verna – I don’t think anything surprises us anymore Gladys. Miriam (Gladys) – Then that is good. For when the time comes that you need to do this in the physical you will not be upset, and you will be quite prepared for everything that comes your way. The little girl is so very pleased with the help that you gave her, and she is doing her best now with the candles, and the seed has been sown and it will take fruit before her mother passes over. I am not sure when I shall be back again, but I just have to say how very pleased that I took notice of what was being said here about this group and the way you were progressing, and I had to come and see for myself. May you continue without interruption for many, many years to come, and I shower you with God’s richest blessings. Good night to you. Verna – Thank you, bless you. They are having a little discussion about the last little spirit, the baby, they are standing at mom’s left, and it was something that had to be done in an emergency, and they were waiting to see if we would succeed, and if we didn’t succeed they would have had to rush the case to another circle. And they are standing there saying “they did it!!” and they are so pleased. They were the ones that brought the baby and they are absolutely amazed and thrilled that we handled it because they had their doubts and they were going to take them to another circle, and somebody convinced them to bring the child here first and see if we could do it, because somebody had to feel the sensation of the bubbling and the burning in the womb, which was the hard part, and the energy in this circle enabled me to feel that, so all of us together achieved this and now they are going off very very pleased with themselves.

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