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Rescue of German solider from WW2. By The Spiritual Dictionary

In this meditation we have been trying to get a German soldier (Klaus) who needs rescuing to come and channel through me for many weeks, and tonight we have been in meditation for half an hour. He has been there all the time and we pick up the meditation where somebody is channeling through Verna direct to him and is trying to get him to come into my body, so he can channel through me so that the meditation group can talk to him. His friend Stefan also channels through Miriam. Verna(Guide) Why not take the chance and go towards the light or are you the coward we think you may be. It is up to you, friend, but the light is there and will take away the pain of the arrogance and the nastiness which comes from you. So if you are not cowardly, and you are brave as you say you are with your tongue, and with your thoughts, why not show how brave you are and take that step towards the light. For, if you are really as strong as you say, you can step back again if you so wish as you so enjoy the negativeness and arrogance which you bring to others. Even this peaceful circle is trying to help you but they do not need the arrogant vibrations you’re passing on to them. And so, my friend, if you are not the coward that we think you are, why not take that step to love and light, to those who want to help you instead of shirking in the dark and hiding in your arrogance and your badness. And that is all that I will say to you tonight, my friend, for now it is up to you as these friends with their lovely light and their givingness do not want your bad vibrations, so you will sit alone unless you take a step in the right direction. God bless you, my friend. We wait for you as friends. I only speak like this to get you to understand that you must make that move yourself and we will be waiting with love and light. Put yourself in the light – not in the dark. It will help. We send you blessings and we send you love even although we do not get it back. But when you feel these feelings and you open yourself up to them, maybe you will step forward and come to us. We leave you now, friend, to do your thinking. Miriam (Stefan)  Klaus. This is your friend, Stefan. We were alike you and I, but I have learnt that I was wrong. We were taught wrong. You must hold out your hand to the young man (Geoff) who is coming towards you now. Think about it strongly. He is of good faith and he reaches out towards you with love as we all do. We were brain washed, Klaus. We were brain washed. You must learn to listen to what is in your heart. Hold out your hand – reach out. You can see the young man. Cast down that arrogance of yours. We come as friends. You know I would never do anything to hurt you. We were very good friends. We fought together. We come from the same part – from the same stock. You know I speak the truth in your heart. Listen to it Klaus. Listen. I cannot stay long. If you will not come now you will come later, I know you will. I shall be back but for now hold out your hand if just a little way. Try Klaus, try. I have not, as yet, the strength to stay too long for it is not so long that I realised myself the mistakes we made but they have let me come to see if I could help you. And help you I will, for you do not know the glories that there are here. You are dwelling in the darkness but it is the darkness of your own making now. Let go. I will be back. I will. I cannot stay. Verna (Guide): My friend, we are with you. The harsh words were to help you on your way. Please come to us. Please come to us. We give you love – nothing but love and light. Come to your friends. It was difficult for him and it is difficult for you but he now glories in the love. Take that step, my friend. Reach out. Geoff (Klaus) I try. Verna (Guide) Try harder. Take that step. Come to us and come to your friends. He will help you. He is waiting for you. Geoff (Klaus) I listen to Stefan. Stefan – he is a good friend. Miriam (Stefan) I’m holding on, Klaus. I am holding on. Come. Geoff (Klaus) For too many years I sit next to the gun hoping for an answer for what is happening. I see no answers. Miriam (Stefan) Klaus you must listen. You must listen Klaus. Please. I speak the truth. I speak the truth. They are helping me. So many people helping me to talk to you. You must come. You must come now. Geoff (Klaus) I listen to you Stefan, for I believe you, for you are my friend. Miriam (Stefan) I am still your friend. Geoff (Klaus) I have mixed, confused feelings and if you say step towards the light, I will step towards the light. For you I will believe it. Miriam (Stefan) You must come Klaus. Come. Come. There are so many of your friends here who are helping me because I find it so difficult, but you must come, Klaus. Come. It takes just a little step. Geoff (Klaus) Then I will come and I will help you. (Still very arrogant) Miriam (Stefan) We need each other, we need each other. Come, Klaus. We have done many things together – we will atone together. Geoff (Klaus) Yes. Miriam (Stefan) Take the young man’s hand. Geoff (Klaus) I try. Geoff (Klaus) Come. Miriam (Stefan) Come Klaus. I need your strength as you need mine. Geoff (Klaus) I am here. Miriam (Stefan) It is not as bad as you thought. It is not so difficult. We have much to atone for but we will do it together, as we have done so much in the past together. Geoff (Klaus) Yes. Take my hand and help me across. Miriam (Stefan) The young man is helping you. He has such love. He has such courage. You must take his hand tightly. Cross over. Come. Miriam (Stefan) Did I not say you could do it. Did I not say you could do it? Many a time we have been in battle. Many a time we have done things that we thought we could not do but we did them. We did them. Come. Geoff (Klaus) And we do it once again. Miriam (Stefan) We will do them together. Were we not one from the beginning. Were we not? Geoff (Klaus) Oh. So many friends – so many.  You have given me so much, and once again you give me the peace I look for, for so long. I will follow. Miriam (Stefan) It is not without that young man’s help – you could not have made it. He gave his all. He gave what strength he had, and the love he had, and the love from the lady and the love of all in this room. We have not experienced anything like that in this lifetime of ours that we have just passed. Our life was full of hatred and arrogance. We thought we were little Gods and we were as dust beneath their feet but we will atone- will we not, Klaus. We will atone. Geoff (Klaus) We will do what must be done. Miriam (Stefan) So be it. Geoff (Klaus) So be it. Miriam (Stefan) So be it.

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