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RESCUE OF GIRL FROM WW2 By The Spiritual Dictionary

In this meditation I am experiencing the lesson. I’ve just gone into astral, and the setting is World War 2. I have seen a young teenage girl walking through a graveyard looking very lost. The meditation group are trying to encourage her to come and talk, and then we can do whatever we have to do. We’re trying to encourage her to talk through Miriam, which is where this tape starts. Miriam (Girl) It is I. It is I who is standing there. Geoff: By the church? Miriam (Girl) But I don’t know why. Geoff: Well, maybe we can help here. Miriam (Girl) My mind is a blank. Geoff: I see. Miriam (Girl) I remember only a big bang and now nothing. Geoff: The clothes you have on are…um….. like 1947. Do you know what year it is? Miriam (Girl) No. Geoff: But you remember the war? The big war? Miriam (Girl) No. I remember nothing. It frightens me. I know not who I am, or what I am doing here. Or how I got here. Can you help me? Geoff: Yes, I think we can. It just needs a bit of patience. Let’s see if we can see where you came from, or where you’re going. You can see us four here, can’t you? Miriam (Girl) I can see you but you are not where I am. How is that? Geoff: Well, you died a long time ago with this big bang. How you died does not matter and now you are ………. Miriam (Girl) How can I be dead if I look so like you? Geoff: It is deceiving. You see, we are stuck here on earth for a lot longer. We cannot move around as freely as you. When you died it was instant – you weren’t expecting it and, therefore, as you had no experience of life after death it became a bit of a shock to you, and you have not accepted the fact that you have …. Miriam (Girl) But there is no life after death. Geoff: Aah! Well, that’s probably where the problem comes from. You always believed when you were living that there was no life after death. Miriam (Girl) How can that be? Where would you be – where would you go? Geoff: Well, you’re in part of that now, but you’re in the worst part of that now because you did not understand. There is life after death, and the body that you had on earth was simply a vehicle but now that body has gone. You now only have your spiritual self. Miriam (Girl) Gone? I can see it? Geoff: You see it- but put your hand against your body and you will see that it goes straight through. Miriam (Girl) It does too!! It does too!! Geoff: So that is all in your imagination. You are creating that because that’s the way you are used to seeing it. Miriam (Girl) And you also are dead? Geoff: No, no – we are still here, but you have come to see us from wherever you were. You have come over here – very quickly, instantly, and you can now see us, but this is only the beginning. There are so many other things for you to see. You think of all your friends that have already passed over – those you will be able to see. Miriam (Girl) Oh, there are many (Passed over). Geoff: And you know where they are? They are very close by but you have not yet been able to see them, because you have not yet believed that you have died, or passed over. Miriam (Girl) I can see you. I do not see anyone else. Geoff: Well, you will in a moment. If you close your eyes and think of …… who was your best friend? Miriam (Girl) Tommy. Geoff: Alright – think of Tommy. Tommy will hear you and he will come to see you. Who is the next best person that you know. Miriam (Girl) Maria. Geoff: Alright. Now, you do the same thing with Maria, because as you think of these people, they will hear you, but some are a long way off and it may take them some time to get here. So in a few moments they will all start to arrive. Miriam (Girl) How can they hear me? Geoff: It’s the way you….um…’s best that they explain it when they get here. It is just thinking. Miriam(Girl) Tommy Ticklemouse. That was his nickname – not his proper name. Geoff: What about your parents – are they dead also? Miriam(Girl) I have no parents. Geoff: No parents? And who did you live with? Miriam(Girl) Lots of people. Lots of people. Geoff: When you think of those people, if they are dead, and they are in the same land or plane of existence as you are, then they will hear you and some will come across to greet you. In fact, a lot will come to help you get back to where they are. To help you pass over properly. You’re sort of stuck half way. Miriam(Girl) Pass over? Over what? Geoff: It’s just a nice term that when you die, instead of saying that you are dead because you’re not really dead, we say that you pass over, so it means that you go ….. just your spiritual body goes over – or your mind – and your physical body is left behind. That part is dead. Miriam(Girl) Very confusing. Spiritual body? Geoff: It’s like your mind. In your mind you can create all sorts of things, the same as you thought of different people – your mind did that, that is your spiritual body, if you like, as against your physical body which is the bits and pieces you left behind that are now dead. Your mind has created the body that you can see now. That is why your hand can go through it, because your mind has created it. Anyway, here come some people. Miriam(Girl) I see them! Many, many people. Geoff: Yes. They have just found out where you are. Miriam(Girl) Many people – so many people. (laughter)  So many. So many I have forgotten. So many people I knew from being very small. And now I see them and they are laughing- and they are dead? Geoff: (laughter) They’re dead- the same as you are dead. Miriam(Girl) It is so very, very strange. (laughter) Very strange but they are happy – very happy and they say I must stop thinking about the big bang -but they are happy and I am happy. Miriam(Girl) I am dead? Geoff: Yes. Miriam(Girl) And you’re not dead Geoff: (laughter) No. Miriam(Girl) But I’m dead. Geoff: You’re dead – the same as they are dead… Miriam(Girl) They’re dead…….. Geoff: But you now begin a different life – a new life. You see, most people didn’t realise – when you lived on earth, most people didn’t realise there was life after death. Miriam(Girl) A nicer life? Geoff: Yes, much nicer. Miriam (Girl) Much nicer. Geoff: Look at all the friends you have already. Miriam (Girl) That is very difficult to understand – very difficult. Geoff: But they will explain it to you bit by bit. Miriam (Girl) I thank you – I really thank you. This is wonderful and really, I am dead and you’re not dead. Oh, dear, this is very, very difficult but I don’t care. I am going with all the people that I know that you say are dead. I am going with them and I thank you, I thank you, I thank you. That is wonderful. Really, really dead. I don’t feel dead – whatever that is. Geoff: It’s a new life being dead. Miriam (Girl) Oh that is wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you and I am going with them. Oh, that is lovely. Oh. (laughter) Now, that girl was probably around 9, 10 or 11 when she died. She’s been there for a long time because this tape was made in 1993 so she’s been there for over 40 years. But time is different on the other side. So, she knew she was growing up a little bit so probably reached the age of only 11, 12 or 13 because she had no-one to compare herself with.

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