Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


In this very unusual meditation evening Geoff astral projects in this time/dimension to an area below ground and meets “Tag” who is channeling through Verna. We had linked up with many other circles to use collective energy for this rescue. Geoff – What I can see now is underground caves which are manmade and they stretch for miles and miles, I have just been along a very long corridor, turned left and gone down some steps, and I have come to a sort of arena, but it is well below the ground, and it is deserted. It must have take years and years to build. And it is like a maze, the arena was a meeting place for you but you are not as we see humans. You used to live below ground in this arena and the center was where you used to meet and hold counsel, but there are very few of you left now, how can we help? Verna (Tag) – Help, sick, dying, all dying, sick, spirit, help, bring you. Geoff – Yes, we will help. Verna (Tag) – All dying. Geoff – What you need is sunshine. Verna (Tag) – Yes, can’t people kill us catch me. Geoff – You can exist down there for a long time without light, without the benefits of sunshine, it is maybe something in the walls of the caves you live in, they are taking nutrients from your body, if you make your way towards the surface and stay just below the surface the rays of the sun can penetrate the first few layers of the earth’s crust and these are the rays that you need. It is important that you go, and even if there is danger from the people up there, you will get strong again and you will be able to fight them, and you will be able to…. Verna (Tag) – No fight. Geoff – Protect is a better word, you will be able to defend yourself. This corridor that I first walked down into the arena, you need energy to help you back up the steps of the arena and along this corridor, and work your way slowly to the surface. Verna (Tag) – All sick. Geoff – But we will give you energy, not to heal but to give you the strength to reach the surface, you must all go in one group, and those that are sick must be carried, but it must be one group. Verna (Tag) – One group.  We go now, yes? Geoff – Yes now, you must get them all together and this circle will give you all the love and energy you need to reach the surface, I can see you as you are, and I understand your sickness and your weakness, but you must concentrate that you have one goal and that goal is to reach the surface, nothing else is important, the love of God is with you always, and he is sending you energy through this circle and the others, there are many, many other helpers, circles who are lending, giving their energy, their love to help you to the surface. Verna (Tag) – One group, go now. Geoff – Yes you must start to move upwards in one group, and I can see you moving out of the arena and up the stairway to the long passage, which moves to the surface. Verna (Tag) – Light. Geoff – Yes the light will help you. Verna (Tag) – Can’t have light. Geoff – There is no danger, you must move as close to the surface as you can, only at times does light shine cleanly through the openings, and this can be avoided. Your eyes will adjust, although at the moment you feel that it will damage your eyes, they will adjust in time. In a few days it will not be a problem, but this is essential for the survival of your group. But you must know that once you have reached the light, and once your strength has returned, it is most important that you do not go back to the arena, except for small, short visits. Verna (Tag) – No. Geoff – No, you must build closer to the surface, where the rays of the sun… Verna (Tag) – Things! Geoff – Things are not important, you will find a way to defend yourself from these things. Ask for God’s help and you will receive the answer. Verna (Tag) – Food! Geoff – Food you will find, food does not only grow in the arena, and the food that is there can be reached, but in short trips. For a few days or a few weeks, it is not important, but you must live and remain closer to the surface. Verna (Tag) – Live close. Geoff – Yes, now do you feel the light, can you feel the light revitalizing you, it will take some days before you are healed. But the process is starting. Verna (Tag) – We go. Geoff – Yes go to the surface to the light, go now. Verna (Tag) – We thank, we thank. Geoff – I see just below the surface there are old caves, which your ancestors used to use, yes you must use these again, it will be a new home. Verna (Tag) – Live? Their home? Geoff – Your ancestors must teach you and make room for you, and they will help you. They will feel the power and the energy from this circle, they will see what is happening and they will understand that they must help you. Verna (Tag) – We thank, we thank, we thank. Geoff – Go in peace and be well. They will survive. Verna (Tag) – No tell, no say us. Geoff – We must not talk about you, yes we understand. Your secret is quite safe. And in our healing prayers over the next few days we will send you more energy to help you build up your strength, and begin your new life. And for when we talk again, your name will be Tag. Miriam (John) – At one time all lived in the caves near the surface, gradually as the tribe grew, they went further and further deeper, and that is how they became to live in the darker regions. Geoff – But their ancestors will accept them back. Miriam (John) – Yes. Verna – Geoff, Tag is half in, and I can’t move my hand, doesn’t want us to leave. Geoff – He is half in? He wants to come into you to speak? Verna – Yes. Geoff – Now that we know who he is and who his tribe is, we now have a common bond and we will be able to talk to him in the future, so although we leave him now to get on with other healing, we will contact him in the future and we have a common friendship that will not be forgotten. He must look after the rest of his tribe for they need him now. And he goes. They are very cute people, they are like little Mogwi’s and they are black, with long fur  

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