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Rescues – What are they. By The Spiritual Dictionary

WHAT ARE THEY? There are several types of rescue; the most common being helping someone who has died to complete the passing over. First let me first explain what happens when you die. You are living now on an Earth vibration, Spirit lives on a “Higher” (Sometimes called faster) vibration. So when you die you pass from one to the other. Your physical body remains on Earth (For burial or whatever) and your Spiritual body moves towards the higher vibration. Normally you will see friends who have passed over, and there will be spirits there to help you across. You will feel a tremendous love from the higher vibration (Going towards the light) and the majority of people will go………….BUT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO…YOU STILL HAVE TOTAL FREE WILL. HERE ARE SOME EXAMPLES OF WHOM WE HAVE ENCOUNTERED IN THE PAST
  1. Someone who was killed in a motor accident. He did not believe he was dead, so would not cross over.
  2. A stubborn Grandmother who wanted to remain and see her grandchildren grow up.
  3. A Nazi artillery man who believed he was still defending his position, and would not let down his commander. He had “created” the same scene (illusion) as when he died (One of the many things you can do in spirit)
  4. A miner who died underground in a rock fall (Could not believe he could cross over from that position)
  5. A passenger who went down with a sinking ship.
  6. The one I remember most is of the Abbot who would not leave his monastery, which is the example that follows.
Please do not try to attempt rescues without experienced people present………If you are to experience a Rescue then there MUST be someone experienced to help you.

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