Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


771 Woman’s Soul leaves her body when abused
712 April 2022 Mom and baby Rescue in the Durban floods of 2022
711 April 2022 Rescue in the Durban floods of 2022
890 Rescue from a Norway Rockslide
781 Black spirits, help with rescues and those in the darklands
783 How spirit get us started to view a rescue.
849 Soft rescue from the Greylands
891 Where you go AFTER being rescued
713  How a clean up after a disaster is automated
Rescue from Stonehenge
Rescue of the Abbot
A soft rescue (Dopey)  
Easy rescue of woman about to cross over  
Rescue of spirit creating aberrations 
Rescues – What are they.
Rescue of German solider from WW2.   By The Spiritual Dictionary
Recue of old lady from the dark side.      By The Spiritual Dictionary
New York. A small rescue from the dark side. 1991  By The Spiritual Dictionary
Unsure about life after death
Rescue from the Greylands
Black magic rescue
Child buried alive
Rescue of girl from WW2
Buried woman in Beirut 1990
Rescue from the dark side
Helping a cave diver pass over
Japanese soldiers commits suicide in Spirit
Group circle rescue in Yugoslavia 1991
Children confirmed safe
Children trapped in basement
Grand-daughter about to kill her Grandfather
Rescue of murdered girl
Rescue of embryo from dying mother
Helping a distressed girl pass over
Cave rescue of man with a damaged lung
Pauline returns to say Hello
838 2 small items
Animal rescues animals     

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