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REVERSING TIME By SpiritualDictionary.com

In this meditation I am learning about energy created by Spirit. A guide called White Feather is channeling through Miriam. – January 1998 As always, past and present tenses are muddled, as I am in the present but seeing into the past. Geoff –     Okay, I am now looking at…….I think this now is the opposite, I seem to be on a barren planet and what is going backwards and forwards is a lot of black lines. And the black lines are obviously negative, so first thought is the opposite to the energy that is being created……. I go right into it and it is very dark and these black lines look like black pieces of straw flying backwards and forwards. They are abrasive, as I put my arm up they sort of cut the arm, but it comes back to normal as well. They are very rough. They also are all over the place, I will see if I can find a central point of where they are going to or where they are coming from. Now this is the strangest thing, (which doesn’t surprise me), if you can imagine an oil well, where oil is gushing out, I can see it gushing out but it is actually going backwards. So this is reversing time? Miriam (White Feather)     Yes it is Geoff –     Wow, okay, I’m still trying to get a grip of this, I know it’s going in but it looks like it is coming out. It’s the weirdest thing. I can see it all gushing out but I know it’s going in, so it’s reversing time. So gardeners of planets or wherever continue the correct way ……which is to let the earth as an example continue to develop, because the earth has free will and everybody on it. You can make changes but ……okay you cannot reverse, a gardener of the earth cannot reverse something that he has done but you can reverse it in time to see the effect. Miriam (White Feather)     Yes he can Geoff –     So this one of the ways in which he learns, he lets the earth continue developing but if he wants to see a different aspect of what would happen, he can on one side reverse the process through this time and see it develop in a different way. Miriam (White Feather)     Yes that’s right Geoff –     That’s how he gets experience……. now one of the things I thought I learned in the past, which may not be correct now, is that when my higher self, when I choose this life, it’s my higher self that stays in your dimension, if I make a major decision on this earth, my higher self would want to learn what would happen if I went right or left, if I made the opposite decision. So therefore I am living in several different dimensions, so my higher self can see the outcome. So it is correct, right. Miriam (White Feather)     It is like the higher self is higher and can see farther Geoff –     Yes, so it can see into these different dimensions, okay. So the gardener of the earth who is doing the same thing but on a much higher level cannot have all these different dimensions, so he will use this reversing time process to experiment if needs be. Miriam (White Feather)     Yes but of course this is done so quickly you see, it takes no time at all.

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