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VICTOR, A LOCAL SANGOMA, CHANNELS BEFORE HE DIES – 1992 In this meditation, Victor (who is alive at the time) channels through Verna and communicates with Geoff. There is also a guide called Running Deer who comes to help. Geoff – There is an Indian here, old, wise, such a lovely character, and he wants to sit in the circle with us. Verna – Welcome. Geoff – He says he is happy to be here, he is Miriam’s guide, Running Deer. You are welcome to talk. After so long, I think you are finding it difficult to get through, I sense it has been a long, long time, also you are not a guide of Verna’s, you are a helper, and while in this country you like to help, and you have attached yourself to Verna, is that right? On your right, is Michael (A guide), Michael is trying to help you get through, and there is also the nun (another guide), and others, but there is something very special about tonight, something very different, and that is what they have all come to watch, not sure what it is at the moment. I think it is that you live in the present time at the moment, you are living a life in this current lifetime and your higher self is visiting us tonight. Why it is so difficult, is because if your physical body is disturbed where you are currently sleeping, then your astral form, your higher self, will be recalled and when you channel through someone it takes more time to get and get out and also the channel would feel the effect of you withdrawing rapidly to go back to your own body. Now I think your name is Victor, you live around the Valley of a Thousand Hills (In South Africa), and you have a strong green colour. Is what I have said right so far? Verna (Victor) – Yes. Geoff – Welcome Victor, and that was hard to get through, but there are many helping you to get through. Verna (Victor) – Very hard. Geoff – Yes, I can see the barrier, I am not quite sure what is happening because you are astral traveling, and with your higher self, your astral form, I am not sure. Verna (Victor) – No. Geoff – No your astral form is able to get through, but you are in communication with your higher self. Yes, good. Verna (Victor) – Very old. Geoff – Very old? Verna (Victor) – Friend or guide helping. Geoff – You are most welcome. Verna (Victor) – Very old healer. Not long left. Geoff – Then it will be nice for you to cross over. Verna (Victor) – Wanting to do this before leaving. Never have done this before. Geoff – That is excellent, I am glad you came through. Verna (Victor) – It is very different, almost not possible. Also not dangerous. Geoff – No, not dangerous for Verna, that I understand. Verna (Victor) – This morning she was preparing for this, not many achieve this, different feeling having astral, then having spirit channel through you, vibrations completely different. Geoff – Oh yes, that is something I hadn’t thought of. Verna (Victor) – Quite scary, confusing, quite confusing. Geoff – Yes not scary because we know it is safe, but confusing. Verna (Victor) – I am getting physical healing at the same time, see what I do, stopping the coughing, if the coughing starts I will maybe shoot back, different vibrations altogether. Coming from the same level, not from higher spirit, not having to drop my vibrations, another earthly vibration entering you, so very different. Geoff – Now I can see that when you enter and get ready to channel, your vibrations are exactly the same and that is why when Verna coughs, it affects your vibrations. Now with spirit channeling, it is not exactly the same vibrations because ours are raised and spirit’s are lowered and that vibration is equally balanced slightly outside of our bodies. And yet with you channeling now you are inside Verna with equal vibrations, is that right? Verna (Victor) – Yes, and I am now going to use Verna’s voice, they told me how, this way she will not cough. The channel could not pick up any sense of whom I was and where I was coming from as it came from spirit. Geoff – And yet I could, and was that direct or through a guide? Verna (Victor) – It was helped through a guide, there are many guides here, I am an old man of well over a hundred, and I am very, very advanced spiritually, and I only learnt it in the last few years of this lifetime on earth, but I have done good work so it doesn’t matter. It is just sad to see so much peace needed. Geoff – Yes, very true. And when you have healed others, did you do it physically or in astral, do others around you understand what you do, when you do healing? Verna (Victor) – I was a spiritual doctor, I did not realise how much help I was getting until the last few years. I never used herbs. Geoff – And the patients that came to see you, did they understand the spiritual side of life? Verna (Victor) – I did not even understand it. Geoff – So would you be termed as a witch doctor to them? Verna (Victor) – Definitely, I no longer practice, but people come to me and I never turn them away, some have condemned me for not training others, now I know there is no training. I am sorry but I cannot stay for long, this is not easy, the channel feels an emptiness inside her, not a filling, like when spirit channel, she has stayed down on the earthly vibration, so she has not got the feeling of elation. Geoff – Yes, but she understands fully what is being said, and what is going on. Verna (Victor) – Yes, her guide is standing right by me to help me speak, with her tongue, he gives the power for this. Geoff – You are doing well. Verna (Victor) – It is not closing her up or choking her, there will be no coughing now. Geoff – Maybe when you do pass over eventually, if you could learn to communicate with us, then we could learn to continue the work that you are doing, or assist. Verna (Victor) – Well, the thing about vibrations, did you see how the body was being moved when I entered? Such as it is now to keep the vibrations level, maybe your eyes were closed. This is how I entered the body, by controlling her vibration and controlling mine with the help of the guides here, until they were on a level, absolutely welded together, we were actually almost both in her body, it is really difficult to explain. Geoff – But I understand, because I could see it just now. So I do understand. Verna (Victor) – And the answer to your question, I have no idea yet what I will be put through when I go across to the other side. But my friend if I can come over, I surely will, and because your wife’s guide is one of my family, I am sure there will be a connection, and I think there is already a connection otherwise I would not be here, this is going to bring on a headache, the vibrations are too powerful. Too heavy, so two more questions only. The headache will simply disappear when I leave, if not then you can heal her. Maybe you would like to sense the vibrations, put your hands in our aura, you know what spiritual vibration feels like, feel the difference, it is a heavy vibration. Geoff – I can sense it being heavier, thicker from here. Verna (Victor) – More than the tingling, it would be if you put your hand into something more solid. Geoff – Yes, into a darkness, it feels like compared to what it is normally. Verna (Victor) – See what can be done. Geoff – Yes, it is just because it is another vibration. Verna (Victor) – It has taken them years to find someone, a couple to come and do this. Geoff – Yes, and you must have a couple of course. Verna (Victor) – And the right guides, and the right spiritual friends to be with you. They know and only they know that you would understand this. Geoff – Then you must do this again, and the next time you come, you will feel a lot more comfortable. Verna (Victor) – I will try, I am not sure my physical body will have the strength, or allow me the time. But now I am very excited about this, and I would like to try again. It is very new for me and I am in my hundreds, so you see you learn something new every day. Geoff – Well, we must try for next Thursday, we will make a plan to call you, and maybe your guides can get you through again, Victor. Verna (Victor) – Well, everybody usually calls me “Old man” I have forgotten my name is Victor. Geoff – You have certainly lived to a good old age. Verna (Victor) – I have a lot of work still to do. Geoff – Do you astral travel most nights, and don’t know it. Victor – Yes, but only the last few years. Geoff – The astral travel you are doing is teaching you more and more and what you are learning in astral you are putting into practice. Verna (Victor) – I am sorry I am interrupting, but time is getting short, most of it is done to teach others. Geoff – You astral travel to teach others. Verna (Victor) – Yes, the first time I astral traveled, I knew it was for teaching, it was very simple for me. Geoff – So you teach other astral forms which then take the information back into their physical consciousness. Verna (Victor) – Such as I am doing tonight. Geoff – I see. Verna (Victor) – This is a lesson, something new for you and something new for me. Geoff – But normally you would communicate with the astral form. Verna (Victor) – Definitely, this I would never do with many. Geoff – Yes and the astral form would then keep that in the consciousness of the person. Verna (Victor) -That is so. Geoff – That is brilliant. Thank you for coming. Verna (Victor) – This has really been odd, talking in my language and hearing it come out in these words. Geoff – Yes. Verna (Victor) – One other thing I would like to explain is that although I am channeling, the guides are taking my thoughts and my channel’s, I am not sure how this is working, maybe we can ask the guides, but I must leave soon, ask the guides, I would like to listen before I leave, but I am thinking even in my accent and even sometimes my language, my English is not that good, and yet it is coming out in language that I don’t even know. Geoff – Yes, but you know exactly what they mean, it is just the guides changing your thought forms as they put it into Verna’s mind, because the two vibrations are so close together, it takes very little energy to change from one to the other, and because they are so close together, when you speak in Zulu, the words come out in English but you automatically think and understand both words. Verna (Victor) – I am going to have to leave, I would like you to take the hand of this channel, she will need the vibrations and energy because it will be quite fast. Geoff – Thank you and bless you. Now that was a different experience. Verna – I am out of it, I am wide awake, I am not even in the slightest bit in meditation anymore, I think that is necessary. Geoff – Yes, he came to see you on an earthly vibration and not a spiritual one, so you are not in the dreamlike, meditative state. Verna – I can get up here now and I my thoughts are clear, it is unbelievable. Geoff – I can understand, I could see what was happening, and I got it all right, he confirmed it, I could see the parallel vibrations, that is brilliant. Verna – I couldn’t understand it, I wanted to start channeling but I couldn’t feel these vibrations, I couldn’t sense that he was there, it was just weird. Geoff – But I knew it was going to be something different, and I knew there were people watching, it is the first time. Verna – I am trying to close my eyes, and I can’t. Geoff – Lets just see if they want to tell us something about that. It’s your nun, Monique or Monica saying that you did very well. It is nice that you didn’t have any fear because you have total faith and you handled it with confidence. There is one more behind me, who is an ancestor of the old man who spoke, it is his great grandfather, and he was in Northern Zululand in the 1700’s and when he went over, he started to learn, his family have always been witch doctor/shamans and the like, they have always had psychic spiritual abilities. And the information is passed on from family to family, from father to son, it is only when they cross over that they realise that the mistakes that they were making on earth, and although the majority of the mistakes they made were because they believed they were right at the time, they have only learnt since they have passed, and there is so much to teach the people down here, but they haven’t been ready for it. They have allowed each generation to carry on making various mistakes, and it changes slightly from one generation to the next. With the general tribe or patients’ outlook, it makes things change a little bit, but now in the area it is starting and people are becoming more aware of it, but only those who are in the tribe. It is the odd few people who are down here that are ready for spiritual development, the majority are not, they are going through, they are going through a lower stage of life, of evolution, and they must learn their various lessons before they get on to spiritual lessons, they have several more lives to go, there is no point in training them, but there are a few people around who have come down to help, others who have gone through the lessons for a while that are ready for spiritual development, and these are the people who will be helped. The next generation from the old man, he says he hasn’t trained others, but there are people who have picked up information from him, who will develop and with the help of the guide will learn the correct way of doing things. So the mistakes that even the old man made up until recently will be erased, and these new people will only learn the correct way, and start to develop awareness, or teach awareness, spiritual awareness to the black tribes that come to these specific few people. I can see him dressed in his original skins and so on, big stomach, lovely character, and he says some special greeting to you, sort of “well done”, “congratulations” he is very proud that you achieved this for one of his relatives. Verna – I am proud that one of his relatives came to me. Geoff – He said you have done very well, and he is very happy, and something about, you have made your mark in this, I think you are one of the few people who have done it, and now that we understand it, it can be done in the future. And when there is an occasion like the old man, they would like to bring him somewhere close in the area, they will bring him to you. You now have like a title or degree, qualification saying that you can now do this. Verna – Thank you, bless you, oh that is great. Geoff – And he is showing his appreciation by banging his spear twice on the ground, it is something like a royal accolade, they say thank you. His wife is here, the chief’s wife, I see a lot of green, and she is saying that throughout her life her only role was to look after him, and as he has developed, so she has developed but is not recognised as such, she is by him, but not by anybody else. And it is a small lesson for us, that you can work for many years without the right recognition……………but you can continue to give. Verna – So she never really got any recognition on earth. Geoff – While she was on earth, she did not look for recognition, she enjoyed helping others and giving where possible and healing and all sorts of things, she enjoyed supporting the old man so that he could do his work, and she was always considered to be just a wife, in the background, but she knew within herself, it gave her a beautiful feeling inside to be able to do all this, and she did not need the recognition. She is beyond that stage, and now she is looking forward to him coming over. Verna – She is showing herself as pretty young, it is so hard to imagine that she was his wife, my eyes are open and I am seeing her almost like Alice, (a friend) but a little bit older. Geoff – That is so nice. Verna – I think they have got two sons as well. There are two boys with her. Geoff – Yes that is right, and they stay with her and look after her, and she says thank you and bless you, she is going now, going to visit her old man. Verna – They must be able to communicate quite a lot, if he is that advanced. Geoff – And that’s it. Verna – Apparently he is having so much fun, and that is why he keeps hanging on, he is well over a hundred and should die, but just the last few years he has discovered that he is spiritual, I mean discovered all these exciting things, and he doesn’t want to go over yet, he says it will be different on the other side because it will be expected, it will be the norm, but down here he is still learning all sorts of things, like how you can relate to a physical body. That’s it I think, I get a warm feeling in the room, everyone is sending their love. Geoff – And they are really all so chuffed with you, the way you handled that. (Victor came and channeled again but after he had passed over)                                

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