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Verna (Channeling) – My name is Sarah, I am an older girl who does my work by changing down to be a mere four year old toddler, and we thought you might find this interesting for you are always asking so many questions, and my work is a little different. For I work with people who have no children, or people who have children and maybe do not appreciate them in the way of not being able to bring themselves down to a child’s level of thinking, and so I often work on bringing as you would say” the child out of the person”, trying to make them feel younger, carefree and so I bring myself down to all sorts of different ages depending on the situation. I was listening to your conversation about the young boy called Mark, I often help those children, but very seldom, usually I would work on the discipline of the mother and the father and their way of thinking. Teach them to give more leeway, teach them to laugh with their child, teach them that children must be able to express their emotions, for they have emotions as well, and they are continually stifled by adults, you must not cry, you must not giggle, you must not get cross, and so children’s emotions, especially in today’s world are very stifled by their parents. And these are the emotions, which grow in the subconscious mind and cause all the problems in their later lives. And so it is not an easy job but it is very rewarding and I have chosen to do this. For unlike others I change my age very easily, although we can all do it. Some can only change easily to the age which they were when they passed over, I passed over at the age of four, but I can be in a situation where I need to be six, or seven, or ten, in earth years I consider myself to be twenty two. So I have been up here for a while, and I can change myself down at the drop of a hat, and that has been through many years of practice and patience, which you go through to advance spiritually. I think if you maybe ask me a question or two, for there are so many things I could tell you. Geoff – You say you help people, in what way, do you change your age to become a child to talk to the child or do you talk to the parents? Verna (Channeling) – I can do that, and I sometimes console the child, but it doesn’t help for it is the understanding of the parents the child needs, not spiritual upliftment, for mostly young children are so close to spirit they have a great upliftment anyway. Geoff – So how do you get through to the parents in astral? Verna (Channeling) – I do it in astral and I talk to them as if they were four years old or six years old, and I play with them as if they were four years old or six years old and we have a lot of fun with big grown up men and ladies as the child comes out and they start playing these games with us, and these big, big grown people become four, five, six years old in the games that they are playing, and the fun they are having and they enjoy it thoroughly. And we hope that a little bit of this stays in the subconscious mind; obviously they do not remember it when they wake up in the morning. But it grows inside until we watch them finally looking at their four, five, six year old child, whatever the age, and being able to relate more and more, for in their subconscious mind they have been playing the little invisible games, or having tea parties, and we have taught them to relate to the child equivalent to the age. The other thing we do is that sometimes when a situation at home needs immediate attention, we will actually distract them in a way, we will make them feel childish, this is a very difficult exercise and very hard to explain. But if I could put it simply in your mind, it is the same as you saying “I feel spirit”, now you know you feel spirit because you are aware of spirit, and in the same way these people feel us and they feel this childish tingling inside and you know when you feel spirit, you get an upliftment, maybe if you think about it you have a little giggle, so what we do is we subconsciously let them feel us, and the vibrations of laughter and calmness and even force them in a way to look at that child and maybe put a suggestion in their minds, “Oh let him cry, oh let him sulk” and we help in this way. It is very difficult to explain for you can experience this situation and the sensation, whereas they are unaware that they are getting help most of the time. And it is hard work, for if somebody is aware of spirit obviously the job is half done, but then those who are aware of spirit aren’t the ones that usually need help, am I right? Geoff – That is true. Miriam – There is a limit though what you can do, because you can’t interfere with karma. Verna (Channeling) – Oh we don’t interfere with karma, quite correct. You are our granny, our spirit granny, and our spirit grandpa and our spirit daddy and mommy, but of course you know whenever we need the love, when I am little and we are all playing games, it is always funnily enough the mommy everybody wants, but we also love our granny and grandpa and our daddy. Yes, I look after the children a lot, I am very fond of children, and that is why I chose the work to guide the adults, and the parents and some of them are very, very spiritual people deep down and they have a good karma, and just somewhere along the line some little things have happened in their lives, which have caused them to be a little harder inside emotionally than they should be. And earth granny, you are quite right, we do not interfere with their karma, we would be severely reprimanded, yes, you are quite right. It is like the program you watch which we love to watch too, Highway to Heaven, yes we are given and sent to places by higher teachers and higher principals, and we are also allocated our jobs, we do not just simply choose, we are not at the level to judge. I have not channeled for a very long time, I usually work through the mind, and that is why I found it very difficult to get through and say the first words, and when I was saying “my name is Sarah”, first I was little and then I was big and this channel was totally confused. And then she calmly turned around and said she wants to explain to others and make a tape, a very simple explanation of what spiritualism is. Now we know that you all know what spiritualism is, and what spirit is but it is the easy method she is looking for, to be able to put it across to others, I assure you that I will call for this help, we will get somebody who will come and help you make a tape to be able to give to friends who need to know more. Geoff – Yes. Verna (Channeling) – In fact I have just been informed that mentally you have already requested this, so they are aware of it, and you will get help, but we will have somebody who speak nicely and chooses the correct words, maybe even a writer. Geoff – Yes, that would be good, because then we have a set evening and spirit could talk about the whole thing, the introduction to spiritualism. Verna (Channeling) – Yes we feel that you will be handing out a lot of this information in the near future. As you are drawing a lot of people to you. Geoff – So we have noticed. Verna (Channeling) – And we see your lovely stones, I even in spirit do not know too much about the beautiful stones up there, and I have asked somebody and when I am finished we will be standing over there and he will explaining to me all about your stones, but he does not channel. He said that very quickly because somebody thought maybe he would do it through a channel and he heard that and said I do not channel. Geoff – Hmm that would be nice.   Verna (Channeling) – But maybe if you are interested, and as you know you only need to ask and somebody will come down. Miriam – Do you normally work alone? Verna (Channeling) – A lot of my work is done alone, but as I said just like I am in a work situation, I am allocated what I must do and I am guided, and I have got a limit, a ceiling, that is how much I can help, and it is very frustrating work. Granny it is very frustrating work, you know the frustration and the patience does not stop in spirit, it does not. You see somebody and you want to help and you are pulled back by the reins or your hair, even although we have more understanding, for we see so much more, it is still frustrating. For maybe the child has a lesson to learn and should only be helped so far, or maybe the child should be going through this but the mother needs help because of the stress and the strain of going through a bad relationship between the father and child, then you have to do it in such a way where you relieve the mother or the father of the tension, which is not their karma, and yet still teach whoever needs the lesson, the lesson they need to be taught and the child still needs to learn a lesson too, and it gets very complicated. And it is not so easy. I have thoroughly enjoyed my little chat and as I say I have not channeled for so long for I work through the mind mostly and in astral, so I thank you for letting me visit. And I am glad the channel finally gave up and said I have this girl here by the name of Sarah, because it went through her mind about ten times, and so I will leave you now with God’s love and blessings, and good health and happiness, you are very dear group, we all love you so much.   Geoff – Thank you, that is nice. Verna (Channeling) – It was nice being able to communicate at the age of twenty two, I have always had to be the little one, and now I can speak intelligently and I don’t have to make you play these little games, bless you all, we treasure your group. Geoff – Thank you

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