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Seeing inside a flower



In this meditation, I am experiencing the lesson in Astral, and the Guide channeling through Miriam is Ishmael. 

Geoff – I’m sitting with a wood behind me, and a green field in front of me, sloping downwards. A very big field sloping downwards, beyond which is a valley and beyond that is a hill. I’m sitting on the ground with my feet out straight in front of me, and on my right is a flower- and this flower is the flower that is in the pot over there in this room. 

Miriam (Mr Wu) A poinsettia 

Geoff – Is it? 

Miriam (Mr Wu) That is it. And this is Mr Wu. 

Geoff – Welcome. 

Miriam (Mr Wu) You see I do know some of your words. 

Geoff – Hmm. But the flower next to me is the flower in this room, isn’t it? 

Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes. 

Geoff – And what we’re going to do is just a little bit of proof, of what the powers can do. We are going to heal it in meditation so that at the end of meditation, we are going to see an improvement in the flower, but it will take a little bit longer to become as it should be. 

Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes, it will. 

Geoff – It’s just a simple exercise to start off. Okay, so I’ve sat a little bit back from the flower, so that it is in front of me. I know that it needs a very light energy. And I’m sending this energy by sort of holding my hands above it, but two or three feet away from it and the energy comes out through my hands, and also from the front and it is just a very light, fine energy which goes over the flower. Now, what is becoming clearer in my mind which is – with the third eye thing I got yesterday, is a clearer image of this flower. I haven’t had a good look at it but now I can see it very clearly, and what I think what I will be able to see is the inside, the roots and what is actually happening with it. 

Miriam (Mr Wu) That is most important. 

Geoff – The leaves are full because there are little black lines in the leaves. It is an automatic process how the water is brought up from the roots to the leaves. It comes up automatically. In the wilds it is not very often you get a constant supply of water, so the roots – the system – is activated whenever water goes past the roots, and they automatically draw the water up. What has happened in this case is that it’s become water logged. Too much water has gone up into the leaves, so certain sections have shut themselves off and formed barriers. So, on the right hand side of the barrier there’s too much water and on the left hand side there’s too little because the barrier is closed.  I’m just going down the stem. The stem is hard for some reason. It’s like a form of bruising. As the water comes up – now this is obviously magnified thousands of times – as the water comes up, and becomes full at the top the water is pushed up and, therefore, starts to expand outwards, hitting the walls of the stem and what it does is bruise them, in return the stem starts to expand a little, like normal bruising does on humans, and this makes it tightly packed which is why the stem is hard. 

Miriam (Mr Wu) That is very good. Very good indeed. 

Geoff – Now the way we heal this – there are two ways. First of all strong sunshine. Well, not strong but long sunshine. A day in the sun. It mustn’t be too hot. What will happen is the – it must stay at a constant temperature – and what will happen is all the parts of the flower – leaves and stem – will ease and as it relaxes a little bit, in the stem the pressure will be taken off, and water can flow more normally- and in the barriers in the leaves – well, first of all, this side of the barrier, the water will evaporate by diffusing through the leaves, and then the barriers will open and then the whole thing will go back normally. What we must do now because there is no sunshine, is just use energy from the top. Now, we don’t make the same thing happen because it’s hard to make the water evaporate through the leaves in a temperature like this- so what you do is put the energy on top and you push it downwards over the flower. What is actually happening is that the water is going back down to the roots. 

Miriam (Mr Wu) You are right. 

Geoff – So the water goes back to the roots and it travels down the roots and just reverses itself to ease the pressure. Then we put a second form of energy on there which is sort of automatic, which looks like it’s very – exceptionally fine, very thin, see through – it’s like a see through energy, and this will…it’s like a sieve in a way. We’re putting a sieve over this plant from top to bottom so you’re really cutting it into millions of little pieces which automatically join up again, and all this does is releases everything, so it can spring back to its correct position. 

Miriam (Mr Wu) A bit like acupuncture I think you call it but made from your energy. Geoff – All right, now I can see what we’ve done to the flower – the plant – and there’s no response as yet. I can see it hasn’t been healed yet but the process is starting, and by the end of this meditation we will visibly be able to see the progress made. 

Miriam (Mr Wu) Then we shall see. 

Geoff – Hmm. We will also see the amount of water in the bottom of the pot….. 

Miriam (Mr Wu) Far too much. 

Geoff – That’s good. That’s great. 

Miriam (Mr Wu) A very good start. 

Geoff – Another thing is that just above the plant I’ve left an energy which simulates sunshine – again a very light form and it will just remain there for two or three hours to sort of finish off and dry the plant out. Good. That’s great. We were talking last night about seeing visible proof to build our faith. 

Miriam (Mr Wu) So this will be the proof that you want. 

Geoff – Excellent.

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