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In this meditation we are being shown how to see with our eyes open. There is a Guide called Grey Wolf who is channeling through Miriam to Verna and me.
 Geoff:     He now wants us to concentrate on – he will leave us now but he wants us to concentrate on seeing with our eyes open an object in the room which they will show us. Verna:     Grey Wolf, do you have a horse? Miriam (Grey Wolf)     Yes, definitely. Verna:     The whole evening – I have had like a prairie field with all these horses in but there’s one horse in particular that’s been standing here waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting, and I’ve been trying to work out whose horse this is and I’ve got a connection with you and I feel it is your horse. Miriam (Grey Wolf)     It is, of course it is my horse. Oh yes, Verna:     He’s been here the whole night. He’s standing just on the right. Miriam (Grey Wolf)     A beautiful horse – can you perhaps tell me the colour or is that too much to ask? Verna:     No – um, I know he’s very shiny and natural, he’s not black and not brown. Miriam (Grey Wolf)     Bronze. Verna:     Yes, between black and brown you could mistake him for both.
Miriam (Grey Wolf)     Yes.
Verna:     Well, depending on how the sun shines. Miriam (Grey Wolf)     You got the colour very well indeed. Verna:     He’s got this beautiful mane – oh, he’s so gorgeous. He’s really a show off, I mean he’s just prancing and even now that I’m talking about him, he’s just like a model, you know, he’s just flapping his tail and shrugging, moving his head – I mean, he’s just a ….. Miriam (Grey Wolf)     He knows what you’re saying.   Verna:     He’s come right up close up now that he’s been recognised at last. Miriam (Grey Wolf)     And what can you see Geoffrey? Geoff:     I can actually see that horse on the prairie as Verna was saying especially when it came closer. Verna:     Doesn’t his name start with a „t’- one of his names – one of his old names. Miriam (Grey Wolf)     Twana Verna:     What does Twana mean? Miriam (Grey Wolf)     Goes with the wind. Miriam (Grey Wolf)     There is something else for you Geoffrey. Geoff:     I don’t think I can see anything in the room. Miriam (Grey Wolf)     I think you will have to look a bit further down to see what you have. Geoff:     There’s a tiny lame dog holding up its left paw. This is like when the kids (Spirit) used to bring us their animals but this has been brought by Mutts (My old dog). This little dog has a psychological hang up – even though he’s now dead, his leg is still broken.           (laughter) Miriam (Grey Wolf)     Yes. That is why you had to look down – he was not going to jump up. Geoff:     Enough said. I’ve fixed his leg because this dog knows when you go to the vet you get fixed. Miriam (Grey Wolf)     I think he just wanted attention. Geoff:     He knows that he’s been fixed. Cute little character – okay, he’s moved off. Miriam (Grey Wolf)     And what about your father – can you sense anything. Luke:     Not at present. Miriam (Grey Wolf)     No colours or anything at all. You all needed uplifting tonight which is why it was not so much lessons as a happy night. I think we will leave it at that, on a happy note. Geoff:     There’s just one thing I would like to try beforehand – just before you go – maybe you could give us some guidance.   If you look at me Verna and I look at you, and see if you can see the aura and especially if we can get Grey Wolf to give us a bit of energy or to brighten that aura so that we can see it. Miriam (Grey Wolf)     Do you mean you want me to see the aura? Geoff:     No, if you could brighten the aura a little bit or put some energy into the aura so that Verna and I can see each others aura. Verna:     I think it is actually easier to see the aura in the light. Miriam (Grey Wolf)  Against a light background as a rule. It is better. Verna:     It’s easier to see spiritual energy in the dark – I don’t know if I’m getting it or if I read it but I’ve definitely got it in my head. (laughter). Geoff:     Well, I can’t see anything. Miriam (Grey Wolf)     But you’re quite right, it is much better to see an aura in the daylight or even in a bright light – much better because it is the spiritual lights that you wish to see tonight. And the energy that you will see – more as you practice in the dark then the more energy you will see. But I will say if you concentrate on your father then you can see some of that energy now, for you have seen this before but Verna hasn’t. It is not as strong as it was when you saw last time for he has not been well which we know but you should be able to pick that up. Miriam (Grey Wolf)     Do you see anything, Verna. Verna:     No, I’ve got little spots of purple all over the room – you know, like…I can’t explain. Miriam (Grey Wolf)     More like a mist? Verna:     Like tiny little lights all over him. Miriam (Grey Wolf)     Then that is the spirit lights. You cannot see lights coming from your father? Verna:     Oh, I see a big round – oh, it’s gone. Like a torch, you know, I saw….Somebody switched it off. Miriam (Grey Wolf)     It was just enough for you to see. Geoff:     He’s got flat batteries   Miriam (Grey Wolf)     Yes, I’m afraid he has. Verna:     It was the size of a tennis ball and it started lighting up as a torch and it was moving…… Miriam (Grey Wolf)     It comes in various forms. It depends what is needed for the teaching that is given – it comes differently but that is what you were shown tonight. And now, if you have no more questions, I will bid you goodnight. Verna:     I must say, you know, the energy that I„ve seen in the room – all the little dots – it’s like looking up into the sky and seeing the stars but even further away than they are and tinier than they are – all over generally. Miriam (Grey Wolf)     Yes. On and off just flickering all the time – that is spirit light. I hope you all have a very good night and I am thankful that I came. I am going on my horse and we are riding like the wind. (laughter) Verna:     I wish you God speed wherever you go. Miriam (Grey Wolf)     Thank you – God speed.  

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