Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation I am seeing past lives, and a Guide is channeling through Miriam to clarify any details and to respond. Geoff: I’m now in a disused church-yard. It’s on a corner of a building- there’s some black spiked railings, and in an area where there are a lot of flat tombstones and the – it hasn’t been used for a long time and the church doesn’t look like it’s used, but I’ll go in there in a second. The period seems to be the beginning of the war – beginning of the Second World War, but again it’s in a different dimension. Guide: It is a different dimension. Geoff: Now, I was just about to go in that church, but I got a glimpse of myself in soldiers’ uniform. Guide: Yes. Geoff: What I seem to be doing is hiding there. Guide: You are. Geoff: The church is – but I don’t know where it is at this stage – some big city – but a different dimension so it doesn’t make any difference. Guide: It makes no difference. Geoff: I’m about 23/25 – somewhere around there – I’ve got an army uniform on and I seem to be doing what – was doing – what looks like in a black market deal – buying, selling and trading all sorts of things Guide: Very much so. Geoff: Without any real consciousness about the war going on, etc. This has recently been found out, and that is why I’m hiding in this churchyard to decide what I’m going to do next…………..Now…. I seem to have come to an abrupt end. Guide: A good time to finish but there is something else – but not there. Geoff: Not in the churchyard? Guide: No – but there is something else I wish you to see. Geoff: What – about this life? Guide: No, about something different. Geoff: Because what I saw in that life was, like a bomb dropped and I got wiped out, and it was just the end of the line. Guide: That was it. Geoff: Oh – Right. Well that saved me making that decision. Guide: (Laughter) It was an abrupt end. Geoff: It certainly was.

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