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SIAMESE TWINS – 1992    By SpiritualDictionary.com

Verna – Standing on your right are the twin boys that have been brought to you, not sure if they are not joined together, they are very, very close. Geoff – I think they were the two boys we separated about three years ago, when we first started healing. Verna – Yes they are. Geoff – They are now in spirit and just came to say thank you, it was the life that they chose and an experience that they went through. If you look at them now they are showing themselves as they were in their prior lives where it was a brother and sister. Verna – And the energy field around them is truly like one, that is how close they are. Geoff – When they were separated, it was a difficult operation but it had to be done, there was no other choice, and there were a lot of nerve endings, which the doctors simply cauterized because there was nothing else that could be done. The nerve endings caused a shock to the system so it was out of balance most of the time, this gradually just got worse until they passed over, but there was nothing else that could be done at the time.  And it was a lesson to teach the doctors, and give them some experience with this sort of thing with the latest technology, and they have been separating Siamese twins for a number of years, but with the latest technology they can now see the mistakes they made and correct them. So the twins knew that they would come down to this life just to be separated just so that doctors could learn to help other people in the future. And it was only about three years that they were here. That is nice, and they say thank you and they will stay and watch. You are being given a baby to just be with you through meditation, because she needs earthly vibrations, this we have seen before. And there is another woman who has given you a child, the child is suffering and so is the woman, so she can’t look after it, and what spirit is doing is they are giving you the baby to look after while they work on the mother. And they are calming her down, getting her back on track again so that she will be able to continue and look after the child. Right I have got a very old cinema, and old theatre, very small, probably seats less than a hundred people, and it is late nineteenth century and there is a person in the back operating a sort of fan, a stage and there is a woman in a theatrical outfit sitting in this theatre, and it is her that we must talk to. She wants to talk to you Verna. It seems like she wanted recognition, and she can get this by working on the stage, but she never really achieved good recognition, and she stayed in this little theatre, many people came and went and nobody really made her feel as good as she expected to feel. And she became very bitter and very arrogant, and she gave everybody a hard time, a really hard time, she is a typical, wanted to be the star of the show but never was, she was the lead but never really a star, and it made her very bitter. And she has passed over long ago and sort of stayed in the theatre and the person in the back seems to be a close friend of hers, whom she totally dominated in that lifetime, and he has stayed with her. Verna – She is actually ready to leave this theatre, he has come with her to try and break this link. Geoff – She has accepted the idea that now it is time to move on, this life is finished although she is in spirit now, and this man at the back has told her of the work that you will be doing and a little bit about it, and she wants to help you with that work. And what she wants to do is act in a way as your bodyguard in a way that she can recognize aura’s and so on, and she can see the people that are either anti-you or anti-spiritualism or angry or anything that would cause you upsets and she wants to work with you and be able to warn you when this happens. Verna – Oh that is sweet and it will be most helpful. Geoff – It has something to do with church as well, when somebody tries to rail-road you or run you down or whatever, and it will happen a lot through jealousy, and inexperienced mediums and so on that feel their positions are threatened, she will override them, she has had so much anger and bitterness inside her for a long time, that she will override these angry people and make them smaller, take the wind out of their sails, she says she can do that very easily and now she can do it for the good instead of the bad that she used to and what she is going to do is cross over and learn a little bit more, because she can’t do this until she has learnt more and she wants to know that if when she has finished learning, if she can come back and sort of help you on a full time basis. And if meanwhile you have any problems you only have to call her and she will come and help, it is what she is good at. Verna – That is lovely, and you see it was a lesson in life for her to be able to come back and help others who are going to go through the same thing. Because not only will she be assisting me in whatever work I am going to do, but she will be helping every one of those people who have gone through the same thing as she went through, and try and make them see themselves for what they are. So bless her, yes I would love to have all the help. Geoff – Now what she was wearing as she showed herself to me in the beginning was, very fat, lots of makeup, clothing and jewellery and so on, and now she has shed all this and underneath is just a slim, old woman with no make-up and grey hair and as she knows she really is, she knows now how she really is, and she is going to go over now and she is looking forward to coming back and helping you, and she knows you understand how sincere she is and she will do it, and gives you many thanks and so on. Verna – Oh thank you and bless you. Geoff – And the old man in the back has stayed behind for a while to give his thanks, and he is off as well. That is nice.

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