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SPINAL TAP   By SpiritualDictionary.com

In this Meditation, Verna and I are working together doing Astral Healing. The guide channeling through Miriam is John. What’s a little bit different about this one is that there is a Chinese Doctor (Guide) who channels through Verna. In his last life on Earth this Guide was Chinese and spoke Pidgin English.  Although he can, or could now speak perfect English, he has always come through this way, and has never bothered to change it. He also has a good sense of humour. Verna: I’ve got that Chinese doctor here – I’m trying to see. John: It’s not important if you feel too tired. Verna: No……I have a little girl- remember that little girl who had that trouble with a cleft palette. Not so long ago. She’s come back just to thank us, and offer help. There is somebody coming. She is very pleased isn’t she? There’s somebody coming from a distance. I can see it’s from very far off. Geoff:  The Chinese guide you were talking about, I can see his face – very thin – I saw him so clearly, as I have never seen before. He said “Hello” and then went back to work with you. Chinese Doctor: This woman we bring very far away. Good evening. Geoff:  Welcome. Chinese Doctor: I come for one very quick treatment tonight and also to give you all love and healing. Then I am leaving. This lady is not for one minute believing in the doctors, and the medicines on earth, and she is needing this very urgently. Do you remember I am the one who caused so much trouble to speak? Geoff:  Yes we do – but you are doing fine Chinese Doctor: And this lady she’s got something in the head with the pressure, causing the pressure on the brain and first she not needing – I get on with it. You need to take – I show you the points – to see the points I show you. Behind her neck and middle of her back. Now, in the middle of the back we need to make a hole – this lady is not conscious, and she is all alone, so we are able to do this with nobody to watch and wonder why. You need to make a hole and find ….? Geoff:  The Spinal column Chinese Doctor: Yes. You must take the fluid out, or she will not die – it will be worse – she will be mental and this is not good for the people around her for there is much work to be done. Please can you make this hole, and like you did before. I leave it to the gentleman to talk. Much easier. I show you, you talk. Geoff:  Yes. The pressure inside the spine goes right up in to the back of the head. Chinese Doctor: Yes. Geoff:  By drilling a little hole the pressure is suddenly released. You cannot release it too fast, otherwise it will cause damage. So we start making a hole, and then put your finger over it so that it slowly releases the pressure. You can actually see the pressure getting less and less coming down from the head. Chinese Doctor: Yes. Geoff:  You can see the head start to go backwards as the pressure is released. Chinese Doctor: She feels nothing at the moment. Geoff:  Right, we release all of the pressure, and then literally plug the hole up again. You then go back up to the head and as if you were standing in front of this woman put your left hand behind the head and pull it towards your shoulder. Then put your thumb and forefinger at the top of the neck – there is a muscle in line with the shoulders and these are pressure points to the head. You then massage them? Chinese Doctor: No, just press and let go, and press and let go. Geoff:  Yes. What this is doing, is the cavity or where the pressure was in the back of the head, it now has to – if you can imagine the brain has been compressed because this area at the back of the head was like a balloon – we then deflated the balloon – the brain has to come back and fill up that particular space. By pressing these pressure points as we are doing it is making the muscles around the brain jerk a little bit so it ends up back in the space it originally occupied. Chinese Doctor: Two points on forehead also press and let go. Above the eyes. Geoff:  This is directly above the eyes and a little bit towards the outside of the head. Chinese Doctor: Yes. Geoff:  Just press it a few times. Chinese Doctor: All done now. Just before she goes put the pain out of her head. Tell her the pain is now gone because she has put herself away from the pain. You understand? Geoff:  Yes. She thinks the pain is always there and she tries to ignore it. Chinese Doctor: Yes, she put herself away and must now come back out. Geoff:  Right. So she doesn’t believe the pain will go away. We’ve got to point out to her –got to show her that she must try and feel the pain again, and then she will realise that it’s not there anymore. Chinese Doctor: If she wakes up now she maybe still even have the pain, and yet she no longer has the pressure. Geoff:  Right. Thank you. Geoff:  We just put it into her mind that when she wakes up she must look, or concentrate on the pain that she used to have – accept it – and then she will realise that it’s nowhere near as bad as she thought, and then eventually she will realise that there is no pain left there at all. Chinese Doctor: It is a barrier, which she must cross, which is quite easy to do. Geoff:  Right. One question – before you go. When I first saw this woman I wanted to heal her in a different way. Is it correct to say that there is more than one way to heal people, and it’s just that your way would suit this particular patient better as she was known to you? Chinese Doctor: Yes. Anyway – different doctor different way. Right John? John: And I was quite interested to see the way it was done here, for I have never done anything like that but it was fascinating. Chinese Doctor: I talk too much. John: No friend, you do not. You are beginning to talk much clearer now. Chinese Doctor: And I look different. If I’m not talking you’re not to know. Geoff:  Yes. Chinese Doctor: Later on I come back– I like to come here – this lady I bring from far, many thousand miles away from you, and I do quickly. And I talk too much. I get the habit to come here to learn and I think you will teach me. And to this channel (Verna) thank you for your teaching me. John: And it is kind for you to teach us. Chinese Doctor: And you’ve seen me, I’m a funny little man, yes. Little glasses – very old fashioned. Geoff:  Very wise. Chinese Doctor: Thank you. God bless you. If you don’t mind if I come back some – another time. Geoff:  Yes, please do any-time. Chinese Doctor: Thank you and bless you. Geoff:  Thank you.

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