Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

SPIRIT KIDS & VISITORS COME TO CHAT – 1989 By The Spiritual Dictionary

Verna – I am getting a broom, a grass broom, and somebody called Annie. Verna (Channeling) – Good evening friends. Geoff – Good evening and welcome. Verna (Channeling) – You have to forgive Annie, for she goes to everybody for remembrance, she was a mental patient on earth, and she has just passed over and is learning and convalescing, and seems to think that she belongs to everybody and she  sweeps the whole of spirit land and she does not stop sweeping. But she is coming right and a short convalescence will allow her to realise that she is no longer mentally retarded, it is quite funny to see this, I must be honest. We know that she is healing and that she is no longer mental but she does not know this yet. She has just passed over, and the children love her, they call her the little witch, she is a short little lady with a long broom. And they love her to bits, they show her lots of love and affection, but whenever anyone meditates and she sees the light like she does tonight, she says ooh you must see me, my name is Annie, she gets a little confused and sometimes gives the wrong name in the beginning, and the broom goes, and she thinks that everybody will recognise her by her broom, because this is what she did most of all in her mental state, she used to sweep the home, she is too sweet, we have taken her away now for convalescence, but we keep bringing her back to show her the light. Well, you have lots of questions tonight, and we heard that you asked Geoff to meditate and to channel, and he has two or three people lining up, so I will leave you now, and as that was your wish, we will see if anyone manages to get through that mind. Miriam – Thank you for coming. Verna (Channeling) – I am with Annie, and I just wanted to explain, I will go with her now. Thank you for letting her come. Miriam – Bring her again. Verna – Thank you, I will and no doubt with her broom, I will leave you now, and Geoff just relax for there are many people wanting to speak through you. Geoff – Thank you. Verna – They love the power and the feeling of communicating through you, God bless you. Geoff – Bless you. Maybe because I am aware that everybody is waiting for me to speak, it makes it more difficult. So let’s not just concentrate on me, just let anyone channel through whomever. Miriam (Teacher) – Good evening to you all, this is Teacher, I thought I had better come down from the mountains for the questions that are going round and round, the vibrations were coming right up to me. So I thought I had better come down and see what all the fuss was about. Verna – Well you are more than welcome. Geoff – Welcome. Miriam (Teacher) – I know there is someone who would like to channel through Geoffrey, I shall say goodnight, and I thank you for listening, and I shall now go back to my other pupils. God bless you all. Geoff – Bless you. There is someone here at the moment, all I can see is a thin pair of legs, it is a man, and I am trying to get him to talk, but he hasn’t come through quite enough yet. Miriam (Tommy) – And I have taken Annie’s broom and I am pretending to be Long John Silver, and my name is Tommy. And now I have made you laugh, perhaps it will be easier for you to channel, and they are chasing me all over the place and we are having such fun, and she is so nice, but she is looking for her broom, and I have got it, and we like to tease her. They say I haven’t got to come, but I did. And now I must go but I just had to say a few words. Bye. Verna – Bye. Verna (Channeling) – If he can talk then so can I, except I am the opposite, I left earth at 112 years of age. Now that is a ripe old age, would you not say my friends. 112 years learning the lessons of earth and I no longer have to go back. We joke and say that I did two trips in one, it is not easy for me to talk, for when I get the earth vibrations, I once again feel old, for I have not learnt that although the earth vibrations in the beginning will bring me back to a similar age, I can control it later on, I am aware of it but I have not learnt to control it. It is the third time I have spoken. I have been once before and I also had to push my way in if you remember, doddery old man pushing his way in. I do not like feeling this old, so I will return to feeling younger. Thank you for allowing me this experience, it is a lesson for me too, but I seem to be learning like an old man, very slowly indeed. I had a good life on earth, but bless you, thank you. Geoff – Thank you for coming. Verna (Channeling) – Hello, you were all so quiet for so long, and they wouldn’t let me talk, and I sat and sat and then this lady opened her eyes, and we shut them again, we didn’t know what was going on, and we have been having so much fun, and she sat here and wondered why she couldn’t open her eyes, and then we said let’s just sit quietly, and then we started to sing and she nearly jumped out of her skin! (Laughter) We came to say thank you for the presents, we got all the kisses and the hugs and the balloons, and the circles for the hugs and we went to the show also, and we also got full of dust, but we didn’t have to but we wanted to, but we didn’t have to wash afterwards. And we saw all the things and now I don’t know what to say. Miriam – Why don’t you give us your name? Verna (Channeling) – I have suddenly got shy. Geoff – There must be lots of children out there, who are all the others? Verna (Channeling) – My friend is Tommy, and Peter, and Gillian, and Gail, and Paul, and Dennis, and how many days have you got? They say I must say that because we have got so many friends up here. Geoff – And do you play with the earth children as well? Verna (Channeling) – Yes lots, but only when there is a big person with us to take us to play, and sometimes the earth children talk to us, and then we think they can see us, but then the teachers tell us they can’t see us they can only feel us, but they talk to us and they play with us and then they think they are thinking, meantime they are feeling. Sometimes baby children, they can see us even, and their mommies and daddies think they are playing with nothing and nobody, but the teachers tell who can see us because they know, you see the teachers know who can see and who can’t see, and then the teacher tells us and then we know. And those are the children we like to play with best, but then the teacher says that’s because it is easy, but it is not only because it is easy, it is because it is fun. Because it is not so much fun to always play with somebody when you are invisible, and they can’t see you, and they only think you are there, but we can turn it into fun, because we can put thinking, I mean thoughts into their minds and we watch them do the thoughts, and then it is like a teaching game. And we do that with you sometimes, yes we do, and that is mostly when we are naughty, like sometimes, not when you are a very busy body, but when you are sitting sometimes quietly, or doing something, reading, not when you are busy working, and then we play and do things, and we tease you, and then we listen to you with the idea talking about what we are putting in your mind, and then we laugh and joke and giggle, and because we won, and we see who can get you to say the thoughts first. So we take it in turns and we put all sorts of thinking, thoughts, I never get that word right, thoughts in your mind and we see who wins because the person who wins is when you say their thoughts first. Miriam – If we put some toys on the table sometime, will you move them? Verna (Channeling) – We will try. Some of us can, most of us can’t, but yes some children say yes, it can sometimes take some time, they are laughing at me. Yes some other children here, they say yes, I don’t know how yet. Maybe they will show me. Anyway I have to go, I sang my song, I was only supposed to come and sing my song. Miriam – Thank you, we enjoyed it. Geoff – When you come down here, do you walk along the ground next to us, or do you float next to us? Verna (Channeling) – Yes, we walk. We can do floating, but we like to be like you, we walk and we run and we play, but yes mostly we are not walking like you. I can’t tell you that, don’t know how to, you have to ask somebody bigger. Geoff – No, I think I understand. Verna (Channeling) – We are not all on the ground, really we only think we are. Geoff – But you make like you are to be like us. Verna (Channeling) – Yes. Geoff – But you don’t have to move out the way for anybody else, do you? Verna (Channeling) – No! We go straight through, and doors and the tent thing, we went straight through, and the one big girl, she nearly knocked something down, she went straight through and she is big and she could have knocked something down, she was being naughty, she was just being naughty, and then they wanted to send her back, and she promised to be good, and then she didn’t knock anything down, nothing, and she was good. But she can be very naughty, her name is Barbara, yes, they don’t let her speak yet, she is very naughty, she has got to be taught to be good, she is not very long here, only months and months, not years and years. Now they say you finished the quiet sitting, what’s the word? Geoff – Meditation. Verna (Channeling) – Yes, I can’t say that, and I must go, and I have to say I hope I didn’t give anybody a big fright, when I started to sing. Miriam – It was a nice fright. Verna (Channeling) – Okay, bye. Geoff – Bye.

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