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In this meditation, I am experiencing the lesson in Astral, and there is a Guide called Mr Wu who is channeling through Miriam. Geoff: Straight away there’s a big Victorian type house – it’s on a street, cobbled street. Quite a nice sort of upper- middle class or even above that, but what I can see is that in the basement there is very bright white light – bright yellow light and that is where I have to go. The people in there are spiritual, and they’re having a meeting there but this is sort of before spiritualism was really developed. It’s I’d say mid to latter half of the 18th century and, there were no specific spiritual churches then, so people met in groups and it was all kept quiet. Miriam (Mr Wu) Oh, they had to be very secret then. Geoff: The development was not really as it is today. There were some very good mediums there, with very good powers, but the problem was they rarely had other churches or people to discuss it with and, therefore, a lot of the views were suppressed in a way because they could not be confirmed with other mediums. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes. That was a very difficult period. Geoff: There are three women in this room and they are beautiful characters – really nice. They are very developed spiritually, and did an awful lot of work. I can see an old fashioned screen in one corner, where they used to do materialisation and materialisation was a very sacred event. Now here in modern day times, if we saw a materialisation, obviously would be a fantastic experience, but because we know what it is, we understand it and that is all it would be. But in those days it was like a version of God appearing there – people were in awe. It was like a miracle, and that was done to confirm faith. Although a lot of people who saw it, they couldn’t actually accept it, except that what they saw was real but they weren’t advanced enough. But these three ladies and they were three sisters, used to do it quite regularly. Miriam (Mr Wu) They were sisters, but the punishment was great if they were caught. Geoff: There is a reason why in that life they had a lot of money, so they could have their meetings in the house itself. There was plenty of room, and people would not consider accusing someone of that status as easily as they would accuse somebody of a much lower status, of being involved in spiritualism or witchcraft. Miriam (Mr Wu) But it also caused a lot of hardship for those who were not true to what they were saying. They led people astray so much. Geoff: The three sisters, you mean. Miriam (Mr Wu) No, not the three sisters but the movement itself. Geoff: Oh, led people astray. Yes, that is why it is so important with spiritualism to learn one step at a time because only once you believe in that step, can you move on to the next step. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes. Geoff: This group is nearly all women. I can only see one man there – and he wasn’t the best of characters either. Miriam (Mr Wu) Remember the church was very strong in those days – much stronger than it is now. I’m talking about the churches that forbid such a thing. Geoff: Oh, I see – I was just trying to work that out. Miriam (Mr Wu) Yes. Geoff: What I’m seeing is just a past scene. I can’t communicate with the people there- it’s just a past thought form that I’m seeing. Miriam (Mr Wu) It was just to give you an idea of what it was like.

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