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This one was recorded in meditation in September, 92. On that evening we were going back to past lives that I was involved in. As usual there was myself, Verna, Luke senior (My father), and a Guide called Mr Wu will channel through my mother, Miriam, to give clarification wherever I get stuck.

Geoff: Right. Now I’m back to a ship again – an old wooden ship but more modern day than Cooks – perhaps 100 years later. It’s sailing along at the side of an island, and it’s sort of painted in a way – whitish – as all the old wooden ships were plain wooden color- this is whitish. It’s got 3 masts and its got steam or coal. It’s a coal burning ship. Now this is strange, because I feel again I’m closely related to this ship. I’ve seen this before, and I’ve felt and experienced this before. The ship is the SS Marquis.

Guide (Mr Wu) Yes, you have the name right.

Geoff: Now, it’s as if I’ve experienced this meditation before.

Guide (Mr Wu) You have. But not here.

Geoff: No, because I can remember looking this up in Lloyd’s register. Now I know I haven’t experienced it in this lifetime.

Guide (Mr Wu) No. (Laughter) Something different.

Geoff: Yes.

Guide (Mr Wu) How you can shift dimensions and quicker.

Geoff: Yes. Now the ship – there’s a mystery as to how it ended. At the moment it’s going to run aground. Now I’m trying to remember, you see. Let me go aboard the ship, and see what I can see from there. The Captain is in – the Captain is going to ground the ship on purpose. It carries coal.

Guide (Mr Wu) Yes.

Geoff: The cargo of coal was to be delivered but the captain got word that the order was cancelled, or people would no longer pay for it, and what he’s going to do is run the ship aground to claim on insurance.

Guide (Mr Wu) Yes. He is.

Geoff: That was done quite often in those days. There are 5 people on board. The captain is ringing a huge brass bell, which is telling them to abandon ship or prepare to as they’re about to run aground. There’s something to do with left. I’ve got that quite a few times – a big L for left – I can’t see what it is though. Right, the Captain runs it aground and this was part of the plan. It is on an island where he and his crew won’t be found for a long time. Meanwhile he knows that the claim will be paid out. When he does eventually return it will be okay. It is also his intention that the four remaining – that he will kill the four remaining crew when they are on the island. Now, he doesn’t eventually do this because they’re on the island for a long time and after all the drama and so on once they’ve settled down then they’ve become much closer.

Guide (Mr Wu) Yes. They do.

Geoff: He doesn’t have the heart to kill them so he confides in them – no, that’s not right. He keeps up the pretence. Now eventually all five get back to England. It’s very strange. All five get back to England. When he gets back there he goes back as a different person, and he tries to make the claim from Lloyds on the ship.

Guide (Mr Wu) Yes – he does.

Geoff: How devious.

Guide (Mr Wu): (Laughter) Very devious, very devious.

Geoff: Right. Now this is where I’ve seen it before. It was me.

Guide (Mr Wu) It was you – of course it was.

Geoff: I have had an adventurous life, haven’t I?

Guide (Mr Wu) Yes. Not always – sometimes very calm.

Geoff: I recalled that from a past life.

Guide (Mr Wu) Yes. This is not the first time you have had circles.

Geoff: No, that’s right. But I need to check on that name. That’s very good. Now, let me see if I can see what the outcome of that was.

Guide (Mr Wu) You may be surprised – on the other hand you may not.

Geoff: With the evidence that came back over the years and the crew that was on the boat it was pieced together by the Lloyds people and they decided that there was foul play, and an award was made of only 200 guineas. And that’s all I received which wasn’t an absolute fortune.

Guide (Mr Wu) Not as much as was expected.

Geoff: Right. I won’t do that again. Now, one of the four that came back with me was Luke. (My brother in this current life)

Guide (Mr Wu) Yes, it was.

Geoff: Alright. That one’s now finished.

A couple of things about that tape. At the end I say that one of the four that came back with me was Luke. That is my brother in this life, and in this life he is also a ship’s captain. Also, several years later we checked this with Lloyds. We were having lunch with somebody who worked for Lloyds, and they checked it and they found that there was a SS Marquis and it was carrying coal and scuttled and so on, and so that one was checked very well.