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In this meditation I am learning how to practice healing with the help of a guide called Dr Chang. Geoff – Now I have with me a doctor, it is not the Cardinal, (a regular guide) it is a doctor who says I must not think so much about what I am going to do tonight, but just trust in his ability knowing that we are protected in the circle and all that we will be taught is good. His name is Dr Chang, and he will show me what he is going to teach. Geoff (Dr Chang) – When first treating a patient you must make sure that the vibrations surrounding the patient and the atmosphere are calming and pleasant and you do this the normal way but also you can draw energy from spirit to surround the area with a calming color or vibration. When they need serious healing, when the patient is very distraught, you must use this energy to calm them down, and you surround their upper torso and their head, the head, chest and shoulders with this form of energy that will relax them. It will calm their nerves and slow their heartbeat, and it can put them into a trance like state so that you can do the work that you have to without them seeing what you are doing. It is not often that this is used but it is available and I must practice for they will give me patients where I will have to do this, because only with practice can you achieve the high degree of energy output that you will need in such a case. The healing of most patients will be done by placing the hands on either side of the neck and the back of the head, in this position they are inside the aura and energy can be sent into the aura or Spiritual body which will store the energy and will start to work on the physical body. In most cases healing can be done like this and people will not see anything unusual, and this is especially for people who know little or nothing of spiritual healing. It is best only to heal those that come to ask for it because they are open to accept the healing and it will therefore be much stronger. But on occasions you may need to transmit the healing from yourself to the patient from a distance so that the patient has no knowledge of the healing that you are doing for them. And this can be done by opening the centers, your energy centers, and directing all seven energy centers into a single being, which will enter the aura of the patient, this provides a link between the spiritual body of the patient and yourself. And the spiritual body will draw upon the energies that it needs from each particular centre. There is an additional form of energy, (of which there are several) but mainly there is one additional source of energy, which if the patient required it a spirit will be taken into my body and sent down via the Chakras into the patient. With the various forms of healing, and there are many, it depends on the doctors present what form of healing the patient will receive. In the beginning I will be shown many methods of healing by different doctors, as I become more experienced and can decide what is best for the patient I will be able to call upon that type of doctor or that type of energy and it will be supplied. With physical healing there is yet another form of energy, the first being a very short one, it extends from the palm of the hands to less than half an inch, and where there are serious wounds on the outside of the body, this energy can heal those wounds quickly by touch. It is concentrated form of energy and does not involve keeping the hand above the position for considerable time, the hand is put over the damaged area for a relatively short space of time, just a few seconds, and during that space of time this concentrated form of energy will move from the surface of the hand to the surface of the wound to be healed, and will remain there and continue the healing process. This will show that the wound will heal a lot faster but also not necessarily be seen to be linked to the healer. These are the easiest forms of healing. When healing inside such as a broken leg, then the hands can be placed on the surface and the energy pushed down through the layers of muscle, tissue and so on to the bone, and the bone will knit together quicker, plus nerves and arteries that have been damaged can be corrected. There is also physical strength, as an example with a broken leg, once the leg is broken the muscles contract, and if it is a major break one bone will start to overlap the other, and to correct this, the leg has to be stretched so that the bones fit together perfectly. As an example to do this you would put the right hand on the ankle and pull downwards, now although you do not have sufficient strength to be able to do this, the left hand will surround the joint and totally relax the muscles with a different form of energy. And this must be the left hand, allowing you to stretch the leg and pull the bone back into the correct position, once this has been done, the right hand comes back up to the break and the previous form of energy that we discussed is put into the patient to make the bones knit together quickly and to repair the arteries and nerves. Another stage of healing is one of mental – mental covers not just those with a deranged mind, but covers emotions and instability. Mainly what you would call vibrations to balance or correct these you would use a form of energy transmitted from your whole body to the whole body of the person in need, so that energy should travel from your head to his, and your feet to his, a wholesome balancing form of energy that will balance out his or her particular problem. These are only some of the healing powers that you can use and with time you will understand which basic healing energy to use on each patient, and then we will add in additional minor adjustments, so that as you become more experienced you will eventually think in a very roundabout way what sort of healing you want, and that will automatically request from us the desired energy. I think for one night I have said enough, but I will continue to be with you for several weeks to come and hopefully, I am sure we will discuss more and you will learn more. God’s blessings to you all.

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