Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this Meditation (1989) Verna and I doing Astral Healing, and the Guide channeling through Miriam is John. Verna has just said she’s seen one of the Spirit Kids who often watch the meditation, standing in front of me, and we pick it up from there. Verna: He just turned around and said, “Tell him, tell him”. It’s a little boy, and he’s looking at you. I think that they’re trying to show you something else – mixed feelings so he said, just turned around and said, “Tell him” so he’s standing next to you tonight because he has so much love for you. Geoff:  Right, if you (to the young boy) stand on the side and watch. There’s somebody on the left of you for healing and you must be quiet. I’ve got somebody who has been bitten on the thumb by an insect. It’s also a very unusual disease, and it’s caused very bad infection around the thumb -around the thumbnail, which has gone black. At first it looked like a mosquito bite, so I thought it must be Malaria but there is a poison which has spread around the thumb, and then up the arm. It is something that is not normal – it has been created by something, some happening – it’s an unusual disease and the person it is going to affect will spread it an awful lot through some reason. Let’s see. Guide: You’re doing very well. Geoff:  There are only a few insects which have carried this disease from somewhere – they’re just carriers. In a couple of days the insects will die – they have a short life span, but it’s unusual that they’ve actually bitten a human. This is why it must be stopped immediately. The infection or the poison doesn’t spread through the blood stream as such – it affects the tissues, the arm. It has crept most of the way up this person’s arm to just below the shoulder. If it cannot be cured then the shoulder will have to have been amputated but… Guide: That is what I was waiting to hear, for it must be done before that. Geoff:  Even if the shoulder was amputated you’d still have that poison, which could be passed on to others, which is what is so dangerous about it. So we have to heal the arm. We cover it with a gold light, which is a very, very powerful light not used very often. The person won’t know what is going on. He hasn’t reported it as such – to him it’s just a nuisance. Verna: It’s a black person isn’t it? Guide: Yes. Can you visualize better flesh as you were shown? Geoff:  What I can see on the actual arm is a blackness creeping up from the thumb to just below the shoulder. You see it as being diseased – a bit like wet coal dust and black. We coat it in gold – cover the whole thing in gold as if it’s in a vacuum, and with your mind you see the flesh becoming white again, and porous and like good healthy flesh should look. Then you have to start at the top of the arm, and you put your thumb and forefinger, or your hands either side of the bicep just above the bicep, and you slowly bring it down towards the wrist and eventually on to the end of the fingers. As you pull it down towards you, you are literally scrapping the blackness away – you are pushing the blackness in front of your hands, and what is left behind is just clean, healthy flesh. And you might have to do it a couple of times like in strokes to pull the blackness right down towards the thumb. The energy that we’ve got in the circle is all combined into one. We’ll start out pulling it down over the bicep. You can imagine several hands doing this at once, which is ours. Over the shoulder down across the forearm – just keep repeating this sort of scrapping motion pushing the black in front of your hands to the wrist, through the wrist into the hand and the fingers, to the fingers. It all goes down to the thumb. It’s as if the thumb – it will actually burst and all the black blood will come out. It won’t seem unusual to the person, but what we are actually doing is drawing out all of the poison – everything will be contained in that blood, and it actually physically bursts and comes out of his thumb. Like an abscess – nothing serious to him and the disease will actually disappear. We have to do something about the blood too, that was extracted from it, because it is very contagious. If anybody touches it they can get infected. So we neutralize that by surrounding it in a gold light again, and it will get cleaned up and thrown away and then it will disappear. But the infection has been removed totally – there will be no serious arm defects and the person won’t really know. In fact, there’s nobody who really knows how contagious that disease was.

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