Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


Tag is a small furry creature that lives in a community below ground, we have visited him several times. His community will only be discovered around 2015. Tag’s group mind communicates through either Verna or myself using their limited language which is not as developed as ours. Geoff – Tag and his little group have been half accepted by the ancestors as they call them, I can see a long tunnel which is almost like what we would consider guest quarters, and Tag and his tribe are all crammed into this one section. And basically it has been agreed that the ancestors will let them stay there, but they must start to excavate and create their own little tunnels if they want to live this close to the surface. The ancestors won’t let them move into their area and they have taken up all the empty space which is available, it is very cramped at the moment, but they will excavate and make it their new home and with time there will be better understanding between both sides. Is there still a fear Tag? Is it a fear or is it just new and something you are not used to? I think you have been isolated down in the arena where you were and you never met other tribes or ancestors, you were totally isolated. And over the years you have become content and in a way lazy, because the whole unit was there all living in slight fear of the ancestors and the outer world, which bonded you together, and made you a very tight family. But there was never anything to do, you never had to defend yourself from others, and you were content in a way to live where you were. What you feel now is a slight fear of the unknown, you are still a unit, you still have your complete family or tribe. And you are apprehensive about being in this new environment, but you must look upon it as being an adventure and a challenge, because you are in fact starting a new life closer to the surface. And there will be tensions with the ancestors, but the longer you are there the more they will accept you. They will, if you extend your friendship and your love to them and bit by bit they will accept that you are a unit to be recognised and respected and that one day you will all be ancestors yourself. There is no fear, there is no need to fear, but it is just that for so long you have not experienced other groups, it is not a justified fear. You are quite capable of defending yourself and looking after yourself and negotiating and you are one family, one unit and you are very strong. It is your desire to live in peace and love alongside the ancestors and you will achieve this over the next few years, it will take time. Because as you have not met with others, it is the same with the ancestors, they also fear invasion from you and your family. But time and persistence will help to heal. Yes they are afraid of you, but it is an unjustified fear, they are afraid of losing the homes that they live in for they have been there for many, many years and to them it is security. But you must understand this which, I am sure you do and explain it to the rest of your family, and they will understand. Verna (Channeling Tag) – More light. Geoff – Yes, there is more light where you are now. Verna (Tag) – And no sick. Geoff – Yes you will all be getting better now, and the light was not to be feared was it? Verna (Tag) – Heal. Geoff – Yes it will heal you. Do you know where about on the earth you are? Do you know which country? Verna (Tag) – No. Geoff – No, if you do not communicate with the outside world, then you wouldn’t know the names. Verna (Tag) – You, me think you look funny. No hair, why no hair? Geoff – Because up here we have sunshine, which is warm and we don’t need hair to keep us warm. Verna (Tag) – Man tell me what you say explains. Geoff – If you came up to the surface and lived then you wouldn’t need hair either, and you would change. Verna (Tag) – Too light. Geoff – Too light yes, but in time it is possible. Yes, life changes with time. Verna (Tag) – Man say you we talk. Geoff – Who says? Verna (Tag) – Man. Geoff – Which man? Verna (Tag) – White man. Geoff – Hmm, I wonder who that was? When you lived down in the arena you must have used your minds to communicate with us. Have you spoken with people before using your mind? Yes. So do you understand spirit? Verna (Tag) – Live with. Geoff – You live with spirit? Verna (Tag) – Visit. Geoff – Ah many spirits visit you. Now I understand. Verna (Tag) – See. Geoff – So you have been able to communicate with spirit for a long time, so it was spirit who told you to speak to us. That is good. Verna (Tag) – Go now. Geoff – Well we are happy that you are more comfortable now. Verna (Tag) – We happy, no fear, help, you grow hair. Your ancestor here. Geoff – Our ancestors here, oh our parents yes, they are here. Verna (Tag) – No fear, no fear. Geoff – No fear. Verna (Tag) – I very happy, I learning talk, we start talk now. Geoff – And there is much that you can teach us and that we can teach you, so we must talk again and we will do it the same way and we will both learn about each other’s world. Verna (Tag) – Light go, no fear. Geoff – No fear, and now you must withdraw for we have other work to do, and when you go you must go completely, and if you want to stay and watch you can, but you must not talk when we are busy. So you go now and we will talk again. We will call you like this time. Verna (Tag) – Bye, go. Miriam – He came from Eastern Spain, Ishmael said that. Verna – He won’t come back for a long time, the light is too bright, and it needed a lot of spirit work to get him up, he was not only brought to us for his sake, he was brought for us as well, to learn even more, it worked both ways, and please we mustn’t talk about them, they don’t want people looking for them because of what scientists are like these days, and it is exceptionally dangerous now, because they have moved up so close, and part of the ancestors fear and it is only when you are an ancestor, can you go and live higher, but now they have to live higher as well. But part of the fear of living higher too is being found and the only other people they have spoken to are either people who won’t talk, but mostly just spirit man. He is sitting here waving his arms, he is putting thoughts in my mind, not spirit, but they don’t want him to talk for too long, because he is too close to me, they are taking him away, and I can feel the love coming from him, it is like a babies love for its mother. And he is absolutely overwhelmed by what he has experienced in the last two days, if we think we are surprised by what has taken place, can you imagine what he feels like. Now when he gets back he also can’t tell everybody about this, so he has got to gain the trust from his little group without telling them this incredible story, as nobody will believe him, some of them will who have seen spirit, but not all of them see spirit, only the high ones. And he waves his little arm now, lots of love he leaves behind. He is a stubborn little thing I am told, he likes his own way because he has never had anything else but his own way. So that is why he thinks why should he leave? Who are spirit to tell him to go, he has never ever been told what to do. He is very stubborn. Anyway that was just to explain why he wouldn’t go. Now he has gone.

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