Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


A few years ago, I was sent a whole string of healings to do with “Women’s problems” …… I have been healing for over 30 years and learn something new every time. The workings and bits and pieces down there were something I found knew less than I should about…. much to the amusement of the guides. What followed was a series of healings and talking to babies from before they were conceived up to when they were born.


It started when a good friend Shiri came to see me for healing, and during the healing Shiri idly discussed that it was about time she started a family.

Driving home afterwards a beautiful little spirit girl started to chat to me………. She told me she had chosen to be Shiri’s daughter. Full of excitement she told me her likes and dislikes and in particular that she would like to be called Button for now. It was so exciting that I completely forgot where I was going.  3 weeks later Shiri was pregnant.


Over the next few months I spoke to Button several times, and each time was more fascinating than the next. During the first 5 months of pregnancy Button was in and out of the womb many many times. She had a very active mind and talking to her was like talking to a very bright 12-year-old. She needed to be able to think and plan, and of course experience. She had chosen when she wanted to be born too (to get her basic character from the planets at birth)

From month 6 onwards she only left the womb on occasions as she has to “settle in” as she put it.


One thing that really surprised me was her sense of humor… here are a few excerpts from emails I sent to her mother keeping her up to date …. from the inside.


Hi Shiri,


When I spoke to you on Friday Button got very excited and gave me some more information for you – the wording is not exact as I get it in thought and not in sentences, but here is what she said…


She is getting ready to “move out” – getting into position and settling in (Her soul moves in and out for the first few months the same way as you astral travel every night) Everything is OK here so she is “Strapping herself in” (She has a great sense of humor already) and she is ready for the next step – very excited.


She has got to know Rob (the father) and Pam (The Granny) very well (She senses them) – she feels everything from Rob – he has been very “caring” so far and he will be a great father – she will make sure he is besotted with her and she will manipulate him the way daughters can – she says “Easy one”

 (She has looked at your experiences already Shiri – she will forget them when she is born though)


Being “aware” of Mom comes naturally and at the moment thinks similar to you Shiri


She is aware of her home surroundings.


She likes the color Sky blue for now (In this context the color Sky blue gives her clarity)


She likes birds


She has many helpers (In the womb – little girls like to help in this situation – it is the same as teenage girls like to help at a wedding – it is the dream for them)


She is not sure of big dogs and you will have to be wary when she is introduced to the first one.


She is just waiting to start growing (Physically) and experiencing life – and lots of love coming her way.


She will have humor when she is born (She gets this from you Shiri) and the last thing she shows me is of her sitting on a Rocking horse facing the right way – and she is saying…………. I’m ready.

This is all good stuff Shiri – looks like you and Rob will have your hands full very soon.


When she says “I’m ready” it means she is ready for the final stages (a week or so) and not that she will be here in the morning…………


Enjoy these next few days Shiri – Button can hear everything that you want to say to her, and if you listen carefully you will be able to sense what she wants to say too……….it is a very special time.


Monday’s message. 3.00 in the afternoon


Button tells me “Elbows up”

She shows me her at the top of a children’s slide on a rocking horse, crash helmet and Wellies, with head down and elbows up in the classic starting position. When I asked about the Wellies she said “It’s gonna get messy”


(Shiri goes into hospital that night and goes into labor)


Tuesday morning’s message at 3.00 am


In the early hours of the morning I couldn’t sense any action happening around Button and when I tuned in I got “Back off – we’ve got it – this is girls’ stuff”


A serious message but still with the sense of humor – That was the last message I got – Button was born by Caesarian a little later that morning – all 4 kilos.


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