Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


In this meditation an “alien” from another planet called Tarn channels through Miriam and describes a planet he has visited similar to earth which he calls Titan. Miriam (Tarn) – Good evening to you Luke – Good evening, welcome Miriam (Tarn) – I was expecting quite a large circle tonight and instead I find just two of you, however I have decided to come, and I shall take you to where I was going to take the circle or rather to see if they were willing. This is my first time here, not the first channeling, but because I had heard of such progress that was going on I had to see for myself. As neither of you can see as yet, I would like you just to use your imagination and come with me to a very far off place, not even of this earth. But of a distant planet, one of the many that I have traveled to on my duties that I perform. For tonight, I am just going to tell you what this planet is like. In many ways it is like earth, but not the seasons that you have, for the temperature is more consistent all year round. It is very small, and by earth standards is not very old, and we do not think that it will last as long as your earth planet. Because it is so tiny, and because of the speed that it is traveling around your sun, that is not to say that when on this place, which I shall call Titan, it is not to say that we feel it rushing, for we do not. But never the less it is going faster than your earth. It is more like your countries near the equator, we have more humidity, and therefore our plants, although different to yours are more of the green house type for we have tried to bring some of them to earth and they have not succeeded in growing. This is something that is done quite frequently, although you may not know it. An exchange of plants and people, because the climate is so much warmer, we do not have to wear such heavy clothing and we are not such big people, we are much smaller, not very small but more like the oriental people who are of smaller stature, we are much slimmer, probably because of the heat. We do not have animals of any kind, for we are all vegetarians, maybe it is because animals would not survive, although there are animals in hot countries, you have cooler nights and cooler days. I am not sure of the reason, I have not thought about it before. We do have birds and a type of bee, not quite the same as yours, but it does provide us with honey. And we have many different fruits and vegetables compared to what you have, you know that a lot of vegetables you have on earth can only grow well if you have the cold. Our houses also are not so sturdily built as yours, they are mostly made of wood, some are made of clay, but mostly wood, we have large forests and the wood is plentiful. Our transport is different to yours, we do not have the pollution that you have for our transport is by power which you have not yet learnt how to harness, it is available everywhere but I am afraid you have not yet mastered that, and although we are trying to get your scientists on the right track here, so far we have not succeeded, but then it is not so many of your years that we have been coming, we do not like to stay too long on your earth. But our machines, you call them planes or rockets, our transport is much quicker and we can come here for a while and then return home to recoup our energy. Some of us are beginning to stay just a little bit longer each time and there are also many of your spirit people who are in touch with us and they too are helping to get through to the scientists, for we are able to be in touch with spirit much more than either of you two. So that is our transport. The rest of our planet is similar in other aspect in that we have our businesses to run, our holiday resorts, and our regions, we do not have the parliaments that you do, but we do have the assemblies and we do not have so much difference of opinion of running each region. We do occasionally have those who do think that the elders are not doing their job properly, but they are just minor difficulties in comparison to what you have on earth. And we note these last few years how things have got a lot worse for you and we know that they are going to get worse still before they are better, but the good times will come, especially for your children and grandchildren. Now I shall tell you about our leisure, we have many bathing facilities, a bit like gigantic swimming pools, where the water is constantly fettered from the oceans, so that they are never, in any way, harmful to your health. I said we do not have animals, but we do have certain fish, they are not eaten, they are mostly of the type that you have in your aquarium, more exotic fish. For our seas are much shallower and much smaller but the filtering is to keep them out of our swimming area, but one of the pleasures that we have is to go down in these glass vessels to see these exotic fish. It is not the glass that you know, but similar, and because it is fairly shallow, we do not have to go far down and we have constant air without a lot of machinery in the vessels. Even the children can take these, when they reach a certain age, for they are so easy to handle. And speaking of children, we have noticed the difficulties women have in getting children looked after when they go to work. But when our women wish to work they do not have that problem, the children are with them, but the ladies are not allowed to work until the children are at least three, and by that time the children can go to the nursery school attached to wherever they work. And these schools are glass- sided so that the children can at all times see their parents, and the parents see their children, but each unit is small and easy to handle. But we do find that the majority of ladies prefer to look after their own children until they can go to the larger halls of learning. But as on earth there are many who have lost their partners and need to work, much sooner than they would like, but they do get plenty of help if they wish to stay at home. When they do that, they quite often find that they will look after another person’s child for company for their child, and this is done on a sharing basis so that alternatively they can work and look after the children. One of the ladies with me here is saying that your appliances for cooking and making a meal is just beyond her. For the energy that we have, which in a way is similar to your little microwaves, but much more advanced, is much simpler, and she says all the chores of housework are much simpler too. Then also the work that is done in the factories and in the offices, is much more streamlined and more advanced than what you have. I think I shall have to leave you now, for I am finding it a bit of a strain to talk, I normally talk through my own kind, which is more thought than actual voice and the thought can be communicated to spirit or to someone else, but this time they suggested an earthly being and that is what I have done. I think it is because your lung capacity is so much different to ours that the difficulty arises. I am sorry that there has not been more of you here tonight, but I would like to come back another time or at least one of my companions, now I really must go, I bid you farewell. Luke – Thank you for coming Miriam (Tarn) – I enjoyed it, it was quite different, quite different, but I think this vessel is beginning to feel a bit light-headed and I must go. Bless you all.

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