Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


Geoff:     Right, now I’m in the future – the future or a different dimension, I’m not sure.  It is a training center.  There is a circular room, which has seats all around it – very modern wooden-type bucket seats.   And out of the windows…  I can see a – just massive park…   I think it is some form of training.  There is…

Miriam (Running Water)     You have been before.

Geoff:     Oh.  I can see girders and buildings, structures of all shapes and sizes.   Yes, I’m remembering when I was here before.

Miriam (Running Water)     Good.  Do you recognise anyone there?

Geoff:     I can’t see anybody at the moment but I can see myself again wearing teaching robes.

Miriam (Running Water)     Well, that is somebody!  [GEOFF LAUGHS]  Of course it is!

Geoff:     Right.   Teaching robes.   It’s my sort of Chinese spiritual self.

Miriam (Running Water)     Yes.  You do not teach in just the one place.

Geoff:     No.  This is an extension to a dimension.  It’s a dimension that’s has veered off in a different direction.  And the people I would teach here are very modern and advanced but lacking a lot of human emotions.

Miriam (Running Water)     Yes.

Geoff:     It’s a society that’s developed, based not on making more money but making more technological advances.  It’s all gadgets and machines, and trying to create a perfect classless society through progress and modernization of mechanisms.  – Well, I’m not sure where all that came from.  [LAUGHING]  But in doing so they developed a far better world.  They’ve rid themselves of the majority of diseases.  There is no finance involved because money is not needed anymore.  You can more or less have what you want.  It’s a controlled society; even the physical body is mended and repaired and so on, so they lived to a much longer age.   But during this process their culture has been losing more and more ordinary emotions.

Miriam (Running Water)     They have become too mechanical.

Geoff:     Yes, and although they believe themselves to be more and more advanced, they’re going to find out very soon – which is like in the next two thousand years – that they’ve lost that aspect of love, emotion and so on.   Now, I’ve been teaching this group for many many lifetimes.  I’ve progressed with the group, and it’s like I’ve lived many lifetimes in this dimension.

Miriam (Running Water)     You have.

Geoff:     And each one ended up teaching in a different sort of way.  I’m just looking at one stage.  And I can see the whole picture of the past lives that I’ve had there and the future lives that I will have there, going up to this two thousand years in the future.   It’s part of my project.  And, like with Atlantis, where people went down and spent thousands of years looking after one particular project, this is a similar thing with me.

Miriam (Running Water)     That’s right.

Geoff:     I’m helping the society…

Miriam (Running Water)     To become more human.

Geoff:     Yes.  But there’s more to it than that…….

Miriam (Running Water)     Yes.

Geoff:     I’m only putting into the system what I think the system needs.  I have an enormous amount of knowledge which I won’t pass over to them because they have to learn on their own, but this is like one of my pet projects – as if I’d designed this whole civilisation and am looking after it.  Now, that sounds worse than what I actually mean, [WITH A LAUGH] but it’s as if I’ve had a role to play in this civilisation from the beginning, and I’m overseeing a certain section of it.  And I’ll see it right through to the end.

Miriam (Running Water)     Yes, you will.

Geoff:     Right.

Miriam (Running Water)     And it’s quite a task.

Geoff:     Right.  Now, the person doing this is…  Let’s call my higher self my Chinese self.  That Chinese self created me, first of all, Geoff Hindmarch, to come down and live THIS life, and all the different dimensions that go with it.   At the same time he’s taken another part of himself and recreated another Chinese person, if you like, to experience different things through that dimension.

Miriam (Running Water)     Yes.

Geoff:     And that is all part of…  I’m part of HIM, which is ME.

Miriam (Running Water)     That is it.

Geoff:     Wow.  [BOTH LAUGH]

Miriam (Running Water)     It is a bit complicated.

Geoff:     Now, so my higher self can split himself into many parts.  There are many different bodies in different dimensions.

Miriam (Running Water)     Definitely.

Geoff:     At different times….   Now, when I pass over from this life and go back to the other side, I will become part of that Chinese spirit, with all the other memories that he has.  So although I’m me, I have that Chinese spirit without most of the memories.  I don’t need the memories for down here.   So I’m part of him.

Miriam (Running Water)     When you pass over you will find it is more complicated than you can imagine now because, first of all, you will be as you are when you are passing over, and then gradually – provided it is feasible for you to know everything – you may only know the past life that you have on earth.  In order to quickly come back again.  But if you’re not coming back again, or if you’re going somewhere entirely different, then you may know ALL of your lives.  And they don’t take long to know.  But there are so many!

Geoff:     Yes.  Now, it is therefore feasible that I am part – one of many hundreds or even thousands of parts – of this Chinese spirit, which is my higher self.   He therefore, in turn, could be part of a higher spirit, and so it reduces in size to get to the one figurehead at the top, which is God…

Miriam (Running Water)     Yes.

Geoff:     I can see the whole thing now.

Miriam (Running Water)     You can?  (GEOFF LAUGHS)   I think not.

Geoff:     It’s a network.

Miriam (Running Water)     You can see so far, friend.

Geoff:     Yes, I can see the basic structure; that’s what I mean.

Miriam (Running Water)     Yes.

Geoff:     How it can be feasible. Well, that is very interesting.

Miriam (Running Water)     I think you have had enough from me for tonight.  I have enjoyed it and I enjoyed showing you a bit of our life, and I will be back again.

Geoff:     Okay.

Miriam (Running Water)     But at any rate I shall be back.  I hope you have enjoyed it just as much as I have.

Geoff:     I have.  It’s been great.   Thank you very much.

Miriam (Running Water)     There is so much for you to learn but you are able to learn quicker, as you just pointed out; you have been able to go that much further.   May I also thank your Father for the power that he gives?  And he deserves the rest, you know when you go back overseas   [LAUGH FROM GEOFF]   but he is becoming more used to it.

Now I shall say good-night to you.  God bless you until we meet again.

Miriam (Gladys)     And I have enjoyed it just as much as you.  And we know you accept more now.  You’re beginning to understand more about the very complex pattern of life that we have.   And the many dimensions…   There are many places where you can be accompanied.   And now perhaps it gives you something of an idea of the whole, in one tiny way.  And the whole is immense. I know even more yet I know so little…

Geoff:     Mmm, it’s quite something.

Miriam (Gladys)     And now, my children, I’ll say good-night, and sleep well.

Geoff:     Thank you, that was quite a night.

Miriam (Gladys)     Oh, it’s such a joy, you know, that you appreciate what you’re given, and that you could see so much further.

Geoff:     Yes.

Miriam (Gladys)     And it gives us such great pleasure.  And even when we pull your leg, and we wonder if you have really accepted the knowledge that you have.  One of these days, you know, you’ll get a surprise, because we’ll give you something that is NOT true, and you will have to see if you can tell the difference.   It will be another test.

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