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TEACHING AREA IN THE GREYLANDS  By SpiritualDictionary.com

In this meditation we are astral traveling with a Guide called Ishmael who is channeling through Miriam. Geoff:     And now I’m with a man in a dark coat, black hat, with long curly grey hair, walks with a walking stick.  He says a staff for walking not a walking stick.  He’s walking up the side of a hill.  There is quite thick undergrowth on either side and as we reach the top we look out on a road with hills either side and it is not a particularly nice area.  Even where we stand there are bramble bushes and stones – there’s no place to sit and take in the view or whatever.  There’s something in this valley which I must go and see and I think he oversees this and it seems to be the opposite of the Chinese person we’ve just spoken to. Miriam (Ishmael)     Quite the opposite. Geoff:     So I’ll go down into the valley and the roads are rough and pitted, the hedges are covered with dust from the road, the ditches on the side of the road are blocked with leaves.  The entrance to each field is very muddy patches where people walk through.  The trees are now old and the grass has a lot of grey in it.  Greyish/green.  It’s depressing but as of yet, I haven’t seen any people.  At the bottom of the valley, I’m standing in the last field with greyish/green grass in.  In front of me going from left to right there is a country road.  On the other side there is a building going up which is expensive and new and clean and it is surrounded by green grass and nice trees and nice surroundings.  I’m on the edge of this grey area.  The building I’m looking at is probably a church. Miriam (Ishmael)     Yes, it is, but what kind of church? Geoff:     It’s a monastery with many rooms.  Now, I still don’t see any people in this grey area so I’ll cross over to the monastery and as I start to cross – as I reach the road I’m at the edge of the grey area and there is like a sheet of thick plastic going up and it’s showing me that this grey area is contained – it is a dome of discouraging…. Miriam (Ishmael)     Pure energy? Geoff… pure energy as you say.  The dome covers the grey area and this is not nice energy.  I will go through into the monastery and the air around the monastery and the vibration – yes, it is pure.  The brickwork and the windows, the concrete paving outside, the grass, everything, is new untouched.  It holds no vibrations…. so it is a new building to be used to teach and it was built in this specific area to teach monks or students something about the grey area opposite.  Now, I’ll go inside and it is lovely inside.  There are long wooden benches and wooden forms.  There are a lot of wooden carvings and paintings directly on to the wood – very nice gentle, comforting, colors.  There’s nobody here at the moment but I can see images.  Whoever created this in their mind had images of students learning there and those images are there for me to see…thought forms. Miriam (Ishmael)     Yes. Geoff:     I’ve gone upstairs now out of this main meeting hall to the biggest room which overlooks the grey area and it is very ornate.  There is a lot of gold trimming – it’s a bit richer than I expected. Miriam (Ishmael)     Very unusual to have anything ornate in a monastery. Geoff:     Yes, that’s right.  Much different from what I obviously want to see is spirit life in more shapes, which I hope to see next Thursday before I go. Miriam (Ishmael)     You will Geoff:     Now, getting back to this room – there’s a lot of gold in it – very pointed, ornate and so on and this room stores the energy in the gold that is put there initially by spirit, by the architects or teachers that will be here.  It is as we would put books into a university they are putting experiences, emotions and vibrations into all this gold in this particular room.  When teachers start to use this monastery, they will meet each day in this room and they will take the lessons they want from the room and they will teach the students with them.  In extreme cases the student can be brought into the room where the maximum amount of a certain form of energy, whatever he is learning, can be put in to him or surround him, to teach him, whatever. Now……. the grey opposite.  What will be happening is that the students will learn in this pure form.  They know from past lives that they have made certain mistakes in their life, and instead of going back for another life on earth to experience one of these mistakes to do it again, they come to a university such as this where they are given the same circumstances and then sent across into the grey area where they will automatically experience the same thing again so, for them it is like having a lifetime in a few days.  They can then come back to the monastery and evaluate what they did over in the greylands.  Now the time in the greylands – they would spend say three of our days there but it would seem to them – it could be any amount of time to them because time is different.  What is in the greylands is dimensions. Miriam (Ishmael)     Yes.  That is it.  You have got it well. Geoff:     And that is why I couldn’t see anything.  They’re like television waves – you know they’re there but you can’t see them until you tune in, so the student would pick up from the gold this emotion and this experience and as he walked in to the greylands, that would be the tuning in to that dimension and that experience. Miriam (Ishmael)     Yes, and that is something completely different for you.  Can you perhaps find out why they would be chosen to have such a short rebirth, the experiences in such a short time instead of a whole life? Geoff:     Everyone wants to progress and you progress at your own rate – you chose how far you want to go and in what time you want to do it.  These students are dedicated to progressing spiritually…. Miriam (Ishmael)     Yes. Geoff…and they are lucky enough to go there without coming down to another life. Miriam (Ishmael)     Yes, but they have to pass very stiff tests before they can do that. Geoff:     And the man in the black coat laughs.  It was not what I thought.  (laughter) Miriam (Ishmael)     Something completely different. Geoff:     He is actually a very high spirit – totally white and very condensed and he’s surrounded by this very thick body of – very thick aura and mental body and so on because of the work he does in negative vibrations all the time, it’s like a suit of protection for him. Miriam (Ishmael)     Yes, he must have that…… but that is very good that you have managed to get that so well.  Very good indeed. Geoff:     Now, it will be possible in the future that I could visit this monastery in meditation. Miriam (Ishmael)     You will. Geoff…and be given a certain amount of emotions – something I’ve done before in this lifetime and go into the greylands and analyse what I did. Miriam (Ishmael)     That you will do… but not yet. Geoff:     No. Miriam (Ishmael)     It will be some time but you will do it and you will remember this place. Geoff:     Now, my future on earth.  I know I’ve got some strong teaching to do.  Just prior to that teaching I will have earth memories of the various lessons that I’ve learnt during this lifetime, and just prior I will be able to confirm what I have done has been right or wrong, correct minor errors or ways of thinking, and I’ll do this by going to this monastery and get a teaching from there. Miriam (Ishmael)     Yes, quite an honor. Geoff:     Yes, it certainly is.

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