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THE 2003 SHIFT IN UNIVERSAL ENERGY   By SpiritualDictionary.com

In September-November 2003 there was a major change in the Spiritual advancement of the Earth. As you know we are susceptible to influences and energies from different planets – when we are born our first characteristics come from absorbing these energies. As the planets move around in the following years, so these influences change, according to what influences we absorbed when we were born.  This is where your star sign characteristics come from. Looking at it from a bigger point of view, the same pattern applies for the Earth and its developing people. There are Spirits that oversee each village, town, area and Country…and there is one (along with others) that oversees the development of the Earth. We call him the Gardener of the Earth….I am trying to simplify things here to give you a clear picture. During the September-November 2003 period two main things happened. The Gardener explains the first one (and again simplifies it) as follows.  “The garden was getting overgrown with weeds, which were starting to get out of hand…..so I watered the flowers more than they needed, so that the strong became stronger and more suitable for future growth…and the weaker ones faded” (You may have noticed that during this period, that there were a lot of illnesses, and possibly deaths around you.) The illnesses removed negative energy that had built up in the people over the years. The second thing that happened is the most important. We are building up to the change whereby the Earth will change on its axis. Many souls will be sent back, and many of those left behind will be the teachers of the future. Each soul now has increased abilities – but most are unaware of them. What and how you think is now more important than your actions. You know that you have the ability to send say Spiritual Healing….thought is creation…..your thought creates the healing to be sent. To do this many of you will go into meditation, open your centers etc etc and send the healing energy. Today, the same can be done with a simple thought……..and it’s done. Imagine walking down the high street, and you see an old man suffering from arthritis, struggling to walk. Just your thought of “I would like him to suffer less” will AUTOMATICALLY send him healing energy…….you don’t have to stop and think “What should I do?”……your “way” of thinking is immediately acted upon….thought is creation. He won’t just be healed – that process remains the same as always….but he will receive healing energy from more people than before. Imagine that a car has just crashed, and a group of people surround it to help….their thoughts will AUTOMATICALLY create action. And if they do not know what they are doing (for instance, sending sympathy and sorrow, instead of healing, strength and upliftment) and you are there……you will AUTOMATICALLY harness their energy, and convert it to healing energy, or whatever is needed. The same would go for someone that you dislike – your energy towards them would be stronger than before, and they would begin to sense\feel your thoughts towards them. Let’s take another scenario……Sept 11th at the twin towers. Imagine a billion or so people watching it unfold on the news……imagine all the energy created there through their thoughts, becoming Group Energy…..and the more advanced souls harnessing that energy to direct it in the right way……just by thinking the right way. Lastly, let’s look at the reverse of that. Imagine say…… a religious Group of fanatics believing that the USA are the bad guys…..the same energy can be created (although not directed properly)…..but the USA as a Group Mind would feel\sense the anger\hatred etc. What will this accomplish? When you feel negative energy, you AUTOMATICALLY want to change it, or correct it. You would therefore look at the problem a lot closer……you would make a decision how to fix it faster too. How will this affect the change? You have 2 sides – good and bad. Both will be increased. The gap between the 2 will get wider and wider…..you will end up with good on one side and bad way over on the other. Then it will be much easier to make decisions….for single minds, for Group minds and even for Governments and Religions. It will be much easier for the Gardner too, to pluck the weeds when the time comes.  

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