Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

The Asian Tsunami 

The Asian Tsunami   2004   By

During the last 15 years we have been told many times of the changes that will happen to our planet, and we have been preparing and planning how the events will unfold and how we will be able to handle them. This Tsunami is the 1st and the smallest of the major events that will lead up to the change. When a disaster happens Verna and I automatically “tune in” and see how we can help – in most cases we visit the scenes in astral and “see” what we must do and how we must do it. This is not essential, but teaches us what is happening and how to handle it. During the first 6 days we did not do this, but simply allowed spirit to use us to transfer energy from a Spiritual to an Earth energy so that it could be used wherever it was needed. This morning we were shown how everything fitted into place….even with this disaster. From November 2003, the energy of the Earth changed in that it became the thoughts of the people that could change things more than their actions. Since then those who understand the spiritual side of life have been able to influence people around them just by the way that they think… this is so important to understand. It’s your real and genuine thoughts that will determine your future and assist in helping those around you to think the right way. Not just the way you show yourself to people. As cultures and planets evolve Souls need to gain experience in handling situations, exactly the same as here on earth we need a management structure to look after the development and growth of Towns, Cities, Countries and Nations. In spirit there is the same structure – someone must experience in order to develop and manage situations as the Tsunami and more… The billions of souls on this planet are in all stages of spiritual progress… from the beginners who know nothing yet, to the leaders in their fields, and as we progress through this “Change of the Earth” everyone’s knowledge will increase as they experience. When we first went into the disaster area, looking down on the vast devastation of humanity, we saw the whole picture (as much as we were allowed) with “instant understanding” There is far, far more than can be explained, as there are continual lessons within lessons, but I will put down what I can. The most relevant “management tools” for want of a better word were group energies. The first things that we saw were channels that energy was flowing through from individuals and spiritual circles to the center of the disaster – thousands upon thousands of them – these were directed by spirit through to where they were most needed. Spirit used to direct energy to individuals to use – but now they put into the minds of the individuals the “correct way to think” and allow the individuals to (unknowingly) utilise that energy… much quicker and much more educational. The amount of energy that was sent was vast to say the least, and varied from pity from those that knew no better, to upliftment and energy from those more experienced. But all forms have their own uses. One of the biggest group energies was grief, as those left behind mourned and grieved for those that they lost. And as all these individual thought forms of grief were created in the same dimension they joined together to form one huge group energy. The feeling when I entered this energy was only just bearable… imagine losing your spouse or family, and then multiply that hundreds of thousands of times. Why did we have to experience this feeling? Because we will have to work with this energy in the future, and we have to be able to cope with this huge negative group energy – and work within it. In the greylands between Earth and spirit, a group energy of turmoil was created as so many were passing over at one time… and so many with little or scant knowledge of what to expect – many held back too by the huge group energy of grief from their loved ones. Another group energy was support – the energy of helping our fellow man in his time of need. Remember after 9\11 how it brought all the New Yorkers together to help each other in a crisis – and then quickly followed by all their Countrymen and then the rest of the World. A huge group energy was created here… and it changed many, many lives for the better. That group energy created probably the largest group energy of its kind in modern times – and it was this “creation of group energy” that was used again for the Tsunami disaster – but it was increased in size and understanding. Let me try and make that a bit clearer – imagine a group energy as being energy in a circle – every time it is used it gains more experience and grows in size – and is more prepared for the next event. Another group energy was for shock. When you have a major trauma or accident your body goes into shock to protect itself … imagine how much of this group energy was created – and in the future it can be used to “blanket” an area where another disaster will occur. There were group energies too for Understanding, Compassion, Indecision, Children, Animals and many, many more… each group energy gains experience, is controlled by the more advanced spirits and guides, and each becomes a tool for the future changes to come. Millions of people have been affected in so many different ways these last few days – and there is more to come from this event. You will see by the vast amount of aid collected and donated by the peoples of this earth – not because they were talked into it, or persuaded to pay into a good cause – but because they felt the desire to do so from their very souls. Overall, although this has been a disaster for so many, it has brought the world closer together, created a more humanitarian understanding for so many more, and created the blueprint to enable us to handle and understand the events still to come

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