Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


THE BEGINNING OF LIFE ON EARTH – 1992   By In this meditation, there is just Geoff and Verna, and Geoff is being “shown” how the earth began. Geoff – I saw a rock on the side of the ocean, and sort of clinging onto this rock is something that has washed up, it looks like jelly, blood and jelly, and then I was told that it was alive. Now it looks like it is the beginning of life on earth, but that’s a pretty awesome subject. And at the moment, just a guess, the next thing I got was something that looked like starfish, and behind it is a mountain, with very smooth rock, there is nothing growing on the rock at all. Only these two organisms, one like a starfish and one like jelly. The air is very, very clear, the sky has a lot of rain clouds and everything is basically empty, pure, and clean. I can see nothing else around here, there is a certain attraction towards the water, maybe there will be something there. The first thing I did is go to the top of this mountain, or cliff and see what’s over the other side, and there is a lot of spirit here. As I look over there is a lot of coal, and I recongise the coal by it being shiny, and things grow in wood coal. I go farther on, there is a volcanic area, and it is still hot and molten, and I go the other side of that and there is moss, and greenery, but very plain. Looks like just moss and grass and the occasional bush and so on. And as I go farther and farther into this area, it is becoming a sort of rain forest, but what makes it so nice is there are no dead trees, and brown leaves and so on, it all looks new and fresh and crisp. The earth is brown, also clean, there are springs of water, I go even higher, right up into the mountain, and the top is all ice, not snow but ice. Now the ice I think has something to do with memory, and it seems to be recording all the growth that is happening, it is the beginning of I think it is earth, but I am not sure, maybe an island or something, the ice has something to do with memory. As the ice melts and the water level rises, it gets into the volcanic areas, and with the water meeting the hot fire, it creates energy, and this energy is quickly used by divas. Now this is not so much spiritual or cosmic energy, it is earth energy and what they are doing is starting to create things on earth, using earth energy. It would be no good if it was all spiritual because that is not the energy that will be used in the future. Now you have got divas, and the divas are helping to plant, make, grow trees, shrubs, bushes etc. because these organisms that come out of the sea will need to feed on plant life. The plant life also needs insects, so I will see if I can see where the insects come from. This growth that I am seeing is taking millions of years to happen, what I am seeing is just the major points. It takes so long to happen, as one stage evolves into the next. The original elements from the sea that came up and moved into the lands, where they start to interact with the different types of plants and landscape and so on. The air also has a lot to do with it because the air also carries energy. Some of these elements attach themselves to plants, and they feed on the plants and they separate from the main elements and gradually evolve to become insects. The insects are then taught, or trained by the original divas to pollinate different flowers and herbs, and each insect has it’s little bit to do. And the divas help create these different insects to do specific jobs, that is why you get a variety of insects, and a variety of different flowers. And fruits, there are now fruits growing, as you get fruits, so the elements in certain parts of them, become such things like, they look like lizards, but they eat fruit. They are showing me continually changing and changing, just a tiny bit at a time, like layers of paint being put on a rock, and it gets bigger and bigger and starts to take shape, and so it is when these sort of things are created. As these animals eat more fruit, they can now grow larger than before, and then the next stage is carnivorous, which has to be created, it is part of putting in the good and the bad, they are giving me the example, the compost doesn’t smell nice, but it does a lot of good for plants and that sort of thing. So then you get bigger animals and reptiles, and again over millions of years they are changing to suit the terrain, the conditions, and so on. Until the reach a certain peak, and when there are, for instance, too many and not enough plants to feed on, then nature takes its course and some die off and some change, and so it continues. Now I wonder if they will show us where man came from. Man did not develop from these original animals, it is true that animals reincarnate into humans, but a certain amount of guidance is needed in the beginning to start the colony, if you like. So I can’t see how they are physically made, the first humans, which is what I was asking for. What they are saying is to get the sort of race going, a certain amount of experience has to be brought in, now when we reincarnate from one life into another, we take that experience with us. You are born with a certain instinct etc., but to start the human race, which is like the ultimate, the people first arrived with more experienced spirit in their midst to teach and to start the correct way. Now the big question, let’s see if they will tell us where or how humans first started. The earth at this growing stage was overseen by many high spirits, we know them as the gardeners of the earth, and they came back periodically to check up on the garden to make sure that everything was progressing as normal, and then it was decided that humans were now ready to inhabit the earth. Many of those gardeners asked that they be the first to inhabit the earth, but because man has to grow and learn through his experiences while he is growing, they were allowed to become humans, but to start right at the bottom. Obviously they couldn’t take with them any knowledge of spirit, so they started as very primitive caveman, or whatever you want to call them, with very little knowledge, only the basic knowledge which blended in with the animals and nature and the surroundings, and they were left to develop from there. So when the earth was first inhabited by what we would call human form, they actually materialised through spirit, and they started not as children but as young adults, and they continued from there. Now evolving also took millions of years, the divas can do a certain amount of work looking after the plants, flowers etc, but it needs man to make other changes, and to continue progressing and learning, it is two separate paths, and I can see now why there are two paths, one for divas and one for man. They had to learn about killing and eating, for instance killing to eat, or eating plants and vegetables and so on, and with this growth came two sides, obviously the good and the bad side, now we know that there is reincarnation, so you go back for more lessons etc, but there was always this balance of good and bad which because the humans had to go through this growth period of learning, and to learn you must experience both sides of it. Before you can experience it, it must be created there, they cannot experience something like falling off a cliff until a cliff is there, so they have to experience everything, the more experience they got the more they could progress. It is a long process, but time is not important, with progress came governing by leaders of various tribes etc. they were taught to think more, they were taught to look after other tribes, and relate to other tribes, and I just sort of asked, well how come there are all these other tribes, and they said we are talking about millions and millions of years, and the originals obviously had children who went separate ways and created other tribes, and over millions of years they had different languages and so on. The divas on their side looked after the animals and the weather and the elements and so on, and for the first several hundred million years, whatever, they were more advanced in their path than the humans were. Because they had started earlier and obviously progressed further, the ultimate is when the two link up in the future, and can work together. When experiences are learned and the ultimate of course is when everybody has learned all these experiences and learnt to discard bad experiences, then it all becomes much nicer to live etc. Now I don’t think that we are going to in the future will be like that, or will only be like that, we are going to go through a very good period over the next two or three thousand years, but we are talking about hundreds of millions of years, just on earth, and there have been many times where the ultimate has almost been achieved, like Atlantis, where you have got the two sides and at that stage you had…… I can’t see any divas there, to give another example is prior to that there have been many stages reached where harmony and balance have been created and it has almost been perfect, but there have still been some lessons to learn. And there have been many periods of thousands of years where there has been total harmony on earth, now that is between caveman days and now, there have been many of those periods. We only know basically what is immediately behind us, the last couple of thousand years, and that is a second of time in the many years that the earth has been created. Now there are memories of a lot of these experiences locked inside the earth as we know there are memory trees and memory centers and so on. And so it is that the memories of all this can be seen, they are deep because so much has gone on, but it is possible for one of us two to go into a deep meditation, a trance-like meditation and interpret the memories that we see. But it is far easier for spirit to come and talk through us and explain what did happen. Are there any questions that you can think of Verna? Verna – No, but there will be a million afterwards. Just that when you were talking about the creation of man, I thought that it would be quite obvious that spirit would come down and manifest as humans. Geoff – Yes, but most people think of the theory that man developed from the ape, now we know that the ape will eventually improve to such an extent that he will reincarnate as man. That did not happen as we know it, spirit did manifest human life, which you can say is a reincarnation in a way, but more advanced spirits were there to start the ball rolling in the right way. Verna – It is quite incredible. Geoff – Yes it is, what I am seeing now is a volcanic eruptions from under the water, it is an island coming up out of the water, and the power and so on is quite incredible, as when you make your garden, if you need a little bit more space, you may take an area which hasn’t been used previously, and you would dig it up and take the weeds out and make it into a little bit more garden to use. Now you can imagine from a divas point of view there is an awful lot of turmoil and upheaval and so on, so it is the same with earth, it is just like a big garden. When it is decided that more space is needed, you create it that way, and on the other hand you may have some garden, which is not producing well, or needs a rest or whatever and then you will leave it to overgrow, and the same thing happens here. We are part of a chain, I can see it as rows and rows of lines, quite difficult to get across, now one of those lines is earth and humans growing and etc. We have just looked at how earth started from right in the beginning, all the little organisms, up to human life, above that we know there is spirit life, but there is so much more, there are so many different dimensions and overseers, and people who control what happens on earth, like sub-divisions, we have only experienced so much, there is far more to it, which we will learn as we progress with this life. But it is not for us to know yet. Now I have just gone back to the water where I originally started, just to see if there is anything in there. What I am seeing is the oceans were very shallow, there were no deep rifts, mountains, and troughs and so on, right in the beginning, it was very shallow. And the sun started by warming the water and creating clouds, it had something to do with breathing organisms in the water, and getting balanced, ready to start. When there were upheavals, now imagine the land is say no more than six foot high and the water is six foot deep, so it balances out, then from in the water, let’s say the ground is compressed towards the land, which pushes up like a mountain and leaves in the water a trough. Now as the earth moved and changed many, many times, so these troughs were created in the water and the oceans became deeper. The surrounding lands were pushed higher, therefore making the oceans deeper. Now the weather was controlled obviously by divas, but there were many changes to the atmosphere before they started, one was gasses, and gasses needed to mix with water and sunshine to start creating these organisms. There was also ice, and freezing cold periods. Now this gets interesting, the stage where we are at the moment, we have got the North and the South pole, which are the only remains of the beginning of the planet, everything else has changed. All that is left now is the North and South poles and as they diminish the earth changes more and more, so that is the stage of development that we are at. Can you ask if one of your guides will come through and just confirm this for us? Verna – I can try. Geoff – I know the North and South poles are like unused energy, it is clean and pure and the energy there is much stronger to create these various things, also the memories are stored there. I had one guide who said that what we have discussed is over such a vast period, this particular guide hadn’t looked at the whole period because it is not relevant to what he is doing in his life, but he will ask for confirmation, or ask that somebody come and talk to us a little more at another time, because it is such an enormous subject, it must be confirmed, but for now must be left unconfirmed. He will ask and another time when we are meditating somebody will come and talk about it and confirm what was said.

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