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THE CHANGE: HOW IT WILL BE INTRODUCED    By SpiritualDictionary.com

In this series of meditations, a Guide called Isaac tells us more about the change of the Earth on its axis – and how the new way will be introduced. The beginning is a little strange, but you will soon see why. As always the tenses are sometimes wrong, which is a problem that you get, when seeing in a different dimension and talking in this one. (Recorded in August 96) Geoff: It started off by seeing a monk hiding, and the monk is being chased……and it’s a strange setting – its western cowboys chasing a monk. The monk has a maroon colored robe on, with a gold sash around the collar, and somebody comes along who looks like a ……cowboy dressed in black…..and helps the monk. And while he was being chased certain things fell from the monk’s pocket, which are very very advanced, and the cowboys couldn’t figure out what it was. And it was a bit like witchcraft in the olden days. What they are saying now is ….to take the Tibetan philosophy across to Europe, will have the same sort of effect, ……and because it is so farfetched from the way Europeans think, it will be mocked for a long time before it can be accepted. Over the last 24 years a lot of eastern cultures have been taken to the west, and have been seen……and are now accepted. Geoff(Isaac):  What they are going to do, is from various leaders in the east, they train certain people to be a bit like the “good cowboy” – those sort of people, will be well trained in how western people will react to these eastern philosophies and beliefs, and what we know as spiritual life. So you are going to get two types of people, so you are going to get the emissaries from the east who start to spread this understanding of life – this spiritualism, in certain areas, and they will be mocked – and these “good cowboys” will be on hand to diffuse different situations, and to allow people to understand it far clearer.  You see, the people who go out there, the “emissaries” have such a strong belief in what they do that they make good teachers – but they are so fixed in their ways, because they are so solid in their minds. So because they are not all that high, (much higher than we are) but because they are not right at the top, they will get across the information that they want to get across -not understanding too much that they are in a way upsetting the people that are there. So these “good cowboys” you could call them, are actually very high spirits, who allow the people to start to accept it in an area. Once they start to accept it,  it spreads automatically, because it spreads from ordinary people to ordinary people, instead of  from a sort of a “whacko” to the ordinary people, so the ordinary people start to believe it when it becomes understood more, and gets accepted  – but it is going to take a period of around 5 years for it to be accepted – as we seen 20-30 years ago things like karate were only in the east, but now it is in everyday life –it is everywhere.  The same thing will happen with the new teachings that are going to start soon.  The teachings will be not all over the world, they will only be in the well-developed countries – now there is a very good reason for this. The well developed countries – let’s just take England, France, Germany, America, Scandinavia, Europe etc  – they have developed to such a stage where the crime in those countries is getting faster, and worse by the minute – crime, corruption and so on, and that is what has to be stamped out.  For the second and third world countries, they are still very primitive regarding spiritual development in the country as a whole, and of the people, and they will just continue to develop. Now as this change of the earth’s axis takes place –  in the second and third world countries, only small amounts of people, the “extremes” will be wiped out, and of course not all of them, because you must have a certain amount of balance. It will just allow that country to grow a whole lot better a whole lot more stably, it’s a bit like in South Africa, we have areas with very heavy crime rates and areas where there is very little crime – and so where there is less crime on the whole, is where people are less developed…. And have not reached the stage of fierce competition – strong negativity building up between competitive companies, peoples, ethnic groups, factions and so on. The more the mind develops, the more competitive people become, because they can see a great potential, it’s like as they develop they see that they have the ability, and I am exaggerating here a little – the ability to grasp more and more, so they can make millions, so they tend to go for it and think less and less of their fellow men, and what is right, ethics etc. and that is why these 1st world countries have to be sorted out quite smartly. At the same time the people who are developing in first world countries also have this superior knowledge, this higher learning, but they have not accepted the greed competition etc they are one step lower and those are the people that we will teach. They understand life – they understand what is going on with these really competitive people with the greed, corruption and so on, they understand that if it can be done away with, how much better the areas will become, how much simpler it will be to govern these areas, and therefore they will be more forceful in going to actually promote and actively support these sort of changes. If you look at a different type of life – different type of person, if I can just explain, we have development on different spiritual levels, from those at the bottom who simply learn how to look after each other, to the top which are very highly developed and so   on. They are all very different levels, and have their own area and direction to look after. Now on the medicinal side, where you have doctors – they have seen modern medicine – the way modern medicine has developed, and how they are still looking into the “extremes” such as Downs syndrome – they have looked in the extremes, they can now split chromosomes, and genes, and brain cells and all sorts of things. They have lost track of ……because of this vast growth- they have lost track of the standard medicine, which has been passed down through the centuries, and although this medicine has changed over the years because of the chemicals in the atmosphere today and the different chemicals in the body  of humans as they develop, this particular group of people will start to look back at old remedies and with their superior knowledge, will now be able to understand why the old remedies worked, and they will look far more to nature and natural healing than they will to synthetic creation of medicines. Now, there is a place in the world or society for creative medicines, and a very good one as well – these creative medicines will stop the growth of extremes such as cancer, aids and so on. The traditional medicines will fight more the day to day diseases and problems, but on the whole it will make the body a lot stronger – and therefore the body will not weaken enough to allow in cancer, aids and those “higher” diseases if I can term them like that. Now let’s just have a look at another level……..…writing: People writing history books, reports, journalists, this sort of thing, now in the communications world you have modern day television and radio where information can be beamed right around the planet in a matter of seconds, and translated into a hundred different languages. The people who control these communication centers have an awful lot of power when you think of what can be done. Now if for instance, one person  let’s say very high up in power, owns the majority of these stations, and creates a scenario which is totally false, the majority of the world would accept it, or believe it because it was seen to be on a very credible television channel or news group. So those people can become potentially very dangerous – on the other hand, they can become very good. Now we need a balance of people who will watch, what is the word, judge what information is put out, because it is such a powerful medium and it can sway so many people. As the change takes place, we want to get in those positions – with people who have an understanding as we do, so that at the right times they can get across the correct information, and not exaggerate it, and not hold back. The people must hear all the information – but they must get it across in a credible and acceptable manner, and also bit by bit over a period of several years. So that when the time comes, the information that goes out will be up to a level where a lot of the people – I am not saying the majority – but a lot of people will understand what is going on, and immediately after the change they will be able to put into practice what they understand, and what will be the truth, and what they believe, to continue or to start the teaching in a new era. Now, let’s look at the Government. Government is controlled by…….in the majority of the countries a quite ruthless group of people, who have a lot of power, and a lot of control, and then become themselves …..what is the word I am looking for – megalomaniacs?  They have this power, and when a crisis occurs, the pressure is put on them to correct the crises, to calm down problems and to sort out problems. In the norm these people look after their own power, in their own groups they create for themselves, and they live quite an isolated life – way above the normal people, when they are in control. What do you think will happen when they start to hear the information of spiritual life, and how we should look after one another, develop and so on… it goes against the way they think – this is by far the majority – it would go against what they think, because what is being threatened is their power, their status, their lifestyle, their comfort, and therefore they will be against the spreading of the good news about spiritual life. There will be a few who will be just the opposite, who will have gone through this power stage, or probably have been born with it –  and now start to realise and understand that there is more to life than this power –  which is all they have known all their life.  These individuals will get together, and they will communicate with others in different governments, and different countries, and some very good alliances will be made.  Alliances will also be made with banking houses, and the like, as the economy must continue, although it will be in tatters, it must continue after the change – it has to be rebuilt. By far the majority of those who govern will be, how can I put it politely – “dismissed” from their posts, or made to leave their posts, with a little bit of pushing from our side – they will not be involved, some will be discredited and others will leave, a lot will flee and try to set up their own safe secure places, where they can finish their lives in comfort with the material wealth that they are used to. The majority of people on the levels we are talking about, the majority of people in each country are the run of the mill working class. Now they have been brought up in a whole variety of different ways and they will be the easiest if you like to convince.  They will have – handed down from past generations, small things which they will remember, things will fit in, and little cells will form in each town, city, hamlet, or village. Small cells will form with people like yourselves here in the Umhlanga\Umdloti area – you have a little group where you are spreading the word and it is slowly getting out. As the change takes place….. no, before the change, word will begin to spread faster, and it will become an acceptable thing to lean what you are going to teach about spiritual life- they will not necessarily learn of the change until the very last minute, but they will start to learn more and more. Those who are ready to learn will be pushed towards you, and to others, and slowly the cells will grow –  so at the change these cells will come to the fore, and the others will fall away –  there will be a lot of fear, panic, chaos….. there will be rioting, there will be a lot of major disasters created by the people, but those people in your cell that you have taught, will understand what is going on, and they will stay very stable and comfortable, and then they will help – to help in the new era to teach others, and quieten down and pacify and help those who have panicked and that have not understood. There is more to be said, but I can only put across what I have in front of me for you to learn. Is there a specific question you need to ask relevant to this topic? Verna:  I have just been absorbing everything that you have said I haven’t even thought of any questions, no. It is just mind-boggling. Geoff (Isaac):  Yes, I understand completely, and the way we are working with this channel (Geoff) at the moment, is just to push though the information so that he does not hesitate, and you get the information that you need – and you have it on a tape and you can digest it at a later stage.  I would like to keep this regular appointment if that is acceptable Verna:  Yes. Geoff (Isaac):  ….and we start to make these tapes and you will at a later stage, make them available to others – they can only be available now to those you know are in a position to accept what we are saying, and can act on it – you have a very small nucleus, but we will send you more and then as things start to progress and speed up, you can make these tapes and send them out to those that need to listen. And that is the way you will spread the word, and do the majority of your work, the majority of what you have to do, this is the beginning, and from this will be created a lot of people who will need to see you, and then you can direct them along the path they have to go, and you can teach them to teach others……… so we will leave it like this for this evening. Verna:  Are you from the same group that came through to channel last week. Geoff (Isaac):  Yes the same…… From the same. (Part of a Group mind) Verna:  A Group mind – it is totally amazing. Geoff (Isaac):  Group mind – yes – but I am an individual, I am a messenger in this case and you can call me Isaac. Verna:  Isaac. Geoff (Isaac):  And most of the time it will be simply the group mind talking.  I have helped tonight to “clear” this channel, so that you can simply receive and pass on the information in the future, without getting his mind concerned about whether or not he has the ability, or whether or not it will happen. So I have cleared his communication. Verna:  So our work will be done in tapes and not book form – Not even if we put this into book form? Geoff (Isaac):  This is only one way- this will be the beginning – the opening up if you like you like, and as these tapes guide you, you will start to get  a following – it is important that the following grow. A lot of these tapes – why it must go to people who understand in the beginning – is so that they will teach others the same way, and they must be told only to pass on these tapes to those that are knowledgeable enough to accept what is happening – and it will take some time to get these pathways growing, but grow they will, and the information will pass on.  This is only one facet of sending the information – you have much more work to do, but this will be built up over many years, so that you will reach as many people as possible – we will guide you as always, not I, not us, the Creator will guide you as always, in the direction he would like you to follow. Verna:  Thank you. Thank you for visiting and for giving us all this information………. …..It’s amazing. Geoff (Isaac):  It was my pleasure indeed – it is nice to work with those who understand the light – and I leave you with God’s blessings and our love, and we will meet and communicate again at the same time in a week’s time.  

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