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The Change. October 12th 2008

The Change. October 12th 2008.    By

We have just been through the first of 5 major shifts in the Earths energy. The last 2 months have seen financial markets crash wiping Trillions of dollars in value of Companies around the World. Hundreds of thousands of jobs lost, thousands of people made bankrupt and unfortunately many hundreds of suicides. There will be a tremendous knock-on effect too, both good and bad(to complete the lesson). Why did this happen? This is part of the build-up to the Earth tilting on its axis in a few years time, and it was done as a taste of what is to come. Let’s say it happens again (at the change?) – what effect will it have then? People will be wiser and more experienced – a lot more experienced, and will therefore be more prepared and will handle it better – and the World will be more stable. In EVERY walk of life people have to learn – as Presidents of Companies, Banks and Countries, and a lot is learned when mistakes like this are made. What was learnt from this, and what energy was created? A lot of people learned about greed, lots of financial lessons. Others learned about security – and a few learned about helping each other in a time of crisis. This has helped make things clearer for the World’s population. You will find in future it will be easier for you to identify the people who think the right way. Past “World experiences” such as 9/11, the Gulf war, the Tsunami and Maddy have already created various energies for the change – what is next? The good news is that today we reached the bottom of the downward “emotional” slide. Those of you that can sense will have felt the energy change. Because of the size of the energy you would have felt a “happy feeling” every now and again around your solar plexus, plus sensed the air being clearer and lighter. This will continue upwards to Christmas where most people will take a well-deserved break and look back on 2008 as a year that changed everyone’s life.      

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