Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

The Change of the Earth

The change (11)
904 Civilizations and evolving – India
903 Civilizations and evolving – America
902 Civilizations and evolving – England
4 Japanese Guides give advice on the Change
70 000 years in the future as colours
How South Africa will change
724 Saudi Arabia v South Yemen (One of the first to change)
The World is going to change (MUST WATCH NOW)
824 (July 22) Sending Sri Lanka energy Part 1
825 Sri Lanka part 2 restructuring the Country
862 July 22 Ten years to go (Part 1)
863 Ten years to go (Part 2)
866 Chatting to spirit as to how the new era will unfold (Part 1)
867 Chatting to spirit as to how the new era will unfold (Part 2)
889 How Countries will change – Africa
888 How Countries will change – India
887 How Countries will change – South America
886 How Countries will change – America
896 Aug 22 Different reactions to the change (Part 1)
897 Aug 22 Different reaction to the change (Part 2)
907 Spirit creating new civilizations
Creating weather on the other side
Why the weather is so extreme.
How the Pope makes decisions
988 (Alien) We have everything but cannot evolve
987 Alien group describe their very advanced life style
1021 Groundhog day lesson
20th March 2022 The different energies religions create.
17th April 2022 Religions, their followers and change
904 Declining of Religions Islam
902 Declining of Religions – Hindu
901 Declining of Religions – Buddhist
How the Change of the Earth will happen
1012 South Africa and the poor
706 Jesus talks about how Earth evolves.
908 How food will change along with nature
909 How food from animals and fish will change along with nature
1040 Nature corrects damage by floods in Pakistan
710 Alien visitor discusses Earths evolving
720 April 2022 We chat to an Alien – very interesting
850 The next 10 years on Earth
 A Teacher channels through Sharon about storing memories
951 March 2022 Teaching people to think the right way
Let’s see where you all fit in here
Some of what the Change of the earth will fix
875 How we will help others with the change
880 How The Change will affect the other Countries
879 How The Change may join up Russia, India and China
878 July 2022 How The Change will affect China
1010 Oct 2022  Change in India and China
1042 Homeless people in the UK
1041 Refuges camps level the playing fields
1033 The difference between men and women
995 Humans will become smaller and healthier
1074 Uniting people with the availability of food
1073 People will accept LGBT
4500 years in the future
Teaching a future civilisation
April 2022 Control centre for memories.
935 Your technology is now able to create 100% fake everything
1009 Reaction to our teaching in the UK
1008 October 2022 We will get division when teaching in the USA
23 March 2022. Lessons on Weather and Earth
How religions die      by
Understanding Nature
Nature the eco-system and Divas
21st March 2022 New Governments, New ways of looking at plants and herbs.
March 22nd 2022. Get back to Nature
955 March 2022 Seedlings storing memories (for generations)
915 Your higher-self shares info with others to create new Nature
5 April 2022 Changing the way we must think to the NOW instead of the future.
3 April 2022 Automatically healing all things through pure thought.
21st March 2022  Scary energies and bringing them to life. Creating Religions
How it will happen
5th March 2022 Leaving financial worries behind – new ways
7 April 2022 Teach from the basics. People are stressed, lost and seeking.
874 July 2022 Our spiritual house to build a foundation
981 G and S to teach Integrating 3D to 5D  to speed up evolving process
Using Pure thinking
A good lesson on Negative, Positive and Balance (Part 1)
A good lesson on Negative, Positive and Balance (Part 2)
Guide explains new energies coming (Audio)
994 Wars/conflict, bubble burst or peace.
1000 Rebuilding energy
985 New Energy – The desire to help
954 March 2022. Things you didn’t know about Nature & energies
16th April 2022 Nature shares negative energy
How to use energy with PURE thinking
949 February 2022 Negative, positive and balance of energies – amazing
952 March 2022 Automated processes
Energy and the Butterfly effect.
714   April 2022 Purple energy to heal groups/world in a trauma
721 New energy for the change
1044 Orphanages
854 New Galactic colours for the change
Universal energy and thinking the right way
1051  Guides putting memories into Fish to help evolve with the change  (Part 3) Very good
1053 How animals will evolve with climate change
912  New kids will believe in Aliens and meditation
950 March 2022 Ocean storing energy
951 March 2022 Planets, Galaxies, Waterfalls, time and energy
948 The world change. How our bodies will change.
9th March 2022  Chat to new Alien groups
Mini Universe in several dimensions

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